Delicious Hanoi snacks “delicious forget the way home” for the following 3 ages


Hanoi’s delicious snacks are a favorite dish of many ages. Nowadays, junk food has been widely sold on major streets, sidewalks and even in front of school gates. Not only sold during the day, even at night, these dishes also attract a lot of young people. The most special is Hanoi, the city where young people have a habit of living more at night. Not only for young people, even children, postpartum mothers, people who are losing weight can also use it. Let’s learn about this delicious Hanoi snack with Dung Ha Dry Food.

1. What are delicious Hanoi snacks?

Hanoi’s delicious food is simply illustrious dishes, making the name of the capital of thousands of years of civilization. Hanoi’s delicious dishes are often identified by their attractive taste, “delicious” presentation and served hot. Whether it is winter or summer, Hanoi cuisine is very diverse and rich. Depending on each person’s way of eating, they prefer winter food or summer food.


In Hanoi, many people love the chilly autumn weather, eating hot food to keep their body warm, walking hand in hand with their loved one, and reminiscing about good memories. Not only stopping here, Hanoi’s delicious food is also clearly divided into each object. Anyone can enjoy and enjoy the culinary beauty of this Hanoi.

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2. Delicious Hanoi snacks “delicious forget the way home” for each age?

2.1 Baby snacks

Children are the age that mothers need to pay special attention to. Especially while eating. Not careful eating will cause children to have digestive diseases that are very worrying. Children of any age love to snack, here are some baby snacks that you should add to your child’s diet.

2.1.1 Porridge dishes

Porridge is the favorite snack of children. Porridge is not only for babies but even the elderly, the sick, the sick with toothache, etc. can also be used completely. Porridge for babies is very diverse including: porridge porridge, porridge porridge, porridge porridge, porridge heart, … Each type of porridge gives the baby a very different experience. Eating porridge in cold weather will help the body become warmer.
Porridge is not only a breakfast food, but even after school, mothers can completely feed their babies a little to fight hunger. Eating porridge is very good for your baby’s health. Porridge brings benefits such as:
  • Good for the digestive system
  • Change your baby’s eating menu to be more diverse
  • Strengthen the body’s immune system
  • Help your child’s bone and joint system be stronger

2.1.2 Yogurt

The next baby snacks can not forget the yogurt. A box of yogurt after a meal will be something that mothers should add to their baby. Yogurt contains a lot of calcium and nutrients that are beneficial for the digestive system. Currently, there are many types of yogurt on the market that mothers can buy such as: Vinamilk yogurt, aloe vera yogurt, strawberry yogurt, blueberry yogurt, etc. Each type of yogurt will have its own flavor. features to stimulate children to eat more appetizing.
Instead of finding and buying convenient canned yogurt outside to use. Many mothers choose home-made yogurt to save costs and ensure food quality and safety.

2.1.3 Grilled skewers

Grilled meat on skewers is a dish that is found a lot at school. This is a dish that is sold a lot, widely in winter or summer weather. Grilled skewers are made entirely from pure fresh pork. Combined with that is a bit of additional ingredients such as lemongrass, oyster sauce, ground pepper, main noodles, monosodium glutamate, spices, … All are skillfully kneaded under the table. chef’s hand.
The skewers are completely grilled on a charcoal stove. The aroma from the sauce rose up straight into the nose of each hungry child. Grilled meat on the edge, the golden color is extremely eye-catching. When eating, the meat will not be too spicy but will have a slight sweetness to create stimulation for the dish.

2.1.4 Types of tea

Summer is hot like fire, everyone will lose a lot of water and energy. A refreshing product, replenishing energy for a hot summer day certainly cannot show delicious tea dishes. Talking about Vietnamese tea is free. Vietnamese tea is very diverse such as: black bean tea, Thai tea, mixed tea, corn tea, green bean tea, …
Tea is a very good refreshment snack when Hanoi enters the summer. Eating tea is not only delicious but also loaded with many nutrients into the body. Eating a cup of tea will help your body fully absorb nutrients, vitamins and other essential minerals. Therefore, the use of tea for human health such as:
  • Replenish lost water
  • Beverages
  • Keeping the digestive system healthy

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2.2 Snacks for people to lose weight


You very much want to get back in shape, but often “lack of energy” because of the temptation to eat delicious, attractive and strange snacks? Hmm… how can I eat a lot and still lose weight? Check out the following dishes:

2.2.1 American pine nuts

American pine nuts are high-class nuts on the list of good weight loss nutrients for those who are experiencing overweight and obesity. Pine trees are planted a lot in the world. But perhaps, American pine is still the tree that provides the best quality seeds. The size of pine nuts is as small as a chestnut, beautiful shape, glossy brown shell. The outer shell is very hard to cover the inner core. Almonds are ivory white, very fatty and fragrant.
Dubbed as a weight loss nutrition grain. American pine nuts contain a lot of important minerals, nutrients and vitamins. In 100 grams of American pine nuts provide up to 673 calories. This is a very high calorie count. But in return, these calories will help you always feel full. And more specifically, it still provides enough energy for the body to lose weight.

2.2.2 American almonds

American almonds have always been the most nutritious nut series. This is a nut in the list of essential nutrients for women to lose weight. Almonds have an oval shape, the kernel contains a lot of iron, zinc, Calcium, Omega – 3, Vitamins B1, B2, B3 and E. Imported 100% from the US, the product quality is not in question. quarrel.
In 100g of almonds, there are less than 629 calories. This is also quite a high amount of calories when you take it into your body. But in return, this amount of calories will provide enough essential energy for the body.
Not only worthy of the name of a nutritious grain for weight loss, American almonds also give your body a white, smooth skin, without melasma and freckles. More specifically, this is the kind of seed that will help the belly skin of women after giving birth not to crack.

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2.2.3 List of the Dau family name

Beans are the food you should include in your weight loss diet menu list. Beans in Vietnam are very diverse with types such as: red beans, black beans, green beans, white beans, cowpeas, peas,… Each type of bean has its own shape, nutrition and own function. But the common ground of the bean family is that they contain very low calories, which is very good for anyone who is on a weight loss diet to keep fit.
Weight loss with beans is extremely good for health and benign. You can process them into delicious dishes to easily absorb nutrition as well as lose weight faster and more effectively. With low calorie content, but still provide enough energy for the body. Helps you to lose excess fat in biceps, abdomen and calves.
Besides, you should use methods such as exercising, jogging, yoga, aerobic exercise, … to burn fat more quickly.

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2.3 Snacks for mothers after giving birth


After giving birth, the mother will lose a lot of health, the body is tired and very weak. In addition to adding foods rich in nutritional value to restore health quickly, additional snacks in snacks are extremely important. Specifically the products:

2.3.1 Types of cereal grains

Cereal is the snack that pregnant women should use. Cereals are rich in essential vitamins, minerals and fiber. Cereal grains are extremely rich in iron, Omega – 3 Vitamin B and Folic Acid to support the nerve and brain development of young children.
Besides, cereal is also an extremely beneficial food for pregnant women. This is the most abundant and quality milk supply for babies. Breast milk is the main source of food for the baby to stay healthy and prevent disease-causing bacteria.

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2.3.2 Fruits

Fruit is an indispensable food in the list of foods for pregnant women after giving birth. Freshness and abundant energy are effective support for the recovery process of pregnant mothers. Fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and natural water to help the mother’s body stay healthy. At the same time, it also helps breast milk come in more, sweeter and cooler.
Fruit is the source of eternal energy, the most enduring. Fathers should add fruit to snacks after eating for pregnant mothers. The fruits that are good for pregnant women such as: Bananas, red apples, strawberries, watermelons, sapodillas, breast milk, … Fruit is the easiest fruit to find and the most nutritious.

2.3.3 Oatmeal

Whole oats are known for the variety of nutrients found in this grain. Oats contain a lot of important minerals such as zinc, manganese, calcium, soluble fiber. Extremely large vitamin B content helps to increase energy, improve mood, fight fatigue, anxiety, thinking, stress, Stress and especially postpartum depression.
Not only that, pure oats are also a drink to help pregnant women benefit milk. Make sure to provide plenty of milk and quality milk for the nursing baby. You can add oats to the same cereal, mix it with nutritious nuts or add it as a delicious cake additive.

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3. Conclusion

Above is a detailed, complete article, fully answering questions about delicious Hanoi snacks of each age group. These are all the best quality food and products on the market. They can be prepared or purchased for processing. Each food brings back our childhood memories. We hope that the above information will bring you many useful things.

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