Where to buy sage leaves to ensure prestige and quality?

lá xô thơm

Sage leaves are a special ingredient that helps many dishes become delicious and attractive. However, on the market today, there are many different types of sage leaves with many different prices. Buying quality leaves is not easy. Let’s find out where to buy sage leaves with Dry Food to be sure.

Some information about sage leaves

Similar to rosemary, sage is native to the Mediterranean region. Sage is also known as sage. This is a spice widely used in Western and Middle Eastern cuisine because of its warmth, mild bitter taste, and manly aroma.


In Latin, sage means “heal”. And the plant has herbal properties that can cure some sore throats, poor digestion… Since ancient times, sage was considered a sacred herb, especially the Romans believed that sage could cure all diseases, prolong human life. 

The benefits of sage are especially appreciated by the Chinese. They believe that sage is a medicine that cures infertility.

The composition of sage leaves contains about 1-2.5% essential oil (including many precious active ingredients such as: monoterpen, camphor, thujon, cineol, borneol, sesquiterpen); 1-3% flavonoids (luteolin, glycosyl flavone, apigenin); 2-6% tannin, antioxidants such as caffeoyl-fructosyl glycoside, caffeoyl-apiosyl glucoside, …

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The use of sage is anti-inflammatory, especially sore throat, mouth, glossitis used in the form of mouthwash. You can use it as a tea to treat indigestion, intestinal disorders, and diarrhea.

New studies show that sage can reduce pain when applied because it contains ursolic acid. At the same time, essential oils have antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and anticancer effects.


Sage leaves also have antiperspirant effects when applied to the skin. Lactating women cannot use it because it prevents lactation. Sage helps regulate menstruation and lowers blood sugar.

+ Is a food to help increase memory for the elderly.

Researchers from the universities of Newcastle and Northumbria in the north of England have scientifically confirmed: sage leaf extract does indeed enhance memory, especially in Alzheimer’s patients. Using sage leaves as a spice or using oil will help improve mental and memory. Scientists conducted a study in 44 adults who used capsules made from sage. Better than other oils.


Sage leaves are used as ingredients in cuisine, used as medicine…

Sage seed oil is rich in omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids (contains 20% of gamma linolenic acid, known as GLA) essential for brain function and cardiovascular protection.

Boil sage leaves into a tea form, slightly bitter taste, add a little honey to make the tea taste better, effectively relieve pain.


Cuisine: The way to combine sage with foods requires subtlety because it is a bit fussy. Although it is an herb, its scent is gentle, not as strong as musk. It has a slightly stronger flavor than parsley. And its flavor is milder than that of thyme. Sage is suitable for ingredients such as sweet potatoes, squashes, eggplants, tomatoes; chicken, duck, goose, goose, pork and sausage. Sage is often suitable for fatty and nutritious dishes.

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Where to buy sage leaves to ensure quality reputation?

With its health benefits and special aroma, sage leaves are used by many people in everyday dishes. Buying sage leaves is also quite easy. There are many brands and addresses that supply sage leaves on the market today. However, where to buy sage leaves to ensure prestige and quality, not everyone knows.

With nearly 10 years of experience in providing clean agricultural products to customers across the country, Dung Ha Agricultural Products has a wide range of products from fresh food to dry food, seeds, seedlings, … in which leaves are buckets. Fragrance at Dung Agricultural Products is also a key product that many people trust and choose. 


  • Quality 1st grade sage leaves, especially delicious
  • Do not mix poor quality goods, fake goods
  • Packaged carefully, ensuring the full flavor and nutrition

To buy sage leaves at Dung Ha Agricultural Products, you can contact hotline: 1900986865

Or order at the link: https://nongsandungha.com/thuc-pham/la-xo-thom

Above is some information about reputable sage leaf suppliers. Hopefully, through this article, you have answered the question of where to buy sage leaves and please follow the News section to update useful information.


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