What is a cunt? What is the effect of the bud?

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Licorice is a miracle drug with very good effects for health. It is often processed to make medicine. Drinking bud tea has the effect of curing gout, benefiting milk, losing weight, curing kidney stones. In addition, there are many other useful uses. Let’s thucphamkho.vn find out the uses of the buds through the article ” What is the bud? What is the effect of the bud? “below!

What is a cunt?

The bud is a part of the tree, the scientific name is Syzygium Nervosum, belonging to the Sim family. In folklore, Thao Resolve Minh is also known as Trach Cho, Marjoram, …

Luoi bud is a medicine that is used very commonly in many Vietnamese traditional medicines. Drinking tea has the effect of curing gout, diabetes, blood fat, good for postpartum women, …

Characteristics of the bud 

Trunk: It is a woody plant with a height of about 10-15cm. The outer bark is dark brown, the body surface has longitudinal cracks around the body. The branch has many round branches.

Leaves: Leaves are light green, with prominent veins on the upper surface, oval in shape. The tips of the leaves are short, pointed, outward, about 5-8cm wide, about 9-12cm long.

Flowers: White flowers, seasonal flowers usually around June to June, almost no flower stalks. It usually grows in clusters on the branches.

Fruit: The fruit is ovoid or spherical, turning purple when mature. The fruit is about 5-10mm in diameter.

Buds: The buds are small, long, with many stamens. When young, buds are light green, when old, buds are dark brown. The flower buds give off a very pleasant fragrance. Because in the bud there are vitamins, tannins, and some other minerals

In addition, herbs have about 5% essential oils, so they have aroma and some antibiotic properties. Therefore, it can be an antibacterial agent that causes disease.

Parts used: Leaves, flowers, bark, buds are used as medicine.

Distribution area of ​​the factory

It is a plant that grows in many tropical climates. Some Asian countries such as Thailand, China, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. These are the most recent growers compared to the world.


In our country, Robusta is distributed throughout all regions of our country. The tree is found in many provinces in the North and the Midlands of the North. Such as Ha Giang, Bac Giang, Phu Tho, Yen Bai, Nghe An, Thanh Hoa. Provinces in the Southern region rarely appear.

Currently, some provinces are planting and developing models with the demand of producing medicinal herbs and tea buds. Contributing to the economic growth of our country.

Processing dried lime buds into medicine

Buds are harvested and planted all year round, usually in the summer. To be able to harvest buds, farmers must watch at the time of flowering. When harvesting, people collect buds to wash away dirt, then dry them. Using the dry form can last longer.

After drying, put the buds in a plastic bag or plastic container with a tight-fitting lid. Keep herbs in a dry place to avoid moisture, termites, termites, etc.

Chemical composition of lime buds

According to modern studies, scientists have discovered that Beta – Sitosterol has the effect of converting cholesterol in the blood. And support antibiotics, … Cure gout, indigestion, colitis. chronic, fat in the blood.

Uses of lime buds

In addition, the chemicals in herbs that create a pleasant aroma should be used to make tea. According to research, pineapple contains about 4% essential oil, which helps to kill pathogenic bacteria.

The effect of lime buds

In Oriental Medicine, the bud is considered a multi-effect medicine. With many good effects on human health such as: clearing heat, detoxifying, anti-oxidant, helping to reduce blood fat.

In addition, it also cures jaundice caused by gout, hepatitis, diabetes, etc. Let’s refer to each use that medicinal plants bring!

The effect of bud in blood fat reduction, weight loss

The bud is a product that is loved by many women. Because it has an effective and safe weight loss effect at home. Instead choose commercial weight loss pills. Choosing natural herbs will be better without side effects

In the chemical composition of the bud, there are active ingredients that help reduce blood lipids and stabilize blood sugar. In addition, herbs affect the absorption of sugar. Reduces the ability to absorb sugar from food. The bitter taste of herbs helps to stimulate digestion. Helps to speed up metabolism. Makes you full for a long time.

How to use Chinese medicine to lose weight is as follows: You use about 10-20g of dried banana buds in a teapot. Next, add boiling water to the above mixture. Wait until the contents of her body are dry to be able to drink. Using bud tea for a while, your body will be beautiful, neat and toned.

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The effect of bud to support the treatment of diabetes

According to current statistics, this disease is very common in modern life. The cause of diabetes is high blood cholesterol, obesity. Unscientific living habits, inactivity, etc.

Symptoms of this disease often include fatigue, hunger, thirst, weight loss, and frequent urination. When you get sick, you need to treat it quickly. to avoid dangerous diseases such as stroke, atherosclerosis.

You are worried about your diabetes. But taking many medications still doesn’t improve. According to experts, it is better to use bud tea to cure diseases.

Chemical components such as polyphenols and alpha-glucosidase inhibitors. These are 2 ingredients that support highly effective disease treatment.

How to use bud tea for diabetics is very simple: You use about 10-20g of dried flower buds. Wash the ingredients and put them in the teapot. Add about 500ml of water, steep until the tea is concentrated.

Drink 3 times a day, after meals. Continue to use continuously for 1-2 months.

The effect of the bud is to beautify the skin and keep it young for a long time.

Do you know what makes women use the buds more? In addition to the use of weight loss, good for pregnancy, it also helps to beautify the skin.

Fresh lime buds

To have beautiful, naturally rosy skin, nutrition is an indispensable factor. The herb contains anti-oxidant Flavonoids. This substance has the effect of slowing down the aging process. Thereby reducing the process of cataracts, restoring dead cells on the skin. Help the secondary sisters become confident women with everyone around.

The effect of the bud helps to clear heat and detoxify.

Life is more modern today. Polluted air along with hot food. Therefore, food safety is not guaranteed. Over time, your body will accumulate toxins that cause many kidney stones, hepatitis …

Drinking tea in hot weather helps the body to be purified. Helps detoxify and eliminate some toxic substances out by the excretory system quickly. Thao helps provide essential vitamins and a large amount of salt plays a role in restoring energy when working, studying and working.

The use of bud to support the treatment of gout

Gout is a disease related to the joints. There are many causes of gout. Among them, the most common cause is people’s diet. Excess purines, lack of fiber.

Common symptoms of gout include redness of the joints, swelling, severe joint pain, and sudden pain. Make your life difficult and your routine difficult.

When using buds with active ingredients such as 4% essential oil, tannin, Flavonoid, Alcaloid. These substances play a role in eliminating toxins from the body through the urinary tract. Therefore, patients who use herbs for a period of time will find their symptoms are greatly reduced.

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Buds are very good for pregnant women

This is a miracle that few people know, the buds have great effects on pregnant women. Usually, the pregnant woman is very picky and doesn’t eat well. When using herbs to increase appetite and benefit milk.

Bitterness promotes digestive juices, tannins help protect the intestinal lining. Besides, it also has anti-diabetic effect, antiseptic skin during pregnancy.

Drinking the buds properly does not cause side effects: First, you wash the buds, put in 1 liter of water. Simmer for 30 minutes and then drink. It is a bit difficult to drink at first because moringa has a bitter taste and a very pleasant scent.

What diseases do drinking bud?

Drinking banana bud tea every day to cure diseases is a simple but extremely effective method.

Making tea is extremely simple. First, you need to prepare about 10 – 20 grams of washed buds and ingredients for the kettle. Then boil the water and pour it like normal tea. Drink 3-4 times a day, hot or cold.

When you first start drinking tea, it has a slightly bitter taste. fragrant and acrid, very easy to suit everyone. You should maintain the habit of drinking every day with a sufficient dose. Green tea helps to improve health, supports the treatment of high blood pressure, gout, and effective weight loss.

Where are the buds for sale in Hanoi?

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