A simple facial massage to rejuvenate your skin at home in just 15 minutes

Facial massage to rejuvenate facial skin is a simple and easy method to perform, but highly effective. Therefore, this method is very popular and can be done at home. However, many women still do not know how to massage their faces properly. So today, let’s learn how to massage your face to rejuvenate your skin so you can apply it at home!

What is facial rejuvenation massage method?


Massage, also known as massage, is a method of using hands, feet or specialized tools to stretch muscles, move muscles or vibrate muscle and bone areas in the body. This is a method that has been around for a long time, recorded in many ancient medical documents.

The main purpose of facial rejuvenation massage is to stimulate circulation and blood circulation in the body, while helping to relax and reduce stress, increasing the ability to release toxins to the outside through dilated pores. … Through direct impact on the skin, massage can stimulate collagen production, helping the skin look firmer, rosier and smoother. Some facial massage methods combined with specialized essences and essential oils can help reduce facial wrinkles and especially make the skin care process more effective.

Currently, there are many different massage methods and techniques such as stone massage, physical therapy massage, massage in the style of different countries such as Korea, Japan, China, Thailand,… However However, in any method, some basic movements are applied including: rubbing, stroking, rubbing, pressing, kneading, kneading, punching, tapping and vibrating.

What are the benefits of facial massage for skin rejuvenation?

Massage is an effective method to help reduce pain caused by musculoskeletal diseases. When performed properly, massage can soften muscles, reduce soft tissue adhesion around joints due to lack of movement, dilate blood vessels and increase blood circulation to muscles, joints and ligaments. This helps reduce fatigue before and after exercise, relaxes muscles before exercise and relaxes stretched muscle groups after exercise.

Massage helps improve the movement of the stomach and intestines, and depending on the type of massage, can regulate the amount of gastric juice secreted in the stomach to maximize food digestion.


Massage stimulates the nervous system and produces certain hormones that help the body relax and feel more comfortable. This can help improve your sleep, helping you sleep deeper and better. In addition, massage can also help rejuvenate facial skin by increasing elasticity, stimulating skin regeneration and enhancing skin metabolism. This helps minimize skin pigmentation, reduces wrinkles and improves your appearance. However, to achieve the best results, you need to perform massage regularly and with correct techniques.

In addition, massage can also help stabilize blood pressure by dilating blood vessels, increasing circulation, increasing oxygen supply to the heart muscle and enhancing heart function. Furthermore, massage can strengthen the immune system, prevent the invasion of some disease-causing microorganisms and help reduce symptoms of some diseases of the respiratory system such as cough and asthma by adjusting these conditions. of the lung cavity and chest, supporting deeper breathing and promoting gas exchange to restore lung elasticity.

What should you prepare for facial rejuvenation massage?

To achieve the best results while applying facial rejuvenation massage, first prepare the following steps:

Cleanse your face: This is the most basic and important step before performing any method on your face. By cleaning and removing dead cells and keratin cells, the skin will be clear and ready to absorb nutrients from skin care products. Furthermore, make sure your hands and any supporting tools are clean before coming into contact with your face.
Apply serum or cream: Choose a skin care product that suits your skin condition. Then, apply a thin layer on your face to move your fingers more easily across the skin surface. The massage process will help nutrients penetrate deep into the skin, enhancing the effectiveness of skin care products.

Instructions on how to massage your face to rejuvenate your skin at home in just 15 minutes


To effectively apply facial rejuvenation massage at home, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Relax – After applying skin care products, you should close your fingertips and gently pat your face. Use your fingertips to gently press on your cheekbones, then move up to your forehead and continue moving down to your chin. This will help relax facial muscles and increase blood circulation.
  • Step 2: Massage the eye area – The skin around the eyes is very sensitive, so you should massage gently and not apply too much force to avoid eye socket damage. Use your ring finger and pinky finger to gently pull from the inner corner of the eye to the temple, for both the upper and lower eyelids.
  • Step 3: Massage your temples – Place your palms on your temples, then gently massage in a circular motion. Massaging this area helps stimulate blood circulation and minimize skin aging.
  • Step 4: Massage the forehead – You should perform an internal rotation like when massaging the temples. Use your fingertips, close tightly and gently rub from the forehead down near the temples. This forehead massage helps reduce stress and enhance facial relaxation.
  • Step 5: Massage the mouth area – Use the middle finger and ring finger to gently press on the area around the lips, corners of the mouth and philtrum. Then, gently rub your fingers upward on your upper cheekbones to stimulate vascular points and improve circulation.
  • Step 6: Massage the chin area – Use your index finger and thumb to gently squeeze the skin of the chin area in the direction from the chin to the jawbone. This massage helps stimulate facial muscles and reduce sagging on the chin area.
  • Step 7: Full face massage – Grasp your fingers, place them on the cheeks and gently move from the forehead to the chin. Then, move the fingertips from the chin to the ears and press the fingertips to move from the forehead to the temples. Finally, close your hand into a fist and place it on the center of your face. Move your hands in a pulling direction over the cheekbones to lift the facial muscles and reduce facial sagging.
  • Step 8: Massage the skin of the neck area – Tilt your neck and use both closed hands to gently stroke the skin of the neck area from bottom to top. This massage helps improve blood circulation and increase elasticity of the neck skin.

Some other facial rejuvenation massage exercises at home

Below are some complementary exercises you can apply to increase the effectiveness of facial massage to rejuvenate your skin.

Cheek lift, facial massage

  • First, place your arms on the table and keep them upright.
  • Then, clasp your hands together gently.
  • Next, place your clasped hands on your cheekbones.
  • Gently press your fingers on your face and hold this position for 5 seconds.

If you want, you can breathe deeply in and out to increase your body’s relaxation. Note that holding this position for a few seconds should not hurt or cause you any discomfort. If you feel any discomfort or pain, stop and relax your body.

Forehead massage

Place your hands on your forehead so that the middle knuckles of your fingers touch your hairline. Apply moderate pressure and move slowly along the forehead down to the cheekbones and ears. Next, use your fingers to move along your neck until you get close to your collarbone. This action helps you relax your muscles and reduce stress.

Eye massage for skin rejuvenation

Place your palm on your forehead, below your eyebrows. Use your index and middle fingers to make a sliding motion from the tip of your eyebrow to the outer corner of your eye. Apply gentle pressure and repeat on the other side to stimulate this area.

5 Important notes to apply facial massage to rejuvenate skin effectively

When applying facial rejuvenation massage, women should pay attention to the following so that facial rejuvenation massage can be most effective:

  • To achieve the best results, facial rejuvenation massage should be performed daily or at least 3 times per week.
  • Complete a series of movements from 5 to 7 times in a facial rejuvenation massage process. The time to perform each procedure is from 30 to 45 minutes.
  • To create a maximum relaxing space for the massage process, light and noise should be reduced. In addition, it can be combined with other gentle relaxation techniques to achieve the best results.
  • It is necessary to pay attention to diet and rest to improve health and make the skin healthy and firm from the inside.
  • According to dermatologist Bui Tien Dung, you should prioritize facial massage at the appropriate time, which is early morning or evening. For early morning, your skin becomes fresh and full of vitality. On the contrary, massaging your face at night will relax your skin, improve blood circulation and absorb nutrients well.

Above are instructions on how to massage your face to rejuvenate your skin at home. Hopefully after this article, women can easily apply facial rejuvenation massage to have younger, healthier skin. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave them for free answers. Friendly welcome!