Famous spices in the world’s two largest cuisines


To create an attractive dish, in addition to fresh ingredients, spices are the key to determining the taste and soul of the dish. Depending on the region, the national identity, each cuisine will have its own unique spices , creating its own characteristics for each dish. Here, thucphamkho.vn will help you discover famous spices in the two largest cuisines in the world.

Famous spices in Asian cuisine

In Asian dishes, each seasoning brings a unique, different flavor. For example, cloves with their characteristic aroma are used a lot in Indian dishes. Sichuan chili with a special spicy taste is used in Chinese dishes,… 

Let’s explore with Dry Food immediately 8 typical spices , most used in Asian dishes. These spices have become a feature of the world’s second largest cuisine.

Chili (Chili)

Coming to markets or supermarkets in Asia, you can easily come across a variety of chili peppers such as green peppers, red peppers, yellow peppers, fruit peppers, paprika, Siamese peppers, bell peppers, etc.

các loại gia vị nổi tiếng
Chili is a versatile spice with many different colors and flavors

Chili is not just a cooking ingredient. It is also a source of creative inspiration for the chefs here. 

Asian peppers are usually very spicy. You can reduce the spiciness of chili peppers by removing the seeds. There are many famous dishes in some Asian countries with special spicy taste such as chili crab in Singapore, shrimp in Ebi sauce in Japan, sweet and spicy chicken in Thailand or curry in India, … 

China is a country with a rich cuisine that loves this spicy spice. Dried chili peppers are used a lot in Chinese dishes, especially in the two provinces of Hunan and Sichuan. In contrast, in Korea, people prefer paprika for cooking.

Cinnamon (Cinnamon)

As a familiar spice, cinnamon is widely used in both sweet and savory Asian dishes. This is a spice with a characteristic aroma and many health benefits. 

In Asia, like chili peppers, cinnamon comes in many varieties with different flavors. 

  • Ceylon cinnamon (Sri Lanka) is quite expensive. Compared to other types of cinnamon, Ceylon cinnamon has a more delicate aroma. 
  • In China, cinnamon is known for its spicy and slightly hot taste. 
  • Vietnamese cinnamon is quite sweet and spicy. 
  • Indonesian cinnamon is the most popular because of its balanced flavor. 

Cinnamon is a spice used a lot in delicious dishes such as grilled shrimp, grilled ribs, biscuits, lamb dishes, etc.

Ginger (Ginger)

Ginger is one of the most commonly used spices in your kitchen. This is a spice found in many dishes. From Teriyaki Salmon (Japan) to Assam Fish Curry (India).

You can use ginger in its root or powder form. In Japan, people cut ginger into thin slices and eat it raw with sushi. This gives a great flavor to this dish. 

In addition, Asian chefs use this spice in many other interesting dishes such as pumpkin toast, ginger fried rice, sliced ​​pork with ginger sauce or ginger honey tea that has the effect of warming the body. . 

The heat and distinct aroma of ginger are very suitable for use in mildly sweet dishes.

Star Anise (Star Anise)

Referring to spices in Chinese cuisine , it is impossible not to mention star anise. This is a perfect choice for preparing dishes from chicken, duck, beef or pork. 

hoa hồi

Asian chefs often add star anise to a number of dishes such as fried rice, Mango Biryani mango soup, Vegeta Korma curry, honey-marinated pork or Chinese black chicken. Star anise will bring great flavor to the dish.

However, when preparing food, you should only use a moderate amount. Anise has a rather strong, licorice flavor. If you use too much, it will lose the flavor of other spices.

Egyptian cumin (Cumin)

With a distinctive taste and aroma, cumin seeds are a spice used to marinate meat, cook soups, curries and use in casseroles. 

If you want to get creative with your dishes with fennel seeds, try black cumin seeds. The size of the seeds is smaller. The flavor of this nut is complex, distinctly different from other fennel seeds. 

Black cumin sauce is widely used in North Indian curries and Middle Eastern dishes. Black cumin also has many health benefits for users such as: treating diabetes, good for the digestive system, enhancing the body’s resistance, etc.

Galangal – Thai Ginger (Galangal Root)

Compared to ginger root, galangal tuber is slightly larger in size and lighter in color. The taste of galangal is also stronger. 

củ riềng
Galangal root

Galangal is a famous spice in Thai cuisine. It is often used with dishes cooked with lemongrass. The typical dishes from the famous such as: fresh galangal lemongrass tea, Tom Kha Gai coconut chicken soup, etc. These are all famous dishes of the Thai people. 

Vietnamese people also use galangal in many dishes to create unique flavors such as plum wine, grilled fish with galangal with lemongrass, fried pork tongue with galangal, etc.

Saffron (Saffron)

With its impressive color and flavor, saffron has become one of the most famous and expensive spices in the world. When buying this spice, choose pistils that are dark and bright in color. Its flavor will be more intense. In the Indian dishes of rice, curries, meat and fish, saffron makes the dish more beautiful, the taste is also different and more nutritious.

Turmeric (Turmeric)

This is an indispensable ingredient in curry powder. Turmeric is a very important ingredient in many famous dishes. Examples include Malaysian Rendang, Satay Sauce and Indian Dahl in India. 

Besides, turmeric is also used a lot in dishes that need color. For example, stir-fried frog with lemongrass and chili in Vietnam, Khao Soi chicken with Thai flavor, Tandoori chicken and Massaman curry in India or pork with honey turmeric. 


Turmeric will bring a special color to the dish, making your dish look more attractive. Science has also proven that turmeric has many health benefits. Turmeric contains many antioxidants and anti-inflammatory active substances that are very good for the body.

Each of the above spices has a distinct color and flavor. But they all contribute to the famous delicious dishes of Asia, becoming the typical spice of this rich cuisine. A thorough understanding and understanding of famous spices in Asian cuisine is an important foundation for becoming a professional Asian chef.

Famous spices in European cuisine

Unlike typical Asian spices, European spices are usually not too strong and have very special flavors. 

The chefs of this age-old cuisine strive to create dishes that bring out the unique flavors of the food. In European cuisine, the amount of spices used is extremely precise. The name, flavor, effect of each spice or the notes when using it are also learned and mastered by the chefs.

Here, let ‘s discover the list of famous spices of European cuisine with News column.

Oregano (Spicy Marjoram)

This is a very familiar herb. Especially for those who are big fans of pizza or pasta. Marjoram leaves give the dish a unique aroma. You can easily use it with a variety of ingredients. You can use fresh or dried marjoram leaves to make the dish more attractive.

lá kinh giới cay
Spicy marjoram leaves

Thyme (thyme leaf)

This is a suitable spice to cook bean soups, casseroles, grilled meats… The special thing about thyme leaves is that it takes a long time to cook. This will bring a rich aroma to the dish. You can combine thyme with a number of other ingredients. For example, tomatoes, meats, potatoes, onions, soups, etc.

Bay leaf (Bay leaf)

Bay leaves have a characteristic and pleasant aroma. This is a seasoning used in many soups and stews. 

lá nguyệt quế
Laurel leaves

Bay leaves are widely used in Italian and European cuisines. In Vietnam, you can also easily buy bay leaves at food establishments and supermarkets.

Rosemary (Rosemary)

The scent of rosemary is very special. It has both the taste of tea and the taste of pine nuts. This is an indispensable condiment in baked goods, stews, salads or dishes with fish and tomatoes. 

You can also easily see rosemary branches in steaks in Italian cuisine. Both fresh and dried rosemary can be used for cooking.

Saffron (Saffron)

Saffron is a spice that originated in Spain. Saffron is often used to cook in seafood dishes. It helps the dish to have an eye-catching bright yellow color as well as a different and attractive taste. As mentioned above, saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world.

các loại gia vị nổi tiếng
Saffron pistil

Wormwood (Tarragon)

The taste of tarragon is quite similar to anise. Therefore, this is an ingredient that is used a lot in thick sauces. This spice can be used with eggs, chicken, duck, seafood and some vegetables such as mushrooms, onions, carrots, etc.

Marjoram (Sweet Marjoram)

Sweet marjoram leaves are widely used in Northern Italy. Meanwhile, spicy marjoram (Oregano) is used a lot in the South.

lá xô thơm
Sweet marjoram leaves

With a mild flavor, medium sweetness, sweet marjoram leaves help to enhance the flavor of meat dishes such as beef, chicken or use in salads and soups. In particular, this is a suitable spice to cook with carrots and cucumbers.

Coriander / Parsley (Parsley)

Parsley is an herb that is rich in nutrients such as iron, sodium and vitamin C. Coriander is present in most Italian dishes. It has a mild, weed-like aroma that is crunchy and easy to eat. That helps the dishes have more flavor, stimulate the taste buds. 

Parsley is used in stews and soups. This is also a vegetable to decorate dishes more eye-catching and attractive.

Thyme (Basil)

In Italian cuisine, thyme is also a famous condiment. Thyme leaves have a slightly spicy, slightly pungent, slightly sweet taste. Its scent is quite similar to anise but slightly softer. 

Thyme is suitable for cooking with tomato-based dishes such as soups, salads, and pizzas.

Sage Leaves (Sage)

Sage leaves have a mildly spicy, the the, mixed with a bit of bitterness. The fresh leaves are less bitter than the dried ones. This is a condiment suitable for cooking with poultry (chicken, duck, geese, geese), pork or sausage. 

Lá kinh giới ngọt
Sage leaves

For vegetable dishes, sage leaves are suitable for cooking with eggplant, tomatoes, and beans. Sage leaves are used in fatty and nutty dishes.

Above is a summary of the famous spices of the two largest cuisines in the world. Depending on the culinary style of each place, you should choose the right spices. Hopefully, the above article has helped you understand common ingredients and create attractive dishes.


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