9 precious medicinal herbs highly appreciated by experts

duoc lieu quy dong trung ha thao

Medicinal herbs are plants that have the ability to cure or support the treatment of a certain disease. They are also known as herbs and are widely used in oriental or traditional medicine. In fact, at the beginning of the twenty-first century, up to 252 basic and essential medicinal herbs licensed by the World Health Organization (WHO) are derived from herbs. Until now, medicinal plants are still trusted by people when they want to treat a certain disease. Here are 9 precious herbs that are highly appreciated by experts for their medicinal uses.

1. Ginkgo tree (gingko)

Ginkgo is one of the oldest medicinal herbs in the field of traditional medicine. In China, it is also one of the main medicinal herbs.
When fresh, ginkgo leaves are made into capsules, tablets or essential oil extracts. Meanwhile, dried ginkgo leaves are recommended as a tea.
The most prominent effect of the ginkgo tree is to nourish the brain. Therefore, remedies made from this medicinal plant are often used to treat people with mild to moderate memory impairment. It also has the potential to slow cognitive decline in dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Components in the ginkgo tree may aid in the treatment of diabetes.
However, in some tests on mice, long-term use of ginkgo may increase the risk of liver and thyroid cancer. But there is still no definitive conclusion as this has yet to be proven in humans. However, people with thyroid diseases and high enzymes need to be especially careful when using this plant.
cay bach qua
Ginkgo is a precious medicinal herb

Ginkgo can also cause some side effects. Examples include stomach upset, headache, dizziness or allergies. It has the potential to interact with certain medications or act as a blood thinner. Therefore, patients need to discuss with their doctor first for specific instructions and indications when they want to use ginkgo.

2. Turmeric

The most prominent part of the turmeric plant is the turmeric root. According to Oriental Medicine, turmeric has anti-cancer properties and has the ability to block gene mutations.
Turmeric is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is often used to relieve symptoms for people with dermatitis, arthritis, gastritis. Not only that, turmeric powder is also known as turmeric starch. It is an indispensable spice on the kitchen shelves of many families.
cu nghe- duoc lieu quy
Turmeric and turmeric starch

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3. Evening Primrose

Evening primrose has bright yellow flowers. Evening primrose oil extract has the ability to treat eczema
Evening primrose oil has outstanding anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it can also support the treatment of atopic dermatitis. Or relieve pain caused by inflammation.
Recent studies have also found evening primrose oil to improve the quality of life of people with multiple sclerosis, hormonal disorders or insulin sensitivity.
tinh dau anh thao
Evening Primrose Oil

As with other medicinal plants, extracts from parts of the evening primrose plant may interact with certain medications. Therefore, before you want to use precious medicinal herbs extracted from primrose, you need to consult a doctor.

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4. Flaxseeds

Flaxseed is a type of seed harvested from the flax plant. Meanwhile, flax is a plant that is grown heavily in Canada and the Northwestern United States. However, Vietnamese can buy flaxseeds in supermarkets or online stores. People often use flaxseed to press for oil or use the whole seed.
The most prominent effects of flaxseed are anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. In addition, many scientific studies have shown that flaxseeds can aid in weight loss and lower blood pressure.
hat lanh la duoc lieu quy

To take advantage of the healing benefits of flaxseed. Many people often add it to smoothies or salad dressings. In recipes. Flaxseed meal is one of the nutritious ingredients for soups, soups or stews. Today, flaxseed extract has been formulated in capsule form to increase its use.

5. Tea tree is also a medicinal plant that is highly appreciated by experts

Essential oil extracted from tea tree has proven to be a valuable medicinal herb. It offers many benefits for skin problems. Even the results of one study have confirmed the superpower of antibacterial on wounds and preventing local infections. Thanks to this property, tea tree is considered a precious medicinal herb. It has many contributions in the production of anti-inflammatory herbal medicines, which slow down the growth of bacteria.

tinh dau tram tra
Tea tree oil
However, tea tree extract is only safe when used topically. It can cause dangerous reactions if you take it by mouth. Furthermore, tea tree oil may be suitable for this person. But not suitable for others. Therefore, it is completely possible to cause an allergic reaction if the skin does not match the composition of the product.

6. Precious medicinal herbs: Cordyceps

It is no coincidence that cordyceps is considered one of the most precious medicinal plants in the world of precious medicinal herbs. In the wild, this medicinal herb grows abundantly in the highlands of Tibet and the Himalayas. The life cycle of this medicinal herb is described as follows:
Initially, a type of underground caterpillar larvae feed on plant roots to grow. Gradually this larva will develop into a butterfly. However, if infected with the fungus Cordyceps Sinensis. The life of the larva changes in a different direction.
At that time, the parasitic fungus will gradually grow into silk threads that absorb all the nutrients in the larvae’s body. In the spring, its body will grow out of the larva’s carcass. Then it emerges from the ground to become cordyceps.
duoc lieu quy dong trung ha thao
Precious medicinal herbs: Cordyceps

Cordyceps brings many benefits in strengthening the immune system, strengthening the penis, nourishing the face, nourishing the blood. With a healing effect. Cordyceps is a useful medicinal plant for people suffering from bronchitis. Infections or diseases of the respiratory tract. However, in some cases, cordyceps can cause stomach upset and allergic reactions.

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7. Grape Seed Extract

Grape seed extract is a precious medicinal herb that is available in liquid or capsule form. The most prominent effect of grape seed extract is as an antioxidant. In addition, it also brings many health benefits to users in reducing LDL (bad) cholesterol and reducing symptoms of poor blood circulation in the leg veins.
Several scientific studies have also proven that people who regularly consume grape seed extract have the ability to prevent and fight cancer cells. You can also enjoy the benefits of grape seed extract from wine.
chiet xuat hat nho
Grape Seed Extract

However, this herb may decrease the body’s ability to absorb iron. It also has the potential to interact with blood thinners or blood pressure medications. People with the above problems need to get detailed instructions from their doctor before using grape seed extract.

8. Lavender (lavender)

Lavender essential oil is a panacea with the ability to relieve stress and relax the mind. Lavender is a purple flower with a strong fragrance. Many scientific studies prove that the scent of lavender has a direct impact on a person’s mood and cognitive abilities. This herb also has sedative properties, helping the user to fall asleep easily.

tinh dau oai huong
Lavender essential oil
When using, you need to dilute lavender essential oil with another carrier oil. Lavender essential oil is often used topically or inhaled. It can be toxic when taken orally.

9. Your plants

In many places, the plant is also known as the shy tree or the virgin tree. The most recognizable feature of this plant is its purple flowers. When touched, the leaves close, reminiscent of a shy girl.
Your plants are sweet and cold. All parts of this medicinal plant contain many trace elements that are beneficial to human health. In Oriental medicine, the drugs have the ability to relieve pain, sedation, calm the nerves, reduce cough, and expectorant. Therefore, people who often suffer from insomnia, nervous breakdowns are often recommended by doctors to drink decoction of herbs. Usually, the roots, leaves or stems are taken, washed and dried before cooking. However, you can still enjoy the benefits of the herb while it’s fresh.
cay trinh nu hoang cung
Your precious medicinal herbs
Depending on your preferences, you can use it alone or in combination with ground tamarind, passion fruit or circuit mon to get drinking water every day.
Precious herbs can help you cure a certain disease. However, not everyone is suitable to use such herbs. To ensure safety, you need to consult your doctor, oriental medicine doctor before use.
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