5+ kinds of tea for the Lunar New Year 2023 to entertain guests?


Called Tet tea because these are simply premium, super-luxury teas used during Tet. Especially, Vietnam is about to celebrate the Lunar New Year of the Rabbit in 2023 with only a few days left. Drinking a cup of tea will help the body become much warmer. And we invite you to take a few minutes to follow Dung Ha Dry Food to learn more about 5 delicious, unique and delicious 2023 Lunar New Year teas right here.

1. What is Tet Tea?

Tet tea is simply the type of tea used during Tet. Tea will be divided into different types: Upper class tea, Northwest tea, weight loss fruit tea, traditional tea,… Each tea line is used on special occasions in accordance with its name. me. In common ground, drinking tea has become a beauty of Vietnamese people for generations. More specifically, drinking tea on Tet holiday will help warm the body and dispel the winter cold.


What has been the traditional cultural beauty of the Vietnamese people will forever not be faded away. Today, with the rapid development of modern technology, there are countless famous tea lines from many different localities.
More specifically, the 2023 Lunar New Year is only counted in days. Offering each other a glass of wine or a beer is sometimes not as precious as a cup of tea. A cup of Tet tea shows the host’s hospitality and courtesy. A cup of tea instead of wishing a Happy New Year Prosperity, good health, promotion work,…

2. Criteria for choosing delicious 2023 Lunar New Year tea?

Regardless of a product line, we also need experience or selection criteria. Here are some criteria to choose delicious Tet tea you can refer to:

2.1: Business establishments:

Tea sales are also the criteria you are really interested in. Nowadays, technology is developing rapidly. It is more and more difficult to find quality Tet tea. You can buy tea at tea shops, dry goods, supermarkets, large commercial centers, … And Dung Ha Agricultural Products is the brand that sells quality Tet tea that you can check out.

2.2: Origin:

Origin is the criterion for the next quality tea. In Vietnam, the climate is extremely convenient for our country to grow and export tea to the world. But there are also tea lines that we cannot supply ourselves but have to import. Importing teas of unknown origin is extremely dangerous, with many potential health risks. Therefore, when buying, you should carefully check the specifications printed on the product packaging.

2.3: Packing form:

In order for tea to be used for a long time, without spoiling and mold, packaging is also extremely important. Poor packaging will directly affect the quality of tea. In addition, many people also buy tea to use as Tet gifts for colleagues, bosses, friends, family, … the form and design will decide everything. A luxurious and polite Tet tea set is extremely important through the form of packaging. Beautiful packaging will attract a lot of customers to buy.

2.4: Natural aroma of tea:

Natural scent is also a factor you pay attention to. Naturally grown teas will have a strong natural aroma. Touching, the fragrance will stay on the hand for a very long time. As for the marinated teas, they only retain very little flavor. Then it flew away quickly and there was no taste. Even if the tea is carefully packaged, if it is 100% original natural tea, you can feel the aroma of the tea through the packaging.

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2.5: Taste when used:

A delicious Tet tea is when drinking it has a slight bitter taste on the lips. Then there is a gentle sweetness that lingers in the throat. Therefore, when choosing tea, the criterion to pay attention to is the taste of the tea.

3. Luxurious and high-class 2023 Lunar New Year teas?

3.1 Thai Nguyen Tea

Thai Nguyen tea is an indispensable tea during Tet. This is a famous tea from the first generation in Thai Nguyen province. The tea has a very eye-catching light yellow color. The first sip you will see a slight bitter taste on the lips. When swallowed, the unusually mild sweetness lingers in the throat. Thai Nguyen tea is the kind of tea that you will meet many sellers at sidewalk shops. After breakfast, go to tea immediately. That is the custom from many generations of Vietnamese people.


Set foot in Thai Nguyen land on summer days. Just walking through here, you will also come across images of terraced fields of Thai Nguyen tea that are extremely beautiful and eye-catching. Thai Nguyen tea is the traditional tea with bold beauty of the Vietnamese people.
Drinking Thai Nguyen tea after breakfast is extremely good. Researchers have shown in great detail the use of Thai Nguyen tea:
  • Prevents the formation of cancer cells
  • Support weight loss, fly away excess belly fat, prevent obesity
  • Anti-aging skin, prevent wrinkles at the corners of your eyes or cheeks
  • Add more vitamins to the body
  • Treatment of bad breath after eating onions, garlic, …
  • Enhance blood circulation
  • Improve sperm quality and fertility

Reference price: 60,000vnd – 70,000vnd/pack. Price of Thai Nguyen Dung Ha tea: 50,000 VND/pack.

3.2 Shan Tuyet Co Thu Ha Giang tea/tea

In the past, tea connoisseurs often compared Shan Tuyet Co Thu tea as “Gifts of heaven and earth”. Sip a cup of tea, you will see the sweet and bitter taste gradually spreading in your mouth. After a few hours, that strangely ethereal sweetness still lingers on the tip of the tongue.
Shan Tuyet tea buds are carefully selected from ancient tea trees in Ha Giang province. Shan Tuyet tea is an ancient tea tree that grows entirely in the primeval forests of the mountains. They are about 2000m above sea level. In order to harvest quality tea buds, the people here are not afraid of difficulties, afraid of climbing up trees to pick tea. To get quality tea buds, you should pick them early in the morning. Because at this time, the tea buds are still “flooded” with dew, the surface is covered with a layer of iridescent silver like snow.
Shan Tuyet tea fibers are hunted with only green peas, the surface is covered with snow. The most special feature is still the pure flavor from the mountains. The use of Shan Tuyet tea is something that many people are interested in:
  • Helps to clear the mind, reduce stress and pressure
  • Eliminate dangerous toxins from the body
  • Highly focused and effective at work
  • Losing weight
  • Protect the heart

Reference price: 80,000 VND / 100gr. Price of Shan Tuyet ancient tea Ha Giang Dung Ha: 60,000 VND / 100 gr.

3.3 Dried Jasmine Tea

One of the indispensable Tet teas in the family is Dried Jasmine Tea. Jasmine flowers for tea must be picked at noon. At this time, jasmine buds have not yet bloomed. After picking the flowers, you have to wait until the evening for the petals to open, then marinate the flowers in tea to preserve the unforgettable fragrance. Tea makers often alternate a layer of flowers and a layer of tea. Marinate for a long day, then sieve the old petals and add new ones. This process is repeated many times to produce the best delicious jasmine tea.
A cup of jasmine tea is also carefully brewed. The brewer must not use water that is too old for fear of the fragrance being easily evaporated. The tea has a bright yellow color and is slightly cloudy when poured. Leave for a while, the tea will settle down and the water will be very clear. Sipping a sip of jasmine tea, you will immediately feel the aroma of pure jasmine flower, the ethereal but slightly sour taste characteristic of tea. Using jasmine tea on the first day of spring to welcome guests to your home is like a wish for good health and a prosperous New Year.


Drinking jasmine tea is not only delicious, but it also has many uses such as:

  • Helps bones and joints develop well, supple, pain-free
  • Supporting the treatment of type 2 diabetes
  • Strengthen the body’s resistance
  • Skin beauty
  • Protect the body from cancer

Reference price: 90,000 VND/500gr. Price of Dung Ha dried jasmine tea: 75,000vnd/500gr.

3.4 Dried mint tea

An indispensable tea in the tea cabinet is the dried mint tea. Tet is definitely a time to eat well and sleep well for many people. Tet dishes always contain a lot of essential nutrients. Fast, hot, fried foods, … will be used because it brings a lot of convenience. Eating these foods will make you extremely tired very quickly. The solution at this point is to finish the rice, make a cup of hot dried mint tea and enjoy right away.
The highlight of this tea is that you can completely use them regardless of the hot or cold weather you like. Called mint tea because when you drink this tea, you will feel your throat is extremely cool. Fresh mint tea leaves when smelled also have an extremely characteristic mint aroma and are not easily confused with other teas. Mint leaf tea is a companion for many Vietnamese families during Tet when eating too much fatty food. Because, the use of dried mint leaf tea is:
  • Soothes nausea and vomiting
  • Add cool energy for hot summer days
  • Soothes stomach pain and indigestion
  • Improve sleep, help sleep well, deep sleep, prevent insomnia
  • Helps freshen breath
  • Fights infections caused by bacteria

Reference price: 160,000 VND/kg. Price of Dung Ha dried mint tea: 130,000 VND/kg.

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3.5 Bitter melon tea

In the last Tet tea list, bitter melon tea is definitely indispensable. Bitter melon tea is made from bitter melon. Bitter gourd is a very popular Vietnamese dish. But when processed into tea, this is an extremely sensitive healing drink. The content of vitamins and medicinal properties in bitter melon tea is extremely high. To help patients easily use bitter melon, bitter melon tea was born.
Bitter melon tea has a slightly dark color. When drinking, there is a bit of bitterness characteristic of bitter melon. This type of tea is used a lot, popular in the South of Vietnam. Bitter melon tea is not just a drink, and according to the folk concept of the people here, the phrase “suffering” – is what they wish for a year of hardship and hardship to pass peacefully. Looking forward to welcoming the new year with new and better things. A new year full of health, prosperous business, prosperity, people’s lives are less painful and miserable.
Bitter melon (bitter melon) is not only used to make tea but it is also a famous dish that cannot be missed on the Southern New Year’s rice tray, which is the bowl of “Meat-stuffed bitter melon soup”.
Drinking bitter melon tea will give you the following benefits:
  • Mental stability, nerves
  • Reduce stress and pressure at work
  • Lower liver enzymes, protect the liver against the harmful effects of alcohol
  • Prevent the spread and formation of cancer cells
  • Blood pressure stable
  • Treat diabetes + gout

4. Conclusion

Above is a list of 5 delicious and scrumptious Tet teas for the 2023 Lunar New Year that readers can refer to. Tet 2023 is only counted in days. Besides a tray of delicious Tet sweets, a teapot is an indispensable thing in the cold Tet weather like today. Buy cheap quality Tet tea in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to find Dung Ha Agricultural Products right away.
Thank you for following and reading the news article of Dry Food. Hope the information above is extremely useful for readers!

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