18+ Southern specialties as unique Tet gifts 2023


Southern specialties as gifts is a question that many people are interested in. Southern cuisine is very diverse and rich with many forms and forms. The South has a temperate climate, warm all year round. This is a characteristic of the South that very few places have. Convenient weather is also the reason that the South has many delicious and special dishes that attract many visitors from far and wide. For those who go south to admire the mountains, do not forget to bring back the famous specialties of the South. Together with Dung Ha Dry Food, let’s learn about Southern specialties as gifts for Tet 2023!


1.1 Ben Tre coconut candy

If anyone has the opportunity to set foot in the South, surely can not ignore coconut candy. Coconut candy is a dish associated with the childhood of many young people. Until now, coconut candy is still sold and many people buy it. Although when eaten, coconut candy is a bit sweet and sprinkled, but it is still a specialty that many people buy as a gift.


With the main ingredient is young coconut. When eating, you will feel completely the delicious taste of coconut in your mouth. Ben Tre coconut candy is fragrant, sweet and very attractive. The best Ben Tre coconut from Mo Cay district. Those who go to the South, don’t forget to give your loved one a Ben Tre coconut candy!

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1.2 Soc Trang Pia Cake

Set foot in the South (Saigon) to travel. 100% sure you have to buy the durian pia cake Soc Trang as a gift. Soc Trang pia cake is very diverse in terms of cakes such as: salted egg durian pia cake, fresh durian pia cake, Soc Trang durian pia cake, Tan Hue Vien durian pia cake,…
Pia cake has a soft, spongy outer shell, sweet, crispy, and quite chewy. The inside is sweet and fragrant. Usually the filling is made from many different types such as: green beans, taro, durian and salted eggs.
Soc Trang’s specialty pia cake is an unforgettable gift to bring back when you visit here. In order to get the right pia cakes, the artisan must be very careful. From the selection of ingredients to the cooking stage.
Pia cake has the characteristic smell of durian. This is a typical Southern fruit. Accompanied by a unique salty taste from salted eggs.

1.3 Salted egg sponge cake

Referring to Southern specialties, it would be remiss to skip the salted egg sponge cake. The cake has outstanding colors, the cake is soft and fragrant. It feels like it’s melting in your mouth when you eat it. The ingredients to make the cake are also extremely simple, not too difficult. The top of the cake is covered with a layer of salted egg with a plump layer of sponge that looks very attractive and eye-catching. Salted egg sponge cake is now available in many places on the territory of Vietnam. But the Saigon salted egg sponge cake still leaves visitors with many regrets.

1.4 Can Tho brocade cake

Can Tho brocade cake is a famous specialty of the West. This is a very unique cake and is loved by many weak tourists to buy as a gift. If the traditional Vietnamese banh tet dish will have a light green color. Can Tho Tet cake is more prominent when it has a very unique purple color.
Banh tet with brocade leaves with the sweet and delicious taste of the West of the river. Surely this will be the cake you should have in your gift basket after traveling or working in the South.

1.5 Can Tho pancakes

Anyone who has ever enjoyed Can Tho pancakes will certainly not be able to forget the irresistible delicious taste of this passionate dumpling. The cake has a crispy crust, with a characteristic golden color. The cake filling is made quite diverse. They are made from shrimp, pork or chicken combined with vegetables such as papaya, wood ear, green beans,… Western pancakes are eaten with the benefits of wild vegetables dipped with sweet and sour fish sauce created. making for the perfect combination of flavors.

1.6 Can Tho cult cake

Cong cake is a rustic dish of Can Tho rice country. But it is a specialty you cannot ignore when coming to the South to play, work or travel. This cake is the perfect combination between the fatty flavor of green beans with fresh shrimp and minced pork. The crust is deep fried in oil. Inside the cake is a lotus root, served with raw vegetables and sweet and sour dipping sauce to create the perfect balance and attract many visitors.

1.7 Can Tho pandan leaf cake

The special feature of Can Tho pandan leaf cake is its eye-catching color, wavy surface that makes diners think of a watercolor painting. The molded cake has a natural green color, the fragrance comes from pandan leaves, when you eat it, you will feel the chewy texture. Combine with a little greasy coconut milk, peanuts or small wild sesame. Pineapple leaf cake has bold flavor of childhood of many young people.

1.8 Sai Gon Cotton Scrub

Scrambled rice is a famous specialty of the South. Not like Ninh Binh burnt rice. Saigon burnt rice is delicious, crispy and contains a lot of fried rice on the surface.
If Ninh Binh burnt rice has a light taste when eaten, it must be combined with soup or dipping sauce. Now, Saigon Bong rice is processed with a very strong spicy taste from chili peppers, a strong salty taste from marinated spices and pork rolls. Products are packaged very carefully, meticulously and can be preserved for a long time. You can take this dish with you wherever you want. Saigon’s fried rice is also a favorite snack of many people from the elderly to young children. The taste is delicious and bold, making users eat it all the time and not get bored.

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1.9 Ca Mau dried shrimp

Ca Mau dried shrimp is made entirely by hand from the famous Rach Goc shrimp variety of the South. Ca Mau dried shrimp is considered the best dried shrimp dish in Vietnam.
Ca Mau dried shrimp belongs to the largest type of land shrimp in the Rach Goc ecological region. The dried shrimp here has a bold flavor typical of the Ca Mau river region. Dried shrimp has a very prominent natural red color. Shrimp meat when cooked is crispy, chewy and extremely delicious.

1.10 Premium Bird’s Nest

Referring to Southern specialties as gifts for Tet gifts, we can’t ignore the product of Salanganes’Nest. Salanganes’Nest (or Bird’s Nest) they are considered a high-class specialty only in the southern region. Because this swiftlet only breeds and lives in warm climates all year round. Therefore, swiftlet farming is very developed in the South of our country.


Bird’s nest contains a lot of nutritional value. More than 55% Protein content, 18 different amino acids and 31 other essential minerals. Therefore, bird’s nest is a golden food that is extremely good for health. In addition to the nutritional, healing, and health-promoting effects, bird’s nest also has the effect of supporting extremely effective disease treatment.
Bird’s nest is likened to “white gold” suggesting a treasure of nutritional value. At the same time, bird’s nest is also in the TOP 10 most expensive foods in the world. This gift will be really great for friends, parents, elders, VIP customers, partners,… Not only a famous dish of Southern people, bird’s nest is also a specialty to eat. Makes a very elegant and luxurious Tet gift.

1.11 Southern specialties as gifts – An Giang palm sugar

Palm sugar is a specialty food of An Giang that is made 100% by hand without modern machinery. Palm sugar has a mild sweet taste, not as sweet as white sugar. You can eat it directly or make tea when drinking. In addition, you can use jaggery to add to dishes to replace white sugar.
Palm sugar is 100% handmade from natural ingredients. This is a safe product you can rest assured to use or buy as a gift.

1.12 Dried imitation An Giang

Referring to imitation dried dishes, many of you will surely feel scared about this dish, right? But it is because of this new poison, this hard-to-find strange substance, that the imitation dried dish is even more valuable. The value of dried imitation comes from its delicious taste. An Giang dried imitation is a delicious dish, dubbed “Long-legged dancer”. This dish sitting and sipping with glutinous rice wine with yellow flowers will definitely be a dish you have to be passionate about.
If you have tried it, you must admit and praise the attractiveness and charm because of its excellent delicious taste. An Giang dried imitation also conquers even the most fastidious diners.

1.13 Ba Den mountain lizard – Tay Ninh specialty

This dish is made from a mountain lizard of the gecko family, with a white stripe on its back. Ba Den Mountain Lizard is considered a dish that makes many diners extremely scared. But in fact, this is a dish that you should try once when you come to Tay Ninh. The main food source of the mountain lizard is figs, bananas and some other herbs. With such a food source, lizard meat is very chewy, fragrant and extremely nutritious. Try to enjoy this “super product” when you arrive in Tay Nih!

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1.14 Phu Quoc fish sauce

Phu Quoc fish sauce – Southern specialty gift with bold aroma from Pearl Island. The fish sauce here is made entirely from anchovies. Anchovies are only available in the new season for quality production. Combined with that is a combination of salt from the Ba Ria – Vung Tau region with little miscellaneous additives.


Anchovy sauce will be soaked for 12-15 months in separate wooden barrels in Phu Quoc forest. Going through many stages with the esoteric methods of the craft village. Produced a highly concentrated, clean, pure fish sauce from the sea.

1.15 Can Tho Sauce Hot Pot

Diners “fall in love” with western rustic dishes such as Mam Hot Pot. The rich hot pot sauce from fish sauce blends with the fatty taste of coconut water and finally the sweet taste of bone broth. The hot pot is full of accompanying foods such as: Fish, shrimp, squid, eggplant and raw vegetables such as water spinach, banana flower, … What could be more wonderful when you can enjoy traditional dishes? This is from Can Tho. If you have the opportunity to come here, order a hot pot to use for lunch or dinner right away!

1.16 Specialty wine

Southern specialties as famous gifts are not only cakes or sweets but also traditional specialty wines. They are cooked from plain or sticky rice. Combined with esoteric recipes of each region. Along with the characteristics of the country, that place.
You want to buy a special gift from the South – the gift is wine? Be sure to choose from the delicious, nutritious wines below:
  • Binh Dinh Bau Ice Wine
  • Phu Le Ben Tre Wine
  • Long An Go Den Wine
  • Ban Me Ede Can Wine
  • Xuan Thanh Wine – Vinh Long

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1.17 Binh Thuan latex Trom

Trom latex, also known as Trom plastic. This is a gift of nature for health and beauty. Women are very fond of beauty recipes from Trom latex. Especially, there are beauty tea and other drinks to help you purify your body and detoxify from pus Trom.
Who goes to Binh Thuan, remember Vinh Hao belongs to Tuy Phong district. To see the soaring rows of fishing nets. And bring back Binh Thuan Trom latex as a gift. Gifts for health are becoming the trend of recent years.

1.18 Ganoderma lucidum

Ganoderma lucidum is known as the mushroom of immortality. This is a rare medicinal mushroom in Vietnam. Ganoderma lucidum can be processed such as: cooking water, brewing tea, cooking reishi mushrooms upside down, soaking reishi mushrooms, … Using reishi mushrooms every day helps you prevent and reduce the possibility of cancer .
Ganoderma lucidum is produced, packed according to high technology and imported directly from abroad. The shelf life is 2-3 years, the price is a bit high. Therefore, you need to consider when buying it!


2. Conclusion

Above is a detailed article answering questions about Southern specialties as gifts that you can refer to. There are dishes you can buy as Tet gifts, but there are also dishes you eat directly in Saigon. Hopefully with the above suggestions will help you easily find the right gift, the most delicious food.
Wish you have a happy trip, can discover more delicious dishes in Saigon.

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