Effects and some notes when using big anise and small anise

Đặc điểm của đại hồi

Star anise and anise are commonly known as spices used to flavor dishes. Today, thucphamkho.vn will learn with you what is anise? What is anise? Effects, how to prepare food and note when using! Please refer to the article “Effects and some notes when using anise and anise” below!

What is Dai anise?

Characteristics and origin of star anise

Dai Anise is also known as repatriation or octagonal repatriation. Belongs to the family of evergreen trees, 6 – 8m tall. Flowers usually grow individually or in clusters of 2 to 3. Flowers are white on the outside, dark pink on the inside. Sometimes with 12-13 petals, they are often mistaken for anise.
Anise when young will be green. Anise fruit usually has 6 – 8 petals arranged in a star shape. When ripe, it turns pinkish brown, known as a flavoring spice. The star-shaped fruit is harvested before ripening. It is the main ingredient that makes up the five flavors and is a familiar ingredient in pho in Vietnam.
Đặc điểm của đại hồi
Characteristics of anise
Anise is used quite widely in Chinese cuisine. So it is not difficult to understand when this plant appears everywhere and is harvested all year round in China.
In addition, anise is also grown a lot in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. In our country, star anise often occurs in the provinces of Cao Bang, Lang Son, Quang Ninh, Lai Chau, Bac Kan and Ha Giang in the Northeast region.

Classification of star anise

The main types of gallows on the market are:
Type 1: This type of star anise has 8 large wings. Equal in size and dark red in color. Also known as great anise.
Type 2: This type of star anise usually consists of anise petals which are flatter than those of type 1. The fruit is dark brown.
Type 3: Anise with 3 or more wings is flattened. Dark brown wings will be classified as type 3 anise.

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Uses of star anise

Contains many nutrients

Star anise contains a large amount of biologically active substances beneficial to health. The main ingredients can be mentioned as: Anethole, Shikimic Acid, Linalool, Quercetin, Gallic Acid or Limonene… They are known as health-promoting compounds. Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, increase resistance..
Anise also contains important compounds such as polyphenols and flavonoids and. Helps to increase the value of nutrients in star anise. Enhances its healing powers.
Some animal and test-tube studies indicate that anise’s antioxidant power may even have anti-cancer properties. For example, tumor size reduction.

Strong anti-virus

Anise is also found to contain shikimic acid. This ingredient gives star anise its powerful antiviral effect. Shikimic acid is also known to be the main ingredient in Tamiflu. A specialty used to treat colds and flu.
Some test-tube studies have also shown that anise essential oil can treat other types of viral infections. Includes herpes simplex type 1.


Anise extract has a positive effect against drug-resistant bacteria. Inhibits the growth of common pathogenic bacteria. In particular, star anise is also effective in the treatment of urinary tract infections. Reduces the vigorous growth of E. Coli bacteria. However, more research is still needed to confirm the true benefits of star anise.


Found in several agricultural studies. Anise also contains trans-anethole. This substance inhibits the growth of pathogenic fungi on some edible plants.
Several other components obtained from anise essential oil have shown positive results on the effect of anise against the formation of infectious fungi in the human body.

What is an anise?

Characteristics and origin of anise plant

Anise is a herbaceous plant, over 0.9m tall. The leaves at the base of the tree are gradually reduced towards the top of the tree. Beginning to papillae and feather-shaped, about 1-5cm long. Flowers are white or yellow, very small about 3 mm in diameter. The fruit is usually oblong, 3 to 6 mm in size.

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Anise first appeared in Egypt and the Middle East. According to many documents, the anise tree existed in Egypt about 4000 years ago. It was later spread to Europe.

Tiểu hồi hương
Little repatriation

Anise is said to grow and develop best in areas with fertile, well-drained soil conditions. Suitable for planting in spring time.

Uses of anise

Rich in nutrients

According to research, anise contains many different nutrients. Having positive effects on human health such as: protein, providing calories, fiber, carbs, iron, fat, manganese, calcium… Although the volume is not much, the nutritional value exists in anise quite a lot. .
Supports the production of blood cells, promotes the antioxidant process. Provides the necessary substances for the daily metabolism in the body…

Reduce symptoms of depression

On a number of experiments were conducted on the body of rats. It has been proven that anise extract has a positive effect in the treatment of depression effectively. They are considered effective as a popular drug for treating depression.
Some human studies have also shown that anise seed or essential oil can reduce postpartum depression and mild to moderate depression.

Anti-fungal and bacteria

Anise is effective against the formation of fungi. Includes tinea versicolor or yeast. Anethole is an ingredient found in anise extract. This is known to reduce bacterial growth. Even so, more research is needed on the effects of anise on the effects of bacteria on humans.

Relieve menopausal symptoms

Anise has undergone preliminary studies that show it to be effective in simulating the effects of estrogen in the human body. Produces the ability to relieve the symptoms of menopause. Helps prevent and prevent osteoporosis.

Reduce inflammation

Anise contains substances that are beneficial in reducing swelling and reducing pain. Effectively aids in the process of reducing swelling and inflammation of the wound. Thereby promoting the growth of the body, preventing disease.

Support in the treatment of stomach ulcers

Preliminary studies have shown that star anise can reduce acid secretion in the stomach. From there, it can prevent stomach ulcers and support the treatment of stomach ulcers. Contributes to the relief of symptoms such as indigestion, nausea…

Balance blood sugar

Anethole – the main ingredient in anise exhibits the ability to stimulate pancreatic cells to produce insulin. Helps reduce blood sugar in the body. But this is only preliminary research. More research is needed to confirm the effects of anise.

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Note when using small anise and big anise

How to coordinate with dishes

Star anise is often used in dishes
Anise used in cooking can be eaten alone or combined with other spices. Can be used in powder form or left whole.
Anise is mainly used in dishes such as soup, hot pot, pho, curry …. They have the effect of contributing to the characteristic scent of the dishes.
Đại hồi được dùng trong nấu ăn
Star anise is used in cooking
Anise is also used as a tea when mixed with water or mixed with milk tea such as masala tea. They can be added to desserts, sweets…
Anise is often used in beverages, alcohol, and confectionery
Anise has a mild aroma and can be used as granules, powders, or purees. They are often used to make tea, are an ingredient in some confectionery, …
In India, people also use cakes containing anise as a dessert to help digest easily after eating.
In addition, anise is also used in making wine. This ingredient, when combined with other ingredients, creates a mild fragrance.

Note when using anise

For star anise

Pay attention to the dosage
For any herb, the right dosage is required. Dai An is no exception. Dosage varies according to the subject, age, and physical condition. It is best to consult a doctor to ensure health safety.
Usually people use anise from 4 – 8g in the form of medicine, tincture or about 1 – 4g if in powder form per day.
Don’t use too much anise
Anise if used too much will adversely affect human health. Some cases, depending on the condition of each person, can cause symptoms such as: drunkenness, tremors of hands and feet, sometimes convulsions such as epilepsy, pulmonary congestion …
Use with caution in infants
There is no clear research on the suitability of anise for the health of babies. Meanwhile, there have been reports of deaths from the use of anise in children. Therefore, they are not recommended for use on infants.
Poisoning in Japan
The Japanese star anise is mentioned as a relative of the Chinese star anise. But the difference is that in Japanese anise contains toxins.
They are believed to have potent neurotoxin properties. The consequences can lead to severe physical symptoms. The most obvious manifestations are convulsions, nausea, hallucinations.
Therefore you need to find out clearly about the origin of anise you are using.

For anise

In most cases, it is quite safe to use anise. Except for specific cases like allergies. If you have previously had an allergic reaction to ingredients such as cilantro, dill, parsley, celery, etc., you should avoid using anise because they have similar ingredients, considered the same family. If you want to use it, consult your doctor before use.
Lưu ý khi dùng tiểu hồi
Note when using anise
Effects on estrogen
As mentioned earlier about the effect of mimicking the function of estrogen. Anise can also cause a hormone-sensitive arousal state. More serious can lead to breast cancer or endometriosis. It is best to consult a doctor before use!

The food is a combination of star anise and star anise


Pho is a familiar dish to Vietnamese people. Anise is one of the important ingredients contributing to the attractive aroma that a bowl of pho gives off when enjoying. Anise when combined with other spices can make Pho become more round and attractive!

Cinnamon apricot wine

Cinnamon wine is made from ingredients such as star anise, star anise, and anise seed. Combine with other ingredients and in the correct order. The wine has a characteristic mild aroma. Keeps the smell for a long time and is used as a condiment in cooking quite popular dishes.

Sichuan hot pot

With Sichuan hot pot with a distinctive spicy flavor. Adding a little star anise makes the dish even more delicious and attractive.
With the above sharing, hopefully you will have more useful information about star anise and anise and notes related to the use of this familiar spice and herb!

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