Are garlic and honey incompatible?

tỏi và mật ong có kỵ nhau không

Are garlic and honey incompatible ? This is the question many people ask when they want to combine these two nutritious ingredients together. In fact, garlic and honey are already commonly used. These mixed opinions have created concerns for users. Let’s clarify this issue with the article below.

Is it okay to use garlic and honey?

If you have been using garlic and honey, you can rest assured. Because these two foods are not incompatible, but when combined together, they also bring great values ​​​​for health.

So how to use garlic and honey most effectively? Let’s learn in detail about these two ingredients and how to combine them.

The effect of garlic

Garlic is a spice that is warm and spicy. Garlic has the main effect of preventing oxidation, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial. Besides, the content of essential oils and vitamins A, E, B2 in garlic is quite abundant. 

Allicin in garlic is also a valuable nutrient. This makes garlic considered a panacea for many diseases.

When you smash, slice or mince garlic, allicin will appear. This substance has the ability to kill and inhibit viruses and bacteria that cause disease. 

tác dụng của tỏi
Garlic has the main effect of preventing oxidation, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial

This is a very powerful natural antibiotic. It also has the ability to destroy free radicals. This helps prevent cancer effectively. Not only that, active ingredient allicin also helps reduce cholesterol in the blood. Better blood circulation contributes to maintaining a stable blood pressure.

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The effect of honey

Honey has a sweet, average taste. Honey contains a large amount of water and sugar. In addition, groups of vitamins and minerals also account for a high proportion, which is very good for the body. 

Like garlic, honey also contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Because the ingredients have similar effects, garlic and honey are not incompatible but can be combined.

tác dụng của mật ong
Like garlic, honey contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties

Honey helps to soften the pungent taste, strong smell and hotness of garlic, making it easier to use. Besides the above uses, garlic combined with honey also brings many other health benefits.

Benefits of combining garlic and honey 

Relieves dry cough, flu

The main cause of colds and dry coughs is due to certain types of bacteria and viruses that enter the body. They weaken the immune system, causing the airways to become inflamed and the body to become fatigued.

Both garlic and honey have the effect of preventing and destroying disease-causing bacteria. Especially allicin found in garlic. Besides, honey can help eliminate solder and eliminate phlegm, effectively treat cough. The essential groups of vitamins and minerals in both these ingredients will help strengthen the resistance and make the body healthier.

Protect your heart health 

Due to improper diet and exercise, many people have impaired blood circulation. The elasticity of blood vessels is no longer the same as before. The phenomenon of dynamic blood appears, clinging to the walls of blood vessels. 

This impedes the flow of blood, making it harder for blood to reach the organs. Therefore, the heart must work with a higher capacity, stronger to be able to push blood to the organs. And this is the reason why the heart is weakened and the body suffers from many related diseases.

tỏi và mật ong có kỵ nhau không
Garlic combined with honey produces germanium, which reduces blood fat

The Oxford Academy Nutrition Journal once published a report. Accordingly, the sulfur molecules in garlic have the effect of increasing the elasticity of blood vessels, preventing the risk of blood clots and clots. 

In addition, the combination of garlic and honey also produces germanium, which reduces the amount of fat in the blood. As a result, blood will circulate more easily, protect the heart and prevent stroke.

Improve memory 

Alzheimer’s disease is a disease that causes memory loss, which is common in the elderly. Currently, the number of people suffering from this disease is increasing and diverse in many age groups.

The cause of this disease is damage and aging to nerve cells and brain structures. Therefore, memory will gradually decline and gradually cause memory loss.

Using honey and garlic will help prevent this disease. The high antioxidant content will have the effect of slowing down the aging process of the nerves. In addition, the active ingredient acetylcholine is produced when combining the two ingredients, which has the effect of helping to nourish the brain and improve memory. Memory-related diseases or Alzheimer’s will also be prevented. 

Treat high blood pressure 

According to recent statistics, in Vietnam, more than 47% of people aged 25 and over have high blood pressure. The disease is more common in the elderly. The cause of the disease is mainly due to age and unscientific diet such as eating too much fat, salty food, etc.

When you crush, mince or chew raw garlic, the enzyme alinase appears and converts it to allicin. This active ingredient helps stabilize blood pressure. 

Besides, the amount of potassium in honey is also very abundant. This helps reduce sodium, a substance that causes high blood pressure.

Treatment of gastroesophageal reflux, esophagitis

Gastroesophageal reflux disease is a disease that most people today face. The cause is due to unscientific eating, skipping meals, loading too much fast food. Honey cures acid reflux very sensitive.

This disease is not too dangerous. However, if you let the disease last for a long time, it will cause inconvenience in life. In particular, the stomach will gradually be damaged causing ulcers and cramping pain. 

tỏi và mật ong
Garlic and honey have many good effects for the body

The stickiness of honey is 126 times higher than water. Honey will create a coating on the surface of the stomach and esophagus. It soothes reflux, reduces pain and discomfort. 

In particular, when used with garlic, the substances have stronger anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, killing bacteria that are harmful to the stomach.

Treat sinusitis, rhinitis

Sinusitis is also known by another name, sinusitis. This is a fairly common disease and can occur at any age. According to reports, up to 15-17 people out of every 100 people have sinusitis.

Many researchers have shown that allicin in honey and garlic has anti-bacterial, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. Not only that, these 2 ingredients also help to improve rhinitis, anti-edema, congestion, helping patients feel more comfortable.

Prevent cancer

The cause of cancer is due to the body absorbing a large amount of food and food contaminated with toxic substances. With this condition, viruses and bacteria will have the opportunity to invade, develop and gradually destroy organs in the body. 

Besides, free radicals in the body can damage cells. Protein molecules are inhibited, damaging and killing cells. This also causes cancer cells to grow stronger.

The scientific journal Nutrition and Cancer once published a study. Accordingly, people who regularly use a combination of garlic and honey will have a 67% lower risk of cancer than the group that does not use it.

Therefore, supplementing these two ingredients regularly will contribute to keeping the body healthy and preventing many dangerous diseases.

So, with the above information, you have a more detailed answer to the question ” Are garlic and honey incompatible ?”.

How to use garlic and honey effectively?

Although the question has been answered “ Are garlic and honey incompatible ?” and learn more about the benefits of these two ingredients. But how to use garlic and honey for good, surely not everyone knows.

According to traditional medicine, there are many ways to prepare these two ingredients together. However, the most effective and useful way is to soak garlic and honey.

Honey-soaked garlic is not only easy to make, but this combination also helps to reduce the pungent taste and pungent smell of garlic. In addition, honey soaked garlic has many other uses.

tỏi ngâm mật ong
Honey pickled garlic

In addition to soaking garlic with honey, you can add both or separately garlic and honey to dishes when processing. Typically, wedge minced garlic and honey when making salad. When making cakes or sweet dishes, honey can be used to replace sugar. Note, you should mince, chop, crush or chew raw garlic to secrete the most allicin.

Who should not use honey and garlic

People allergic to honey or garlic

No matter how good it is, if you are allergic to garlic and honey, it is definitely not used to avoid bad effects on the body.

Some manifestations of garlic allergy such as stomach cramps, vomiting when eating garlic dishes.

For people who are allergic to honey, there will be symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, swelling, itchy throat, … Honey is not only in liquid form but also exists in pollen grains. So, if you have a honey allergy, you need to get tested to see if you are allergic to pollen.

People with eye disease 

Although it brings many health benefits and cures many diseases, garlic is not recommended for people with eye diseases. Garlic contains ingredients that irritate the mucous membranes and conjunctiva of the eyes, making the condition worse.

People with low blood pressure

As information above, garlic and honey are effective medicines to help treat high blood pressure. It makes blood circulate better, lowers cholesterol, eliminates agents that increase blood pressure. Therefore, if you are suffering from low blood pressure, you should definitely not use garlic and honey. Blood pressure will not fall further, which is life-threatening. 

People with low blood pressure can use nuts, fresh lemons, protein-rich dishes such as eggs, milk, meat, etc.

Have liver diseases

Garlic and honey when combined will have a hot nature and a little pungent taste from garlic. Therefore, if people with liver disease use this mixture many times, it will make the pulse beat faster. The liver also has to be more productive.

This, if not corrected, for a long time will cause the liver to work too hard, leading to liver damage, reducing the detoxification function of this organ.

Diabetic, just had surgery

Garlic contains many anti-inflammatory and antibacterial substances that are very good for diabetics. However, when combined with honey that has a high sugar content, it can increase insulin levels. This is not good for diabetics or recent surgery. 

However, honey contains natural sugars. This type of sugar is more beneficial than other sugars such as cane sugar, chemical sugar. After using honey for about 1 hour, the blood sugar index will drop to a lower level. Therefore, patients need to consider using it reasonably.

What food is garlic incompatible with?

Once you have answered the question ” Are garlic and honey incompatible ?”, do you want to know what other foods are incompatible with garlic? Pay attention to the foods that are great with garlic below to use garlic most effectively.


Why should chicken not be served with garlic? That’s because chicken is warm and sweet, while garlic is hot. This combination will increase the heat of the dish, which is harmful to health.

In addition, when cooking chicken with garlic, it also leads to indigestion, dysentery, and constipation.


Similar to chicken, carp has a sweet, average taste. Cooking with garlic will make the dish hotter. Dishes from carp and garlic will easily make you suffer from indigestion. This is also a good condition for helminths to develop. With dishes from carp, you should add spices such as ginger or dill. It will make the food more delicious.


Eggs and garlic when processed together will create many substances that are harmful to the body. When you burn garlic or fry duck eggs with garlic, the level of toxicity increases. 

However, this amount of poison only accounts for a small percentage and can be lost. But it will accumulate in the body and cause many dangerous diseases if you use garlic and eggs together for a long time. 

In addition, when using dishes with garlic and eggs will make you full of stomach, indigestion.

Crucian carp 

Catfish is a very tasty and easy to prepare food. This fish also provides many nutrients for the body. The dishes from carp fish help to purify the body quite well and support the treatment of rheumatism.

However, the combination of carp and garlic in the dish can cause your digestive system to be disturbed. You will feel bloated and tired.

With the above information, surely you have the answer to the question ” Does garlic and honey incompatible with each other ?”. Both are nutritious ingredients. This combination will bring many benefits to the user’s health. Please read other articles in the news section for more useful information.


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