Are melon seeds high in calories? Tips to eat melon seeds without heat or sore throat.

Ăn hạt dưa có bị béo không

Melon seeds are a favorite snack of many people, especially during Tet to spring. However, many people believe that eating a lot of melon seeds will make them fat. So are melon seeds high in calories?

Let’s learn more about this issue with Besides, the following article will tell you how to eat melon seeds without having a sore throat or getting hot!

How many calories are in watermelon seeds?

In fact, melon seeds are considered a nutritious nut. And it gives a lot of energy to the body.
According to a report from the Nutrition Department of Children’s Hospital 2, 100 grams of dried, peeled, unseasoned melon seeds contain about 557 kcal and many beneficial nutrients: some important fatty acids. (47g), protein (29g), starch (10g), fiber (5g), minerals (10 milligrams) including magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium, vitamin B1, phosphorus. As can be seen, in 100g of melon seeds provide nearly 600 calories – this is quite a high number.

Hạt dưa có nhiều calo không

So, with this information, you can completely answer the question of whether melon seeds contain a lot of calories.

Besides, melon seeds also contain a significant amount of fat. In 100 grams of dried melon seeds, there are 47 grams of fat. Saturated fats make up about 17%, the rest are unsaturated fats and omega-6s.

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Does eating melon seeds make you fat?

Although the question has been answered whether melon seeds have a lot of calories, surely there are still many of you who wonder if eating melon seeds will gain weight.
The answer is that if you consume a large amount of melon seeds in a day and regularly, it will cause fat accumulation and cause weight gain.

Ăn hạt dưa có bị béo không

The reason melon seeds contain a large amount of calories and when you eat only 100g, the body has been provided with an amount of fat and protein accounting for about 73% and 57% of the needs.
Therefore, if you are afraid of obesity, you should use a suitable amount, do not eat too much to ensure the health of your body.

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How to eat melon seeds so that you don’t get hot in your body, don’t have a sore throat

Why does eating melon seeds cause sore throat and heat?

Surely when eating melon seeds, many of you will experience an itchy throat. If more severe can lead to sore throat, cough, hoarseness. In addition, some cases are also hot.
Melon seeds contain a large amount of unsaturated fat and abundant energy. This is what causes heat. According to Doctor Nguyen Trong Hung at the National Institute of Nutrition, because the amount of fatty acids in melon seeds is quite large. When entering the body, part of the unabsorbed fat will be metabolized in the liver. If accumulated for a long time, the excess fat will increase the liver function and cause heat.

Hạt dưa có bao nhiêu calo

Another reason is that melon seeds contain very little water. The main ingredients are only protein and starch. Therefore, if you eat too much, your body will become hot and acne will appear.
The silk skin of the melon seeds is the cause of a sore throat. Like some other nuts, the skin of melon seeds contains a lot of dust that irritates the lining of the throat. But when we use it, we almost eat it, but rarely separate this bran layer.
Besides, melon seeds are very susceptible to Aspergillus infection. If the processing and storage process is wrong, it will create a condition for the fungus to grow. When infected with fungi, the fat in the seeds will be converted into harmful oxidants. This gives the seeds an oily taste and irritates the lining of the throat.

How to eat melon seeds without having a sore throat and getting hot

From the causes of eating melon seeds causing heat and sore throat on, the News column will tell you tips to eat delicious melon seeds without worrying about heat or sore throat.
– Do not use too many melon seeds. You should not consume more than 100g of melon seeds in a day so that the body is not affected.
– Drink plenty of water every day. When eating melon seeds, drink more water. Water will soothe the lining of your throat, keeping your throat moist, not dry. Food is swallowed more easily and reduces the risk of causing heat in the body.

Hạt dưa có bao nhiêu calo

– Use more honey. To limit the sore throat when eating melon seeds, use a small teaspoon of honey in your throat for about 3-5 minutes. You can also use a little honey mixed with warm water to drink after eating melon seeds.
– Use fresh ginger. Ginger is a folk medicine that has the effect of warming the stomach, fighting abdominal pain, and treating cough effectively. Eating ginger helps to stimulate the larynx to secrete mucus, which is good for people with itching and coughing. Besides, ginger helps to clean the toxins in the larynx. You can cook ginger juice or make ginger tea to drink. Use while eating or after eating melon seeds are very good.


Choosing to buy quality, sourced melon seeds is also very important. In the long run, for your health to be safe, you should pay attention to choosing melon seeds of clear origin.
Processed nuts must be packed and preserved carefully. Products must ensure food safety and hygiene. Melon seeds are not moldy, have labels, production facilities, clearly stated expiry dates. Avoid stained melon seeds.
Hope this sharing has helped readers answer the question of whether melon seeds have a lot of calories and better understand how to use melon seeds to ensure health. Don’t forget to follow other useful articles of Dry Food.

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