Vermicelli and the effects of vermicelli on health


Vermicelli is a food that more and more housewives choose to prepare traditional dishes for their families. Every housewife knows about vermicelli made from galangal root. This type of vermicelli is not only safe for health but also has a delicious, soft taste. Tougher than other types of vermicelli. Used to prepare many delicious dishes such as chicken vermicelli, fried vermicelli, … More information about the effects of vermicelli in the following article. Let’s learn together with about the effects of vermicelli on health in the article “Ben dong and the effects of vermicelli on health” below!

What is vermicelli?

Vermicelli is a familiar food of many families. A popular ingredient for many dishes. Change the taste and bring more nutritional value. There are many types of noodles on the market. However, vermicelli is still a type of vermicelli that is loved and chosen by many people. Many people do not know how to distinguish vermicelli from other products. So what is vermicelli? Accordingly, vermicelli is a type of dry processed fibrous food. Produced from 100% pure dong starch, bundled, packed in many sizes. The weight varies according to the needs of the consumer to use.

miến dong

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Characteristics of real vermicelli

Want to know if vermicelli is pure and safe or not. Pay attention to the color, taste, shape, and chewiness of the vermicelli. Accordingly, pure vermicelli is milky white, opaque gray or opaque green. Although pure vermicelli is not bright white, it is very safe because it does not use chemicals.
To identify seaweed vermicelli through the taste, aroma and characteristic smell of galangal. The characteristic aroma will be more obvious if the produced noodles are intact. Besides, when cooked for too long or too thoroughly, the noodles will not be crushed, the noodles will be crispy. This is also one of the outstanding features to recognize the purity and quality of the vermicelli. In addition, when packing, the vermicelli fibers are not too crushed, do not stick together, etc. are also important criteria to identify vermicelli in general and pure products in particular.

Does vermicelli have any health benefits?

Because vermicelli is made from natural ingredients. Not only is it safe for health, but it also has many very good nutrients.

Provide protein for the body

Galangal root is produced from the starch of galangal root, this is a type of tuber containing a lot of protein, so when eating vermicelli will provide the body with an abundant source of protein.

Eating vermicelli does not have to worry about acne, indigestion like other types of vermicelli.

Safe for pregnant women

Vermicelli is made from galangal root. So it is very benign and safe for anyone to use. Even pregnant women. If pregnant women want to have a delicious and safe food, they can choose to process dishes from vermicelli such as chicken vermicelli, beef vermicelli, fried vermicelli …. These delicious dishes will help pregnant women supplement nutrients to nourish a healthy fetus, easy to eat, easy to digest.

Miến dong tốt cho sức khỏe
Vermicelli is good for health

Good for diabetics

If you have diabetes, the most suitable food for you to eat. That does not affect blood sugar is vermicelli. Because it has no cholesterol and is low in starch. At the same time, if using the right amount of vermicelli, it also helps to control blood sugar well. Effective in preventing and treating diabetes.
Diabetics should add dishes made from vermicelli into their daily diet. Eat vermicelli instead of rice to reduce the amount of starch to the maximum.

Helps keep fit

Made from starch but cool. Vermicelli is high in fiber, low in calories and fat-free. This is a great food for those who want to lose weight. And maintain current weight.
Eating vermicelli every day helps you control a reasonable weight and limit your calorie intake.

Eating vermicelli is fat or not and the truth is not everyone knows

In fact, diet plays an important role in supporting effective weight loss or weight gain. So for those who are intending to lose weight. The control of foods or the amount of food supplements for the body. It is the first thing that should be noticed and appreciated.

So eating vermicelli is fat?

Because vermicelli is an extremely popular food. So you can use it to make many dishes. With completely different delicious flavors.
According to research papers. Then in 100g of vermicelli there will be about 332 calories with 82g of starch, 0.7g of protein, 1.5g of fiber. There are also several other micronutrients.
Because it appears in a dry form, from here when it meets water, the vermicelli will expand quite large. Therefore, you only need to use a small amount is enough for your diet. And thanks to that, the amount of starch added to the body is also quite small. Making vermicelli become one of the “golden” foods. Useful for those who want to lose weight to own a neat and balanced body.
Basically, if you are trying to lose weight with many harsh methods and the results are not working, then consider eating vermicelli today.

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Suggest some dishes from vermicelli to help lose weight effectively

With the above information, do not think that just eating vermicelli can lose weight as you want. On the other hand, you need to know how to use vermicelli properly. To ensure that the goals set out from the beginning are achieved. Specifically, let’s refer to some dishes from vermicelli below.

Lose weight thanks to mixed vermicelli

Eating vermicelli mixed with a variety of vegetables can help you lose weight effectively in a short time. In particular, this dish also has a very simple way to prepare and cook as follows:
+ Ingredients: dong vermicelli, salt, kohlrabi, vinegar, roasted sesame
+ Implementation: The vegetables you wash, dry. Cut into bite-sized pieces and bring to a boil. You also wash, boil, and drain the vermicelli noodles. When the ingredients are done, pour into a large bowl. Add vinegar, salt, roasted sesame to taste.

Eat vermicelli with fat or not with vermicelli soup

With vermicelli soup, you can eat as much as you want without worry with the following specific recipe:
+ Ingredients: vermicelli, chicken or duck intestines, dried onions, fresh onions, ginger, spices
+ Implementation: First you need to wash the heart and then cut it into bite-sized pieces. Next, you marinate the heart with spices, pounded ginger. Then stir-fry with sauteed dried onions.
With vermicelli, you wash and dry. You continue to prepare a pot of water, bring to a boil, drop chicken and vermicelli in, cook, then add onions and enjoy.
Canh miến dong nấu gà
Chicken noodle soup

Eat vermicelli with vegetables

Green vegetables contain fiber. Cellulose when put inside the body will stimulate the stomach to contract more. Increased secretion of food metabolism.
From there, the substances in the food are best absorbed. No accumulation, so you don’t have to worry about getting fat when you eat vegetables.
Moreover, eating a lot of green vegetables also supports detoxification and nutritional balance. So normally people should not skip vegetables and fruits in their meals.
For those who are in the process of losing weight. The amount of green vegetables that need to be eaten with main dishes increases more than the average person.

Some notes when losing weight with vermicelli

Although vermicelli can effectively lose weight. However, you absolutely should not use vermicelli to completely replace your daily meal. But you need to have a suitable and balanced diet.
In addition, you need to eliminate foods that cause rapid weight gain. For example canned food, processed food, greasy food. Instead, you should eat more vegetables and fruits. And green vegetables, fruits rich in vitamins, fiber… In addition, when processing, priority should be given to boiled dishes, limiting the use of fried foods. , fried…

When to eat vermicelli to lose weight?

Usually, people think they only eat vermicelli in the morning. But that’s not the case. You can completely change to vermicelli at other times of the day.
You can eat vermicelli instead of rice to lose weight at lunch or dinner. With the condition that in 1 week should not eat a fixed meal of vermicelli. But please convert accordingly.
Note: Eating vermicelli in the evening is not wrong, but you should not eat much. Especially at night after 9pm.

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Some notes when eating vermicelli

Note when eating vermicelli
– Choose to buy and use vermicelli at reputable vermicelli establishments. There are packaging and labels to ensure clean and safe vermicelli. And hygienic during processing.
– Eating vermicelli helps to lose weight. But should not eat vermicelli instead of rice will make the body lack of nutrients.
Is vermicelli really a healthy product? What are you waiting for without buying vermicelli to process into delicious dishes for the whole family. This article also shares whether eating vermicelli is fat. As well as instructions on how to cook delicious vermicelli dishes. Effective weight loss that you can refer to. Don’t forget to balance nutrients. Combine exercise and sports appropriately. In particular, be persistent with the weight loss plan you have outlined. Because this is an important key to help you maintain a slim figure. As well as optimal health protection.

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