Distinguishing red walnuts from other types

Đặc điểm nổi bật của hạt óc chó
Red walnuts are not as well known as other American walnuts. But it is one of the most sought after nuts. Seeds are used as a functional food. Not only supplement necessary nutrients but also have therapeutic effects. So how to distinguish red walnuts from other types?
This is also the type of nut that the rich often use. If anyone does not know about red walnut. Or if you do not know what special features this nut has, you should read this article. Let’s start the journey of discovery with thucphamkho.vn!

What is red walnut?

If you want to understand more about red walnut, you should not ignore the origin as well as the characteristics that make this nut famous. Also, you should learn about walnuts first to know better.

Origin of red walnut

Red walnuts are one of the premium nuts in America. Not only Vietnamese people but also people in the country find it difficult to buy this type of seed. Because they are quite expensive and only sold in certain regions. In places with high-end grocery stores or in other countries. Grain distributors must be licensed to distribute under strict U.S. standards.
This nut is grown and harvested only in the northern part of California in the United States. Applied the most advanced biotechnology in the world. Particles have been around since 1999. And are the result of biological research by a professor named David.
He is a faculty member at the University of California. And was doing research at the time using a natural transplant between Persian and English walnuts. Realize the potential for high nutritional value in these two seed walnuts.
Although it has been introduced and launched for a long time, it has only been a few years. New seeds are commercialized and exported to other countries, including Vietnam. Currently, there are two types of red walnuts, Yolo (pink) and Livermore (red). Both are researched and developed by Professor David.

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Characteristics of red walnuts

Let’s take a look at some of the outstanding features of the grain as well as the advantages that make it one of the most “expensive” nuts on the planet..

Đặc điểm nổi bật của hạt óc chó
Salient features of walnuts
Appearance, Taste and Nutritional Value of Red Walnuts
Identifying characteristics
Red walnuts are similar in appearance and shell to many other types of walnuts. Slightly elongated round shape, one pointed end and one chamfered side. The skin is thin, rough, pale yellow-brown. The kernel is also larger than other American walnuts.
Peeling the fruit is to the core, red walnuts are also covered by a thin silk shell similar to other types of walnut shells.
Red walnuts have a naturally sweet taste with a characteristic fatty aroma of the nut. Many consumers who eat a lot of walnuts on a regular basis may feel nauseous. Or find nuts hard to eat. But with red walnut alone, those problems do not occur.
Nutritional value of red walnuts
Basically, red walnuts contain all the nutrients found in other walnuts. However, the content of some valuable nutrients such as vitamins, Omega-3 or minerals in red walnuts is twice as high as in other nuts.
In addition, red walnuts also contain a special nutrient that no other walnut has. This is also one of the advantages that contribute to making red walnuts stand out and have a higher value than other types. This will be revealed in more detail in the next section.
For those who do not know the nutritional value of walnuts in general and red walnuts in particular. Here are some of the salient nutritional facts of nuts:
Seeds are full of 3 macronutrients including: fat, carbohydrates and protein. These substances are the main source of energy for the body to function well and stay healthy.
Some other nutritional components of red walnuts
In addition to the above uses, carbohydrates also participate in the structure of the body. Strengthens the immune system and especially fiber. According to many scientific studies, it has an important role in the treatment and prevention of many chronic diseases. Examples are cardiovascular disease, obesity, cancer, diabetes.
Fiber also helps promote the efficient absorption of nutrients from food. Prevent constipation. Helps feed beneficial bacteria thereby building a healthy ecosystem in the digestive system.
Most people already know how healthy Omega-3 fats are. Especially for the cardiovascular system, nervous system and beauty improvement. In addition, walnuts contain many of these nutrients. Namely it is 3 times more than salmon.
From this, it can be inferred how much Omega-3 red walnuts contain. It is also this that has helped red walnuts be well appreciated by nutritionists as well as chosen by many consumers.
Not only that, seeds also contain a lot of antioxidant compounds. Helps fight both free radical damage and protects cells in the body. Helps prevent many cancers such as breast cancer, colon cancer, bowel cancer, prostate cancer, etc.
In addition, red walnuts contain many other vitamins and minerals. Contributing significantly to improving health and supporting effective beauty.

Some uses of red walnuts

With this rich and rich source of nutrients, walnuts offer a lot of benefits. Some include the following:
Supplement essential nutrients, strengthen the immune system
Improve physiological function in men, increase the rate of successful conception
Acts as a “laxative”
Các công dụng hữu ích của hạt óc chó
Useful uses of walnuts
Support treatment of depression, Alzheimer’s disease, improve sleep quality
Support the holistic development of children
Preventing and supporting the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes
Prevention of cancer, gallstone disease

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The difference between red walnut and other walnuts

This is probably the part that everyone is looking forward to the most. What makes red walnuts different? Let’s do a little comparison between this particular nut and the common walnut also known as golden walnut as follows:

About the origin

Golden walnut trees are grown more commonly distributed in many countries around the world and even in Vietnam, this tree is also grown. Depending on the climate and soil, walnuts in each country will have different shapes, textures, flavors, nutritional values as well as names.
Currently, American walnut is taking the lead when it comes to all aspects. Next are Australian walnuts and European walnuts.

About the shape and taste

There is not much difference between red walnuts and other walnuts when compared based on these two criteria. We can all clearly distinguish this special nut by color as well as when eaten, we will feel a very unique flavor that cannot be confused with other nuts.

About the use

As mentioned above, the functions of red walnuts and other types of walnuts are similar. But red walnut alone has another “secret power”. Those are the seeds that contain Omega-7. This is an unsaturated fatty acid. Although not as famous as Omega-3, Omega-6, this nutrient also brings many benefits.

Phân biệt óc chó đỏ với các loại hạt khác
Distinguishing red walnut from other nuts

Omega-7 aids in improving overall health. Strengthening resistance, especially in young children, pregnant women, sick people and the elderly. The nutrient acts as an anti-inflammatory that helps prevent many diseases.

About the price

The price of this “miracle” grain is also not “soft”. Almost twice as high as golden walnuts, up to 1 million VND for 1kg of walnuts. Prices fluctuate slightly depending on the place of sale and the import facility.
By reading this far, everyone must already know that this red walnut has something special compared to other types of walnuts, right? Someone will compliment the deliciousness and immediately buy this red walnut. But there are also people who will be bored and regretful with the meager budget, but don’t be sad. Visit Dung Ha Agricultural Products store to buy red walnuts at reasonable prices.
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