What are the benefits of rose tea? How to make rose tea properly?

Cách làm trà hoa hồng

What are the benefits of rose tea? What is the correct way to make rose tea? The benefits of dried rose buds that you should know. Rose is a flower that is very familiar to everyone because of its beauty and characteristic fragrance. But in addition to beauty uses, few people know that rose buds also have extremely effective healing uses. Especially when using tea from rose buds. Here, let’s learn more about this tea with thucphamkho.vn and answer the questions above!

Features of rose tea

Rose tea is a tea made from unopened rose buds. Women usually love this type of tea. Perhaps because the rose is a flower that symbolizes love. Or this tea has a delicious taste, beautiful color. When making tea, it has a light pink color, slightly sweet, slightly sour taste, easy to use.

What are the benefits of rose tea?

What are the benefits of rose tea? This tea has many health benefits. Because in the active ingredient of roses contains extremely strong oxidants. So tea helps protect the body and heal cells damaged by dangerous diseases. Here are some of the main effects of this amazing tea that you should know.

Rose tea helps in weight loss

Drinking rose tea between meals helps improve digestion, reduce hunger, and stay full for a long time. So, help control weight better and lose weight in a short time

Trà hoa hồng có tác dụng giảm cân hiệu quả
Rose tea has effective weight loss effect

Rose tea has a metabolism-boosting effect and is low in calories. As a result, it can help reduce fat and prevent fat accumulation in the body. Replacing rose tea with other sugary drinks is a great option for weight loss.

Rose tea has the effect of beautifying the skin

Similar to butterfly pea flower, rose petals also contain vitamins A and E. They help to moisturize and firm the skin. Reduce wrinkles and limit the appearance of dark circles, regain rosy, healthy skin
In addition, vitamin C is an antioxidant that is abundant in rose tea. Vitamins are better absorbed through food than oral sources of vitamin C. Therefore, rose tea is an ideal source of vitamin C.
Drinking rose tea promotes collagen production. It’s the protein that keeps the skin healthy. It also supports a better functioning of the immune system
Rose tea contains anti-inflammatory properties and prevents acne-forming bacteria. Therefore, rose tea is also effective in treating acne. When the skin is damaged by allergies, redness, and sunlight, rose tea can also improve that condition, helping to beautify the skin.

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Rose tea has the effect of curing sore throat and flu

In fact, you may not know, vitamin C in rose tea is more than oranges and lemons. Helps treat sore throats and common cold symptoms. In addition, in rose tea also contains vitamins B1, B2, K, β-carotene and active ingredients pectin, tannin to help reduce inflammation and fight infection.

Rose tea helps reduce stress

Rose tea can be used as a treatment plan for depression. Using rose tea is a natural remedy for stress, anxiety and thinking. Although depression is not completely cured, it is considered part of the treatment process.

Tác dụng giảm căng thẳng của trà hoa hồng
The stress-reducing effect of rose tea

Rose tea helps the digestive system

Rose tea has the ability to stimulate bile. Helps improve stomach function and fat digestion. It also helps promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut.
The pectin mucilage in rose tea is similar to that in grapefruit seeds. They bind to fats and cholesterol in rose tea. Hence eliminate them before the body can absorb them. It is also a natural remedy for constipation, diarrhea, dysentery.

Rose tea has the effect of preventing cancer

Cancer-causing gene mutations can be prevented thanks to the powerful antioxidants found in roses. The high anthocyanin content in rose tea gives rose extract its anti-mutagenic properties.
In addition, rose tea also contains antioxidants EGCG, polyphenols and catechins. Helps the human body to avoid the harmful effects of free radicals. It has an effective anti-cancer effect.

How to make healthy rose tea

Currently on the market there are many places that provide rose tea with cheap price but not quality assurance. However, many product users are concerned about the high residue of pesticides and preservatives. So anyone who has roses grown at home can self-replicate to use.

Cách làm trà hoa hồng
How to make rose tea
Raw materials and materials
Fresh roses, 500g washed.
Choose 20 pebbles about the size of your palm.
Tea containers should be made of wood.
Bamboo mat, large size.
A large and thin cloth bucket can cover the tight part
Large cast iron skillet.

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How to make fresh rose tea

Take 2 pots of clean water, put 2 tablespoons of salt water in 1 basin. Rinse each rose in a basin of salt water. Then rinse with clean water to remove the remaining salt in the petals.
Place the flower face down, the flower stalk facing up to escape all the steam in the petals.
Cover with a thin towel, leave in a cool place for 3 hours to dry completely. Avoid direct sunlight or hot temperatures to prevent flowers from discoloring.
Place the pebbles on the cast iron pan and then put the pan on the stove. When the stone is hot, lower the heat just enough to keep the pan hot.
Dog rose into a cast iron pan. Spread the drained rose evenly over the cobblestone surface. Simmer for 3 hours for the flowers to dry completely.
Finally let it cool, put rose tea in a box, store it in a cool, dry place.

How to make rose tea

C1: How to use rose tea is quite simple. Usually, you just need to take 8 to 12 dried rose buds, put them in a cup. Add hot water and wait for about 5 to 7 minutes for the rose to release the necessary essence, reduce the heat to be able to drink.
C2: Combine 20g of dried rose buds with 10g of ginseng or 6 red apples in a cup and add warm water. You will have a nice cup of tea, blood circulation, blood tonic. For those of you with kidney problems, you can add some dried tangerine peel.
C3: Dried rose bud tea if combined with jasmine tea, chrysanthemum will be even more wonderful. Do not add romantic tea or green tea to rose tea. Because the tannic acid in the tea can reduce the effects of the rose.
How to make rose milk tea
Ingredients: 4 tea bags, 10 dried rose buds, 200ml of fresh milk with sugar, 2 teaspoons of sugar.
How to make tea:
B1: Dissolve 2 tablespoons of sugar in 400ml of boiling water. Then steep 4 tea bags filter with 10 rose buds for 10 minutes to create aroma for tea.
B2: Boil fresh milk, beat until foamy about 3 to 4 minutes. Then pour in the tea essence. Finally let cool and drink will be more delicious when cooled.
You can also drink filtered water every day.

How to drink rose tea the right way?

Each time you make rose tea, you should not use too much. It is best to use about 6-10 rose buds to have a good cup of tea.
The best time to drink tea is before going to bed. Or if you are trying to lose weight, you can drink it before each meal to limit the absorption of many calories into the body.
When using, do not add romantic tea or green tea to rose tea. Because this will reduce the effectiveness of rose tea

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Dried rose buds

Dried rose buds are the main ingredients for making rose tea that is both delicious and healthy. Especially with great beauty effect. Besides, dried rose buds are also used to prepare rose powder. This is also a very popular beauty product today.

Uses of dried rose buds

In traditional medicine, dried rose buds are often used as a valuable herb to treat many diseases extremely effectively. Rose petals contain vitamin C, vitamins B, K, carotene and countless other essential minerals.
In addition, dried rose buds also contain a lot of calcium to help the body digest food and metabolize better. Potassium in roses also plays an important role in heart function. Therefore, dried rose buds are often used to make tea with many great uses.
Công dụng nụ hoa hồng sấy khô
Uses of dried rose buds

How to use delicious dried rose buds

There are many ways to use dried rose buds that are simple, delicious, nutritious, and good for health. Here are a few uses of dried rose buds that you need to keep in mind.
Use dried rose buds to treat cough
25g rose bud, just enough rock sugar. Drink every day, while still hot. Drink for 2 weeks straight.
Use dried rose buds to support the treatment of hypertension
White rose buds 10-20g, excellent drink daily or brake with boiling water in a sealed jar. After 20 minutes it is ready to use. You can drink rose tea instead of water every day. Drinking for a while will have a noticeable effect.
Use dried rose buds to cure constipation caused by heat
Fresh or dried roses 25-45g, steeped with 150ml boiling water for 20-30 minutes. You can add a little honey or sugar to make it easier to drink, drink 3-4 times before meals. Drink for 15 days straight, can repeat a new course.

Who should not drink rose tea?

Rose tea is a very benign tea and very good for health and beauty. Therefore, it can be used for all objects. However, pregnant women should not use it because there are many substances in rose tea that are not good for pregnant women. Another note is that when using, you should use the right dose. You should not abuse too much to avoid causing unwanted side effects.

Where to buy dried rose buds?

Currently on the market there are many types of rose tea with relatively cheap prices. However, you cannot guarantee the quality of the teas. Dung Ha Agricultural Products is a reputable, quality, and cheap seller selling dried rosehip buds in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. You can refer to more dried rose buds HERE.
Address to buy dried rose buds: No.11 Kim Dong, Giap Bat Ward, Hoang Mai District, City. Hanoi – 1900 986865 and No. 02/B Quarter 3, Trung My Tay 13 Street, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (Nearly 252 Central My West 13) – 0869398658



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