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What is cancer? Identifying the causes of cancer will make it easier for doctors to diagnose the disease. In addition, early identification will reduce the treatment process and increase the patient’s survival. To date, there has not been a scientific study to definitively treat cancer. Let’s go with Dry Food to find out the causes of cancer and signs of cancer!

1. What is Cancer?

Cancer is a terrible disease with a very low survival rate. Regular check-ups every 6 months is extremely important. In this process, it will help find harmful cancer cells and have an appropriate treatment regimen. In other words, cancer is a collection of all diseases characterized by the abnormal growth of cells that divide unevenly and out of control. Destroys normal muscle tissue, making it possible for harmful bacteria to enter.


Cells in the body have specific functions and lifespans. When cancer appears, the natural process is disrupted. The cells become abnormal. Old cells do not die but will continue to produce new cells. They just kept multiplying in large numbers and out of control. And finally forming tumors divided by specific stages. In later stages, the tumors are more numerous and will go deep into the cells.

There are more than 100 different types of cancer. Cancer is often named after the organ it destroys. For example Lung cancer – arising from the lungs, liver cancer – arising from the liver,…

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2. Signs of cancer that the naked eye can see

2.1 Skin cancer

New moles appear on the skin. Or these moles change color and size over the years, this could be a sign of skin cancer. If you see any abnormal signs in your body, immediately seek medical attention to determine by birth method to diagnose the disease!


2.2 Persistent cough that doesn’t go away for a long time

He recovered from the illness, but the cough persisted for many days and did not go away. You need to go to the hospital right away for a check-up. The use of tobacco and alcohol will also make the condition worse. But if you cough and bleed, then your lungs must be in trouble. Doctors will take mucus from the lungs for testing. Chest X-ray or low-dose CT lung scan to screen for lung cancer.

2.3 Breast cancer

Everyone is a victim of cancer if they do not change their lifestyle. So are women. Health care is important. When you see your nipple discharge red, breast pain and abnormally large. You need to see a doctor right away to diagnose if it is breast cancer. Depending on the severity, there are people who are benign, just need to thoroughly eliminate cancer cells to cure the disease. However, there are malignant tumors that require treatment. Sometimes a mastectomy will be required.

2.4 Ovarian cancer

Normally, you can have indigestion due to overeating or stress from work. But if these symptoms do not improve or go away on their own, it is important to seek medical attention immediately to find out the cause. Or unexplained weight loss, persistent back pain that doesn’t go away. Flatulence that lasts for several days in women can be a sign of ovarian cancer. If not treated in time, it can lead to infertility. 

2.5 Testicular cancer

Signs of testicular abnormalities in men can be felt. Palpable lump or swelling. Painless lumps are a common sign of testicular cancer. Sometimes, the patient will feel pain when urinating, scrotal pain, larger than normal size. 

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In addition, there are many other signs of cancer. These are just some of the cancers that are visible to the naked eye. There are some more signs that need to use technology to determine the danger level of each tumor. 

3. Causes of Cancer

3.1 Causes of childhood blood cancer

There has not been a scientific study to confirm blood cancer in children. However, there are some risk factors that can cause this disease such as a weakened immune system, genetics, etc. When there is a DNA mutation, these instructions will lead to deviation. From there, cells grow out of control and lead to blood cancer. Children’s lifestyle or living environment is also the cause of children getting cancer. An unhealthy, unsafe lifestyle. The environment is full of pollution and potential dangers.

3.2 Causes of thyroid cancer

Currently, the rate of people suffering from thyroid cancer is quite high. Thyroid cancer can be caused by:

  • Immune dysfunction in the body
  • Due to aunt’s genetic factors passed down from family members
  • Due to radioactive contamination of the body
  • Age and hormonal changes
  • Have thyroid-related diseases

3.3 Causes of colon cancer

There are many causes of colon cancer. But so far, scientists have not been able to determine what is the main cause. However, you can refer to some causes of colon cancer: 

  • Unscientific diet: Eating too much fat, excess fat, fried food. Eat less fruit, less fiber
  • People living in families with members with colorectal cancer
  • Regular use of beer, wine, alcohol, caffeine, etc., unhealthy activities
  • People with inflammatory bowel disease, and ulcerative colitis, if not treated, will lead to colorectal cancer
  • Women who have had breast, ovarian or cervical cancer.

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3.4 Causes of stomach cancer

Stomach cancer is a fairly common malignancy. It is very easy to metastasize and cause great death if you do not pay attention to some of the following causes :

  • Precancerous lesions
  • Helicobacter pylori cause stomach ulcers and destroy the mucosa
  • Obese people
  • Inherited by genes
  • People with blood group A are more prone to stomach cancer than blood groups O, B, AB
  • Men are more likely to get stomach cancer due to heavy alcohol use
  • People who have had stomach surgery
  • age 50 

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3.5 Causes of oropharyngeal cancer

The cause of oropharyngeal cancer is still unknown. People rely on just a few of the following reasons:

  • Due to EBV Virus
  • Genetic factors of family members
  • Environmental factors 
  • Oral sex
  • Due to smoking


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3.6 Causes of cervical cancer

Most of the time, cervical cancer in women is caused by the HPV virus. In addition, there are still some secondary causes that increase the severity of the disease such as:

  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Early sex. Having sex with multiple people. Unsafe sex. Use emergency contraceptive pills
  • Giving birth many times
  • Giving birth to a child under 17 years old
  • Improper vaginal hygiene
  • Decreased body immune system
  • Chronic cervicitis

3.7 Causes of blood cancer

According to scientific researchers, genetics and environmental factors are the two main causes of blood cancer. So other causes of blood cancer are:

  • Blood DNA cell mutation
  • People working in environments exposed to toxic chemicals
  • Cancer patients treated with radiation therapy or drugs
  • Exposure to radioactive sources, nuclear furnace explosion, radioactive leakage into the environment

4. Harm of Cancer

Cancer is really a disease of the century and everyone will be the most affected. The most important thing for people right now is to find a special medicine to have a chance to escape the scythe of death. But first to find the drug is still the consciousness of each person. Change your healthy lifestyle, and be responsible for yourself and the community. The harmful effects of cancer are huge:

  • Directly affecting family life, turning everything upside down
  • It costs money and energy to run for treatment
  • Loss of spirit, loss of faith in life
  • Falling into a state of fear, loneliness, despair


5. Why can’t cancer be cured?

The treatment of cancer with traditional Chinese medicine or radiation therapy only prolongs the patient’s lifetime. When the body uses these remedies, it will only reduce the number of dangerous cancer cells. They will not be excreted, but still, live in the body. Day by day multiplies more, occupying most of the body and from there causing the disease to recur. The treatment only gathers cancer cells together to make them easier to control but does not completely destroy them. Therefore, cancer cannot be completely cured 100%. 

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Hopefully, the causes of cancer and signs of cancer listed above will help you in life. Change your daily life habits, and exercise hard to have a healthy, immune system to prevent dangerous diseases. Please monitor your health, and have regular check-ups to be able to find cancer cells and definitively treat them.

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