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The Northwest is not only famous for its poetic and majestic natural scenery. This place is also known for many rare specialties. Currently, some Northwest spices are being sought and sold by many people. So what kinds of Northwest spices are on the market? All dishes of the Northwest are indispensable for typical spices. Today, let’s follow Dung Ha Dry Food to find out where the Northwest spices can be bought and delicious !

1. Northwest spices are available in the market

Pork guarding the kitchen, bacon guarding the kitchen, buffalo meat guarding the kitchen , … these are 3 of the many delicious dishes of the Northwest. The main ingredients to make these dishes cannot fail to mention the Northwest spices . Let’s learn about the Northwest spices to make the above dishes: 

1.1 Macadamia nuts

Mac Khen is considered the soul of the Northwest . Harvested mainly from the tree. This type of seed you can use directly or grind or pound it finely to use. Far different from pepper, this nut when eaten does not burst into the nose. The scent of macadamia nuts is gentle, creating a feeling of relaxation and refreshment like you are inhaling essential oils. This product is often pounded finely and then marinated in grilled meats, fried dishes, dried meat or mixed with dipping sauces. 


Macken seed for the people of the Northwest is not only a delicious spice, but it is also considered as an effective herb to treat diseases such as:

  • Overcome cold stomachaches
  • Low leprosy treatment
  • Musculoskeletal related problems
  • Dental diseases
  • Treatment of digestive problems
  • Cold
  • Malaria, cold fever
  • Deworming to clean the intestines

So how much does 1kg of macadamia nuts cost? The price of Northwestern macadamia nuts varies from place to place. If you buy a modern production line, you will have a higher price than manual production. The price of nuts in the market ranges from 120,000 VND to 240,000 VND/kg . Currently, there are many places to buy cheap mac Khen seeds, but the quality has not been verified. Dung Ha Agricultural Products is the place to buy prestigious quality macadamia nuts in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.

1.2 Northwest seasoning Doi seeds

Doi seeds are indispensable in specialties such as kitchen buffalo meat and kitchen pork. Doi seeds and mac Khen seeds are a pair of natural born and indispensable. Doi tree grows completely naturally in the forest. This plant is usually harvested by people in the Northwest in October and November every year. On the market, there are two popular types of doi seeds: Glutinous Doi Seeds and Glutinous Doi seeds . Doi seeds have a pungent smell, are difficult to eat and are not used as a seasoning. As for glutinous rice, it has a characteristic aroma that is very delicious, so it is used a lot. 


Delicious spice is one thing, but doi seeds have many other benefits such as:

  • Treatment of osteoarthritis, herniated discs and double spines
  • Improve diarrhea after eating blood pudding
  • Soak in doi seed wine to drink

Not only making spices, doi seed wine is also bought and soaked by men a lot. So, what is the price of doi seeds on the market today? There are many authorized dealers to distribute cheap doi nut seeds, but the quality has not been verified. The use of poor quality products will greatly affect health. Where to buy Northwestern spice doi seeds is a difficult problem. Perhaps, you should buy at reputable stores in the area where you live. Dung Ha Agricultural Products is the place to sell the best quality Northwest doi nut  . The price of Tay Bac doi seeds in Dung Ha is being offered for sale at a price of 850,000 VND – 1,700,000 VND/kg. 

1.3 Honeysuckle fruit

The nut is also known as the nectarine fruit, which is obtained from the nectarine tree. Honeysuckle grows wild on high mountains and rocks. The season of nectarine falls in late June and early July. Fresh magnolia fruit has a sweet and sour taste when eaten. From fresh fruit, farmers will take it for preliminary processing and then dry it in the sun for 3-4 days. When using dried fruit, it often has its own characteristic aroma. The fruit is very rare. There is only one fresh fruit crop in the whole year, but there are not many. 



The leaves, roots and berries can all be used. Therefore, it has many effects such as:

  • Honeysuckle essential oil is used in oriental medicine ingredients
  • Use leaves to treat liver diseases, protect the liver
  • Reduce pain, reduce inflammation
  • Confidentiality and Confidentiality

It can be clearly seen that biliary disease is considered as a type of oriental medicine to support the treatment of diseases very well. To buy macadamia nuts, you should look at stores, grocery stores, and large supermarkets. The price of Northwestern macadamia nuts ranges from 150,000 VND – 350,000 VND packed 500gr – 1kg. Depending on each facility that sells honey bead , they will have different prices. There are many places that sell molasses with very cheap prices , so consumers should also consider. In addition, the price of nutmeg in the Northwest of the North is often higher than in other places. 

Currently, Dung Ha Agricultural Products is selling dried macadamia nuts at the price of 250,000 VND / 1 kg. 

1.4 Diagonal occipital spice

Diagonal occipital is also known as diagonal occipital. This is a famous spice ingredient of the Thai ethnic group of Dien Bien, Northwest and Northeast Thailand. Diagonal octopus is made from the main ingredients such as: Doi seeds, salt, molasses, anchovies , garlic , chili, basil, herbs and lemongrass . Diagonal occipitals are often used in dishes: Boiled, fried, grilled, sticky rice, raw vegetables and fruit dips. 


Diagonal occipitals are now widely distributed in all provinces and cities in our country. To be able to buy occipital cross , you can find it in stores, large and small supermarkets in the area. The price of cross occipitals on the market ranges from 38,000 VND to 55,000 VND/box depending on the business. Where to buy cross occipitals to be assured of quality.  This is probably a difficult question for many people. Finding a reputable cross-selling site is not easy at all. A suggestion that is not bad for customers is to immediately go to Dung Ha Agricultural Products. 

Dung Ha agricultural products have the best prices on the market.

2. Northwestern spices where to buy online with quality and stable prices?

Above are 4 famous and typical Northwest spice combos of each ethnic group. Currently, there are many places selling Northwest spices. But if you do not have time to buy products, you can find and buy Northwest spices on e-commerce platforms , regional specialty shopping sites. Among countless establishments selling Northwest spices on the market, it is difficult for consumers to distinguish the real or the fake. Especially, when buying online, customers will not be able to touch and evaluate the product.

Don’t worry too much, choose Dung Ha Agricultural Products to send your family’s health. Not only selling Northwest spices, but Dung Ha also sells a lot of other product categories such as: Flour , nutritional seeds , tea , … extremely quality.


You can buy Dung Ha’s Northwest Spices Online via the website pinned below: https://thucphamkho.vn/do-kho/

Or buy Online through Dung Ha e-commerce platforms at: Shopee.vn

Buy Northwest spices via Dung Ha Company Hotline: 1900 986865.


  • Northwestern spice wholesale and retail branch nationwide: No. 11 Kim Dong – Giap Bat Street – Hoang Mai District – Hanoi
  • Northwest spice retail branch in Hanoi: A10 – Alley 100 – Trung Kinh Street – Yen Hoa Ward – Cau Giay District – Hanoi
  • Northwest spice retail branch in Ho Chi Minh: No. 02/B Quarter 3 – Trung My Tay Street 13 – District 12 – Ho Chi Minh City

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