7 uses of tapioca flour not everyone knows

công cụng của bột sắn dây

Tapioca flour is a raw material for many familiar dishes. You can easily find this powder at supermarkets and stores nationwide. However, not everyone knows all about the benefits of this powder. Let’s learn about 7 uses of tapioca flour with Dry Food in the article below.

Health benefits of tapioca flour

The ingredients in tapioca flour, except for starch (12-15%), also contain Isoflavones – a type of natural active ingredient with a similar function to Estrogen. There are also many other active ingredients such as: Puerarin, Daidzein, Genistein, …

công cụng của bột sắn dâyThese active ingredients are active ingredients that provide many health benefits if used correctly. What are the specific benefits, let’s find out in the next part of the article!

Detoxify, treat the symptoms of alcoholism

Wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages are all very unhealthy. Especially if you drink too much or your body is sensitive, you can have an alcohol allergy, which is life-threatening. One of the uses of cassava flour is that it can lower blood pressure, fight arrhythmias, detoxify, protect liver cells and help reduce drunkenness. In addition, according to Natural News, in ancient China, using tapioca flour was considered a remedy for alcohol addiction and reduces the amount of alcohol absorbed into the body. In addition, cassava flour also has the effect of reducing cholesterol in the blood, reducing cardiovascular diseases.

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Good for the digestive system

Tapioca flour is recommended by many doctors to aid digestion for patients with stomach ulcers and irritable bowel. The effect of tapioca starch when put into the body will help neutralize the acid layer. Thereby helping patients with stomach pain feel comfortable. However, tapioca flour has soldering properties. Therefore, young children should not or should not use it. Because if used too much can lead to abdominal pain, diarrhea.

bột sắn dây

Beautify skin, fade freckles

Tapioca powder has heat clearing, detoxification is very high, repelling toxins accumulated in the body quickly, reducing acne; help you quickly own smooth, rosy white skin. In cassava flour contains active ingredients isoflavones. This substance has a special effect in fading freckles, melasma. This substance has similar activity to the female hormone estrogen. In addition, tapioca flour can also be used as a very effective natural exfoliating mixture.

Treat colds, prevent heatstroke

Heatstroke is also known as heat stroke. If the patient has signs of cold, fever, headache, vomiting, can use 12g of tapioca powder mixed with hot water to drink. Or you can use 20g of sand, 12g of crushed, sharp beans to drink during the day. These symptoms will quickly subside. Or simply, you can use tapioca flour mixed with hot water, adding a little sugar is also effective.

Improved ring size 1

The composition of tapioca flour is rich in protein and lecithin that helps produce the female hormone Estrogen. This helps women’s breasts become rounder and firmer. Tapioca starch also helps regulate menstruation and female hormones. You just need to use tapioca flour mixed with hot water, let it cool. Drink 2 times / day on the first 2 days after menstruation and 1 glass for the following days. This will help clear the body heat, make the skin rosy, reduce acne.

Refreshing, effective anti-hunger

In addition to some of the uses of tapioca flour above, this powder also has a very effective thirst-quenching and anti-hunger effect. Especially for people with high blood pressure, headaches and colds. You can mix tapioca flour into hot water, let it cool, add sugar, stir to drink in the summer. In addition, you can also use it when working hard or going long distances. Using tapioca flour helps to quench thirst, reduce fatigue, and prevent heatstroke. Tapioca flour can be used in combination with gotu kola to be cool and more effective.

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Good for pregnant women

A woman experiences drastic hormonal changes during pregnancy. This leads to a decrease in bowel movements. Therefore, they often have problems related to the digestive system such as constipation, bloating, heat in the body, loss of appetite …

Thanks to the high content of Plavonodit, which helps to prevent oxidation and improve circulation, tapioca starch is recommended for pregnant women. Tapioca flour is very nutritious, cool, easy to drink. In addition, the folate in Kudzu Flour is very high. It plays an important role in DNA making as well as cell division. This B vitamin should be supplemented throughout pregnancy. This active ingredient helps fight against neural tube defects effectively.

bột sắn dây

Kudzu Flour is also a natural source of iron. You just need to drink a cup of tapioca starch to supplement 13% of the iron needed for the body every day. This helps fight anemia, especially in pregnant women. Therefore, tapioca flour is considered a good food for pregnant women.

Address to buy quality tapioca flour

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Hopefully with the uses of tapioca flour above, you have gained more useful information about this powder. To improve your health, you can add this food to your daily meal. Do not forget to follow the News section to update useful articles.


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