10+ Summer Snacks “Blow in the Heat” you should know


Summer snacks are a favorite for many people, especially young people. Summer comes and brings a lot of intense heat like pouring fire, making people feel tired, lethargic, dizzy, tired, … At times like these, a cup of soft drink, a cup of tea Cool bar will help the body recover and recharge with more energy to stay awake and focus on work. Together with Dung Ha Dry Food, learn about 10+ summer snacks that “blow up the heat” you should know.

1. What is a summer snack?

Summer snacking is not only a favorite forte of many people, but this is also a favorite habit of using fast, easy-to-cook, easy-to-find and easy-to-carry foods. These dishes often appear only in the summer to quench thirst as well as add energy to the body.


Summer snacks are diverse, unique, and have many flavors. They can include dishes such as: Bread, milk tea, smoothies, fruit juice, … The purpose of summer snacks is to refresh the body, add a variety of nutrients and energy. amount in the body.\

2. What are the benefits of summer snacks?

Summer snacking has a number of benefits as follows:

  • Convenience: Snacking is a convenient and perfect choice. Because it’s easy to prepare, easy to carry, and easy to enjoy anywhere
  • Diverse energy sources: Summer snacks are often made from fresh ingredients to help provide a variety of energy sources for the body.
  • Enjoy the typical summer weather: Summer snacks are a great way to enjoy the hot sun and wind, the freshness of summer

In general, summer snacks are a great choice for those who want to enjoy the typical hot sun.

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3. 10+ summer snacks you should know?

3.1 Beauty tea

Nourishing tea is a type of traditional Vietnamese food and drink. Face care tea is made from a variety of fruits and additives such as lotus seeds, goji berries, red beans, honey, …
Nourishing tea has a mild sweet taste. This is a great choice for those looking for a pleasant way to enjoy summer. Beauty tea will provide the body with many vitamins and minerals. These substances will help keep the body healthy. At the same time, this is also a dish for women’s skin and weight.
Eating beauty tea has a number of health benefits such as:
  • Reduce heat, quench body
  • Provide moisture to the body
  • Essential Vitamins Supplement
  • Reduce feeling of fatigue

This is a great drink with lots of health benefits.

3.2 Khuc Bach tea

Khuc Bach tea is a traditional drink of Vietnam. This tea is made from a variety of fruits and ingredients such as red beans, coconut milk, sugarcane juice, etc.


Khuc Bach tea has a light sweet taste and is very cool. This is a great choice for those who want to find a more unique way to enjoy summer. Khuc Bach tea provides a lot of vitamins and minerals for the body.

3.3 Mixed tea

Summer would be very sad without mixed tea. Tea in general and mixed tea in particular. These are all extremely effective summer refreshments. Low cost, widely available. A cup of mixed tea in the afternoon after work will help your mind reduce stress.
Called mixed tea, the additive ingredients will be very diverse. They include: black beans, red beans, green beans, nuggets, coconut fibers, black pearls, etc. Depending on each person’s preferences, you can tell the shopkeeper to measure the ingredients you like.
Places to sell delicious mixed tea in Hanoi:
  • Tea buffet 10 areas Bach – Kinh – Xay
  • Mother’s Tea Hedgehog in Freedom Lane

3.4 Mixed rice paper

Rice paper is a favorite snack of many young people. Today’s rice paper has become very diverse. Currently on the market, there are various types of rice paper such as: Mixed rice paper, rolled rice paper and baked rice paper. Among these types of rice paper, mixed rice paper is the most used.
Mixed rice paper is mixed with a lot of ingredients such as shrimp, squid, dried beef, laksa leaves, roasted peanuts, quail eggs, etc. To make the dish rich in flavor, fish sauce is definitely indispensable. , chili sauce, ground pepper, lime juice, … will definitely put you in the “net” from the first time you enjoy it.
The price of mixed rice paper is very cheap, they only cost from 20,000 VND – 25,000 VND / serving.
The place to sell famous mixed rice paper in Hanoi:
  • Toan’s mixed rice paper: A17 Ta Quang Buu street – Hanoi

3.5 Pillow cake

Pillow cake is a favorite snack every summer. This cake is a traditional Vietnamese specialty. Pillow cake is made up of two separate parts: the crust and the filling. The pillowcase is made from all-purpose flour. The inside is made from other ingredients such as vermicelli, wood ear, chicken eggs, ground pepper, quail eggs, …
Called pillow cakes because they are modified from the famous Chinese dumplings. The crust is deep fried in hot oil to eat crispy. The seasoned mixed filling makes the dish irresistible.
The sweet and sour sweet and sour cake dipping sauce is extremely attractive. The perfect combination of all simple ingredients creates a quality cake to satisfy all the most demanding diners.

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3.6 Milk tea

Milk tea is a familiar beverage for many people. With milk tea, you can use this drink in all kinds of weather. In Vietnam, the milk tea brand is becoming more and more popular and is very interested by many Vietnamese people. Some famous Vietnamese milk tea brands such as: Tocotoco, The Alley, DingTea, ChaGo, The 1989,… There are also countless other popular milk tea brands.
Milk tea is the perfect combination of tea essence and other fresh milk accompanying it. To make the drink easier to drink, the Bartenders can mix a little sugar to increase sweetness. Plus, a little “topping” so you can chew to ease your mouth.
Drinking milk tea is extremely good if you drink it in a certain dose. Health benefits of milk tea include:
  • Nutritional Supply: Supplement with Potassium, Iron, Vitamins B1, B2 and Niacin
  • Strengthen the body’s resistance to attack bacteria
  • Reduce stress: Milk tea helps you reduce stress and increase concentration with natural stimulants like Teanin

However, if you want to take full advantage of the health benefits of milk tea, choose low-sugar or limited-sugar varieties.

3.7 Yogurt

Yogurt is an extremely good dessert for many people. Especially for those who are experiencing symptoms of indigestion, bloating, … yogurt is the food that overcomes all of the above problems. A cup of yogurt after a meal enhances the amount of beneficial bacteria for the digestive system. Helps your food to be easily digested, no more bloating, gas and indigestion.


Yogurt today is a huge diversification. The Vietnamese yogurt market has many types such as: TH yogurt, sticky rice yogurt, jackfruit yogurt, etc. Each type of yogurt gives users a very unique experience. But they are all good food for the digestive system. To save money as well as want to ensure food hygiene and safety. You can easily make yogurt at home.
In addition to serving as a dessert. Sugar-free yogurt is a product that women use a lot in the beauty industry. Unsweetened yogurt mixed with green tea powder will help your face become bright and rosy, treat pimples.

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3.8 Beef jerky

Beef jerky is a favorite dish of many people. In particular, this is a dish for drinkers. Not only that, this is also a snack used on Tet holidays and other important festivals. Beef jerky is not only eaten directly, but also sprinkled on mannequins or sandwiches.
Pure standard dried beef will have a chewy, sweet taste from the corn part. In addition, a slight spicy flavor lingering on the tip of the tongue will make it even more interesting to stimulate the eater. Fresh beef is very good, contains many healthy nutritional values. But when processed into beef jerky, these nutrients have been significantly reduced. In 100g of beef jerky, there are only about 100 calories. This is a good amount of calories for you to absorb into your body without worrying about gaining weight.

3.9 Buffalo meat in the kitchen

Kitchen buffalo meat is a famous specialty of the Northwest mountains of Vietnam. The buffaloes are raised by the people here and eat the best quality food. The thing that leaves people the most impression is the way the buffalo meat is smoked in the kitchen, still retaining the characteristic smoke flavor. Not many people eat buffalo meat here with chili sauce. The spice dipping buffalo meat in the kitchen is the occipital cross spice.
When eating, you will feel each piece of buffalo meat is very chewy and extremely sweet. Combined with that is the scent from the kitchen smoke. In particular, this dish will be extremely expensive for men to sit and sip beer.
Reference price of kitchen buffalo meat: 450,000 VND/kg. Currently, Dung Ha’s kitchen buffalo meat is on promotion for only 420,000 VND / 500 grams. Buffalo meat in the kitchen in the Northwest standard, high quality 1st grade.

3.10 Fruit juice

To eat is to drink. Effective refreshments for hot summer days are fruit juices. Fruit is known to be the main source of energy, minerals and essential vitamins for the body. If you are tired of eating fruits, then squeeze them into a drink for easy use. Called fruit juice, you can use a lot of fruits such as oranges, guava, pineapple, watermelon, …
Each type of fruit when pressed into water will bring a unique taste experience. But what all these juices have in common is that they make food easier to digest. Strengthen the body’s immune system. Add water to the body. Protects skin against harmful agents. Prevent the formation and spread of tumors in the body,…
In short, fruit juice is an important drink you should prepare after a meal.

4. Conclusion

Above is a detailed article that fully answers questions about the best summer cooling snacks. These are all delicious, quality snacks that you should enjoy. The above-mentioned dishes both help your body replenish more energy and strengthen resistance to avoid disease-causing bacteria. Hopefully with the information that we list above will bring you and you more useful things.

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