9 simple ways to freshen up your bedroom without spraying perfume.

đóng cửa sổ khi ngủ

The habit of regularly closing the window when sleeping, the wall not being cleaned periodically is one of the causes of unpleasant odors in your bedroom. The bedroom has a bad smell that makes you prone to respiratory diseases, mental discomfort, headaches… So what to do to keep the room smelling fresh? Let’s thucphamkho.vn learn some effective ways to scent the room right here.

Causes of unpleasant odors

The first reason is the periodic cleaning of the bedroom space, whether large or small, it also needs to be cleaned regularly. Because this is the residence of a lot of bacteria, human dirt brought in from the outside. In particular, sweat, dead cells are abundant in bedding, creating many bacteria that cause respiratory diseases.

đóng cửa sổ khi ngủ

With the habit of often closing the window when sleeping, air cannot circulate. The room is always moldy, smelly, creating good conditions for the development environment.
In addition, some families with long-term smokers have the smell of smoke in the room and on the furniture. In particular, fabric furniture is easy to smell. Opening the door regularly will help air circulate and the room is always airy and cool. When the weather is hot and humid, the walls of the house often sweat, causing mold and odors.
Households with young children are all too familiar with the scent of children. If the child’s urine remains on the sheet, the mattress is not cleaned properly, causing an unpleasant smell and yellowing and moldy.

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Effects of unpleasant odors

First of all, if you do not know how to scent the room, it will affect the mental and physical activities of people. If you do not scent the bedroom for a long time, it can cause respiratory diseases. It also affects the quality of your sleep. Inadequate sleep makes the body sluggish, tired, always feeling angry.
For families with young children, which affects the child’s resistance, the baby is very susceptible to infection.

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How to create a natural scent for the bedroom

Make your bed regularly: Bed sheets and pillowcases should be washed at least once a week, and blankets at least once every 3 months. Note that when you wake up, you should let the blanket cool down for about 30 minutes before folding.
Cleaning furniture in the room: In addition to bedding, regularly cleaning furniture in the room is also a way to keep the bedroom smelling fresh and clean. Bacteria and mold can stay and cling to the surface of furniture, so regular cleaning will help keep the room dry.

cách làm thơm phòng

Regularly wipe and vacuum: To completely remove dirt, after wiping the surfaces, you should use a vacuum cleaner to clean the nooks and crannies in the room. This cleaning should be done regularly every 2-3 weeks. And note that you should use a dedicated vacuum cleaner for bedding.
Cleaning the walls: The climate is characterized by high humidity, especially in the North of the year, there will be very uncomfortable humid times. This makes the walls and floors always sweat, they are also prone to odors. If this is the case, you can prepare 60ml of vinegar diluted with 2 liters of water. Use a damp cloth and wipe it clean. Vinegar is great at removing mold and unpleasant odors.

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Tips for a natural bedroom scent

In addition to keeping the furniture clean, so that the room is always ventilated, there are some tips you can refer to. These tips will help your bedroom always be filled with a pleasant aroma, helping you get the best sleep.
Here are all natural ways to make the room fragrant and safe for the health of family members.

Use essential oils

Essential oils are not only convenient, but the scent stays for a long time. This is a way to scent the room used by many families. Use essential oils to help you relax. They also have antibacterial effects, ensuring resistance. A specialized essential oil diffuser will spread the aroma of essential oils throughout the room.

Scented candles

Scented candles used to be quite popular and spread thanks to essential oils. However, when buying candles you should pay attention to their composition. It can be harmful to human health. If the candle contains lead and man-made poisons, it is very dangerous.

nến thơm

Use lemongrass essential oil

Sả có tác dụng kháng khuẩn, khử mùi hôi hiệu quả và tiết kiệm. Sả có thể đuổi muỗi, côn trùng rất tốt. Vì vậy bạn có thể dùng 1 bó sả nhỏ khoảng 8 – 10 cây đập dập rồi buộc lại để treo trong phòng. Lưu ý nên loại bỏ lá chỉ sử dụng phần thân cây sả. Điều này rất dễ làm và không tốn nhiều chi phí.

Use orange peel, tangerine peel to deodorize

The way to scent the room with orange peel, tangerine peel is also a method many people choose. Easy to find and easy to do. Fruits such as oranges, tangerines, and lemons contain many essential oils with pleasant aromas. Therefore, you can take advantage of orange peels, tangerine peels, and grapefruit peels to dry and place them in the room, they will overwhelm the unpleasant, musty odors.

cách làm thơm phòng bằng vỏ cam

Use cinnamon

Since ancient times, cinnamon has been used as a home deodorizer. Besides, it is also a flavoring spice in cooking. Up to now, cinnamon is still used favorably thanks to its effective aromatherapy feature. Here’s how: roll the cinnamon stick around and let it sit for 5 minutes before going to bed every night. Burning a candle helps the cinnamon diffuse the scent.

Remove mold and dirt with vinegar

Use vinegar diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1 and then spray on every corner of the room. Do it regularly over a period of time. Then you will see great things, stains are removed and there is a pleasant aroma.
This is also very simple. You can easily find vinegar at markets, grocery stores, and supermarkets across the country.

Use coffee grounds

If you love the taste of coffee, you should not ignore this simple method. Because coffee grounds have a very good odor absorption effect. How to do this: take the coffee grounds into a small bag hanging in the room. Within a few days the unpleasant odor will disappear.

bã cà phê

Use anise

Like cinnamon, anise is not only used in many dishes to enhance flavor, but it also has an extremely fragrant scent. You can put star anise in a small cloth bag and hang it in the room. The smell of the room will gradually disappear.
Not only helps to scent the room, this is also an effective aromatherapy to repel insects and mosquitoes. This will help you avoid many diseases caused by insects.

Use Cloves

Mentioning cloves is referring to a spice with a strong aroma that is hard to resist. This is also a great helper to eliminate odors in your kitchen. In the bedroom, you can put cloves in a small jar in the room or in a cloth bag and hang it up. This method will surprise you with its effectiveness.

làm thơm phòng bằng đinh hương

It can be seen that the above methods are very effective and safe. With these ways to scent the room, you can be assured of both deodorizing the room and ensuring the health of all family members. Don’t forget to update useful articles in the News section as well.


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