What is gout? Gout causes and symptoms

What is Gout disease? Is gout life-threatening? What causes gout? These are probably 3 questions that recently have a huge search volume on the internet. Then you won’t have to wait any longer. Follow Dung Ha Dry Food to find out what gout is? Causes of gout and symptoms of the disease offline! 

1. What is gout?

Gout (or Gout) is a disease related to arthritis. Causes joint pain and swelling. This usually lasts for 1-2 weeks with visible swelling and swelling that is visible to the naked eye. If diagnosed early, gout can be controlled very well. 
Gout occurs when serum urate levels accumulate in the body for a long time and are out of control. When Urat is not excreted outside, it will accumulate in the form of lumps or needles around joints such as legs and arms. One day, it will put pressure on the joints and cause swelling and pain. Gout most commonly affects the legs, so there are people with gout so severe that they cannot walk.

2. What causes gout?

Gout is caused by a disorder in the metabolism of uric acid in the human body. The overuse of alcohol, an unscientific diet, and the use of high-protein foods are the leading causes of the disease. 
Protein after entering the body will form uric acid. Acid enters the blood and then to the kidneys, it will be filtered and excreted out in the urine. But when the amount of Acid is too high, exceeding the allowable threshold, the kidneys cannot filter to eliminate waste and lead to Acid accumulation into urate crystals in tissues, especially joints. Accumulating more and more will make the joints inflamed, painful, swollen and then form gout. 
In addition, if someone in your family also has gout, the rate of genetic inheritance is very high. Therefore, we should visit periodically, do general tests to detect disease as well as take timely treatment measures.

3. Dấu hiệu bệnh gout


With the following signs we can recognize Gout more easily:
  • Severe pain: Joint pain occurs in the big toe, ankle, knee, wrist, and elbow. The pain often occurs at night, affecting sleep. 
  • Dull, persistent pain: After experiencing severe pain. Patients will transition to a period of dull internal pain that lasts for hours, even days. It makes the body’s mobility limited, and it feels painful to the touch.
  • Inflammation and redness: With the naked eye, we can also feel those joints swelling, floating like a hematoma. In addition, when touching, it will feel soft, the swelling is very hot.
  • Limit joint activity: When you have gout, your joints are compressed, causing swelling and pain. Your movement and walking becomes more difficult. At this point, you need to use pain relievers to be able to move normally.

4. Gout and its treatment

4.1 Treating gout at home

Here are some safe , home remedies for gout :
  • Drink a lot of water. It is recommended that patients drink 2 liters of water per day
  • Apply ice to swollen and red joints
  • Always keep the body comfortable, do not create pressure, stress
  • Exercise to keep joints flexible and smooth
  • Avoid social evils
  • Build a healthy eating habit, do not use alcohol, tobacco
  • Increase fiber in daily dishes
  • Limit eating foods high in starch and sugar
  • Avoid using foods rich in purines

4.2 Treating gout with traditional Chinese medicine

In addition to treating gout at home, at home we can also apply some Eastern medicine to treat gout to make the condition milder. 

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How to treat gout with oriental medicine is extremely effective. Not only that, these herbs are completely natural. The use of Ayurvedic medicines brings many health benefits to oneself. The most important thing in these remedies is that you have to work hard and persevere to use them to bring high results. In addition, it is necessary to combine specific drugs. Change your lifestyle, eat and rest properly. Visit the doctor according to the instructions of the doctor.

5. Can gout be cured?

  • According to medical experts, Gout is a disorder of chemical metabolism in the body. Therefore, there is currently no cure for gout. That means that gout cannot be completely cured. Instead, treat according to the signs and symptoms encountered in the body. 


  • Currently, there are a lot of traditional Chinese medicine and Oriental medicine to support the treatment of Gout. These are just drugs that help reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation effectively in acute gout attacks. Combined with the use of specialized drugs to treat blood uric acid levels at a stable level. 
  • However, these remedies only relieve pain in the early stages of disease. As for the long-term stage, the disease becomes more severe, the treatment process is more difficult. Controlling the sugar level in Uric Acid and treating accompanying metabolic disorders. 
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