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North – Central – South cuisine is very diverse and rich. If you are a foodie or love to travel the region. Surely the specialties of Central Vietnam are something that you should not miss. Each region not only has cultural beauty, customs and habits, but what creates beauty to keep diners is the special dishes. Let’s travel with Dung Ha Dry Food to the Central region to find out what the specialties of the Central region have!

1. Central specialties – Nha Trang

1.1 Nha Trang fish noodle soup

The first place when you come to the Central region is to set foot in Nha Trang. Nha Trang leaves you with many memories of delicious food. The first dish that has become a trademark of Nha Trang is fish noodle soup. Nha Trang fish noodle soup is one of the most attractive Central dishes. Fish noodles are selected from the freshest fish. Be it tuna, beef or raft fish featured here. Then, these fish will be completely removed from the bones, simmered to cook the broth.
Nha Trang fish noodle soup has a sweet and slightly salty taste from sea seafood. The noodles are small, soft, and absorb the broth. When enjoying, the owner will add fish cakes or a little jellyfish to make the noodle bowl more attractive.

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1.2 Nha Trang grilled spring rolls

When traveling to Nha Trang, don’t miss the grilled spring rolls in Nha Trang. This is a typical dish of the Central people. Grilled spring rolls here are made from 100% pure pork. In addition, there are rich spices and baked in a red charcoal oven to bring up the aroma. The meal includes: grilled spring rolls, rice paper rolls, crispy spring rolls, raw vegetables served with dipping sauce mixed with spicy fish sauce and pounded peanuts.
Because it is an extremely easy dish to make, you can eat it for lunch or dinner as you like. Currently, Nha Trang grilled spring rolls have been sold a lot in Hanoi and Saigon.

1.3 Bird’s Nest Nha Trang

Salanganes’Nest Nha Trang is a specialty of the Central region as a special gift not to be missed. Due to its extremely high nutritional value and rarity, this Nha Trang specialty is a dish that any visitor wants to enjoy. Salanganes’Nest or Bird’s Nest is made from the saliva of the bird’s nest. Experiencing the process of cooking with alum sugar, lotus seeds, red apples to produce a delicious and nutritious bowl of bird’s nest.

2. Central specialties – Da Nang


2.1 Rice paper rolls with pork

When traveling to Da Nang, do not forget to enjoy the specialties of the Central region with rice paper rolls with pork. Pork also has a certain selectivity. People here often use pork shoulder and butt meat. Because these are the least fat parts of the pig and when cooked will not be fat. Rice paper has a certain toughness and softness. When enjoying, you just need to roll the meat with vermicelli, a few raw vegetables full of spicy, sour, acrid and sweet flavors such as lettuce, basil, cucumber, banana, … dotted with a bowl of rich seasoned fish sauce. .
The point of success in this pork roll rice paper is from the dipping sauce. The dipping sauce is rich in flavor, while eating and sipping because of the spicy taste, but still the dish leaves many memories for visitors.

2.2 Da Nang Bread Sticks

Another famous Da Nang specialty is banh mi. This is a central snack that fascinates many tourists when traveling here. Called bread sticks because they are only the size of 2 adult fingers. The cake is about 25 – 30cm long, inside is a layer of greasy dough mixed with a little spicy from chili sauce. The cake is deep fried, the taste of pate mixed with a little spicy of chili is extremely delicious. A dish you should save them in your notebook to have the opportunity to come here and enjoy!

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2.3 Da Nang Chicken Rice

If you are looking for a solid dish for lunch or dinner, perhaps Da Nang chicken rice is a dish that you should not miss. The chickens chosen are those that are free-range, with firm meat and thin skin. When baked, it has a characteristic aroma and golden skin. Rice is cooked with chicken broth. Add a little turmeric powder to make the rice have an eye-catching golden color.
Da Nang chicken rice is often eaten with spicy and sour sauce, laksa leaves and onions. Next to it is a bowl of hot chicken broth that slips off the tongue, creating an irresistible delicious taste.

2.4 Nam O fish salad – Da Nang

While Kien Giang province is famous for herring, Da Nang fascinates people with Nam O fish salad. This dish comes from the people of Nam O fishing village. The people here fish all year round, so the dishes made from fresh fish or seafood are extremely popular and the quality is extremely good compared to the surrounding localities.
The soul of Nam O fish salad is located in the sesame and peanut sauce. Picking up some salad, wrapping it in raw vegetable rice paper and dipping it with a special dipping sauce will be an attractive dish that will make you very hard to forget.

3. Central specialties – Quang Nam


3.1 Hoi An high floor

In addition to Nam O fish salad, Da Nang is also famous for Cao Lau Hoi An. This dish is very special because the maker has to choose extremely carefully each grain of rice. Then soak the rice in ash water so that the rice has a prominent turmeric color. Finally, Cao Lau yarn is knitted by the hands of artisans.
Hoi An Cao Lau in a bowl is richly marinated char siu. The tender meat has a brick red color that looks extremely attractive and eye-catching. Cao Lau is cut into square pieces, fried to a crispy golden color, sprinkled with peanuts and sprinkled with sauce on top to be enjoyed immediately.

3.2 Quang Noodles

Quang noodle is no longer a strange dish for many people. But to enjoy the full flavor of this noodle dish, you must definitely go to Quang Nam – Da Nang. Visitors can easily find Quang noodles everywhere. From rustic markets to luxury restaurants.
Quang noodle bowl has ingredients including: shrimp, pork, shredded chicken, a little peanut butter, rich broth. Served with raw vegetables such as: Lettuce, basil, lettuce and sesame rice cake is even more attractive.

3.3 Corn tea

Corn tea is a rustic dish in central Vietnam. The tea is made entirely from corn grown in the fertile Cam Nam land of Hoi An. Corn kernels have a uniform yellow color, the seeds have a characteristic aroma of sweet corn. When cooked, the tea has a certain consistency, a natural cool taste. Above the layer of tea is a thick coconut milk that brings a greasy, delicious taste that is difficult to nourish.
If you travel to Hoi An, enjoy this dish right away!

4. Central specialties – Hue

4.1 Hue beef noodle soup

Bun Bo Hue is a specialty of the Central region that will make all visitors fall in love. Beef vermicelli broth is simmered from the bone along with rich fish sauce and spicy chili lemongrass. Hue beef noodle soup served hot is the best. Served with other raw vegetables such as: bananas, bean sprouts, water spinach is the best. On each ton of vermicelli is a piece of soft, greasy pork belly and adorned with a piece of Hue sausage. Traveling to Hue without enjoying this central specialty dish is a big pity.

4.2 Wet cake

Hue wet cake – Central specialty is made of fine white rice flour combined with tapioca flour to create a soft, supple crust. Wet cakes are usually eaten while still hot. When customers come to the restaurant, the chef begins to roll the cake, add some onion fat, fried onion is enough. Hue wet cake is served with roasted pink pork or deep fried. The most important part of wet cake is the dipping sauce. The sauce is mixed with garlic, chili, sugar and lemon to create a smooth consistency.

4.3 Mussel rice

A Hue specialty that is also extremely popular is Com Hen. This essential dish is perfect for spicy food lovers. After being caught, mussels will be washed with ginseng water before cooking. Mussels will be stir-fried with spicy spices, pangolin tip. When enjoying, mussels are added to rice along with other “toppings” such as: mango, star fruit, fat pods, peanuts, etc.

5. Central specialties – Nghe An

5.1 Nghe An eel porridge

The most famous Nghe An specialty is Eel. Eel is processed into many delicious dishes. Eel meat is extremely rich in nutrients and is often used to improve health. In order for the eel porridge not to have a fishy taste, the eel must be 100% field eel, the meat is firm, tough and extremely sweet. Nghe eel porridge served with green onions and laksa leaves.

5.2 Eel vermicelli

Eel is not only delicious when processed into porridge, but eel vermicelli from Nghe An is also a famous delicious specialty here. With the typical spicy taste of Nghe, the bowl of eel vermicelli is completely removed from the fishy taste. Phan chan broth always retains the delicious, greasy taste from pork bones. In addition, a little bit of dried onion gives the dish an irresistible taste. In addition to water vermicelli, there are also fried eel vermicelli which is also a famous specialty here.

5.3 Nghe An eel soup

Eel can be processed into countless delicious dishes. And Nghe An eel soup is the dish that you cannot miss. Although eel soup is a frugal rustic dish, it is still an indispensable dish when coming to the Central region. Although born after eel porridge and eel vermicelli, eel soup has quickly gained a firm foothold in the hearts of others for many years.
To enjoy the best, you should use eel soup on cold early winter days. Each spoonful of hot soup, combined with tough, tender eel meat and fully seasoned with spices. Sprinkle a little green onion and ground pepper and enjoy will help your body become much warmer. Traveling to Nghe An, remember to enjoy this famous dish right away!

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5.4 Squeeze jackfruit

Coming to Nghe An without enjoying Nhut jackfruit is a huge mistake. Pickled jackfruit is a gift that many people when traveling here want to own. Pickled jackfruit is a famous pickle dish of people in Thanh Chuong district, Nghe An province. This dish has been around for a long time and until now is still a famous and unforgettable specialty. With the main material 100% from young jackfruit. Combined with that is the sour and spicy taste that numbs the tip of the tongue, which is extremely mouth-watering.
Especially on Tet holiday, a house that often uses fried and greasy foods will quickly get bored and bored. The solution at this point is to eat with jackfruit to help you not get fed up. In addition, jackfruit can also be eaten directly, stocked with fish, cooked fish soup to mask the fishy smell, which is extremely worth trying.

6. Central specialties – Thanh Hoa


6.1 Thanh Hoa spring rolls

Nem chua is the famous specialty that makes Thanh Hoa famous. It is also a gift that many tourists often bring in their shoulders when returning from Thanh Hoa. Nem chua has a crispy taste from pork skin, the sour taste of fermented meats, the typical spicy taste of chili and garlic. Each Thanh Hoa spring roll is also sprinkled with clove leaves to create a unique and unforgettable taste. Nem chua is best when you eat it with chili sauce and drink a few sips of cold summer beer. The incubation time depends on the season, usually from 6-8 hours.

6.2 Thanh Hoa roll cake

Not only Thanh Tri district is famous for banh cuon in the whole country. If you have the opportunity to set foot in Thanh Hoa tourism, then definitely the cake that you should enjoy to see the difference is Thanh Hoa roll cake. The rolls here are coated very thin compared to Thanh Tri rolls. But in terms of toughness, it is better than Thanh Tri cake. Inside the transparent cake layer is the filling of the cake: pork, wood ear and shiitake mushrooms. Adding to the dish is a little dried onion sprinkled on the surface. When eating, drizzle a little garlic chili sauce on top to enjoy.


7. Conclusion

Above is the entire article of Central specialties that you should enjoy once in your life. Central specialties are always extremely attractive and attractive to all other tourists. If you want to enjoy all the delicious dishes, you can arrange a schedule to explore the main provinces such as Thanh Hoa, Ha Tinh, Nghe An, Da Nang, …
If you have the opportunity to visit Da Nang, in addition to all the famous specialties mentioned above. This place also has many attractive tourist attractions such as: Linh Ung Pagoda, Han River Bridge, Love Bridge, Hai Van Pass, …

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