[Guide] The most effective way to chase mice 100% success


Rats are inherently animals that cause a lot of trouble to human life. Is an animal that specializes in gnawing things, biting furniture and documents in companies and rooms, damaging crops for farmers. Not only that, rats also carry a lot of dangerous pathogens to humans. If the weather conditions are favorable, the mouse has the ability to grow and develop at a “dizzy” speed. Therefore, you are very cautious and not allowed to be subjective. Below Dung Ha Dry Food will guide how to repel mice most effectively 100% successfully can be applied at home or office.

1. Why are there many rats in the house?

There are many reasons that a house often has a lot of rats. In which, there are a number of main reasons that come from the family’s own eating habits. Specifically:

  • Food: Rats often forage, and home is an attractive source of food for them. If the home is not kept clean and food is stored safely, cleanly, carefully. They can become an attraction for rats.
  • Cracks and Holes: The house can also have a lot of cracks, holes or crevices in the walls, ceiling, etc. These areas can become easy entrances for rats, helping them gain access to the house. and convenient to build nests.
  • Lighting conditions: Light also attracts mice to the house. Rats often live in dark environments, sewers, etc. Therefore, when the house is not fully lit, they will feel comfortable living there.
  • Environmental control: If the house does not have good environmental control. For example: too wet, too dry,… then this can also attract mice. Rats need water to live. That’s why they look for wet or watery areas as a destination.

In short, to minimize the appearance of house mice. You should keep the house clean, store food safely. Maintenance and repair of cracks and holes. Keep a dry, well-lit indoor environment.

2. Harm of rats on life?


Rats can cause a lot of problems and harm to human life. Include:

  • Infection: Rats can transmit disease to humans through contact with feces, urine or bites. Some diseases transmitted from mice include: Hepatitis A, malaria, smallpox,…
  • Damage to property: Rats have the ability to gnaw on objects in the house. Including wires, documents, decorative objects, electronic devices. This can cause damage to the homeowner’s property and increase repair costs.
  • Impact on hygiene: Rats can contaminate and spread bacteria, fungi and viruses in the home. In addition, they can also cause odors and produce unpleasant waste
  • A safety hazard: Rats can pose a safety hazard in your home by gnawing on electrical cords or lighters, causing fires, or turning off the power. In addition, they can also reduce the stability of the infrastructure. Including plumbing, gas pipes, causing damage

So to ensure safety and hygiene for life. You need to have the most effective ways to repel mice. Use specialized items to kill rats.

3. The most effective way to chase mice 100% success?

3.1 Using mouse glue

Mouse glue has a relatively simple price and usage compared to the two ways to chase mice above. The surface of the mouse glue has been covered with an extremely strong adhesive that makes the mouse far away with no way to escape.


How to use mouse glue:
Step 1: Choose the location to place the mouse glue
Step 2: Open the lid of the mouse glue, sprinkle food on the surface of the adhesive
Step 3: Put the mouse glue where the mouse often runs. Rats eat food and are immediately stuck in the glue, making them unable to move. The more they move, the more they stick other parts of their body into the glue
Step 4: After you have trapped the mouse, remove the glue and the mouse. Mouse glue is only used once

3.2 Using iron cages to trap mice

Iron cage mouse trap you can find and buy anywhere. With this mouse trap, the mouse is still alive without dying. They will go to the cage, eat the food and immediately the cage door will immediately collapse, not giving a chance to escape.
How to use the mouse trap iron cage as follows:
Step 1: Place mouse traps in places where rats often appear. Rats usually live in wet, dirty places with lots of food. You can place traps in the corner of the wall, under the kitchen, in the warehouse, …
Step 2: Use attractive food to attract mice. Foods such as: bananas, dried fish, dried shrimp, cheese, peanuts, …
Step 3: Monitor mouse traps regularly. You need to periodically check to see if the traps are catching mice or not
Step 4: Clean the mousetrap after use to remove pathogens

3.3 Using an iron mousetrap

Similar to the iron cage mouse trap method above. With an iron rat trap, you need to put food in the middle of the trap. Rats smell the aroma, come to eat food and immediately the iron bar will collapse making them “not able to react”. With this trap, the survival rate of bed rats is almost nonexistent.
How to use the iron mousetrap as follows:
Step 1: Choose a location to place the trap. You put it in places: under the kitchen, warehouse, …
Step 2: Open the trap, put some attractive food in the middle of the trap. Gloves should be used to avoid the smell of food on the hands causing loss of effectiveness
Step 3: Set a mousetrap and wait for the results
Step 4: Check the trap. If the trap has rats, remove them from the trap. Clean the traps

3.4 Raising cats and dogs to chase mice

Dogs and cats are the arch-enemies of mice. These two large-sized animals will make the little mouse timid and scared. With my nature, when I see a mouse, I have to catch it, even though the terrain is difficult, cats and dogs can still fight. As for the big mice, just hearing the cat’s meow is immediately running for their lives.
It is for this reason that our folk have an extremely attractive game “cat and mouse”.

3.5 Tips to effectively repel mice with fragrant cinnamon


The removal of mice from the house with fragrant cinnamon is only a temporary way, but cannot thoroughly destroy the roots. Tips to keep mice with fragrant cinnamon out of your home are as follows:

  1. Place cinnamon in places where rats often go through such as: warehouses, under the kitchen,… The scent of cinnamon is very strong, rats don’t like this smell and they will stay away from it.
  2. If you want to enhance the effect of cinnamon. You mix cinnamon with coffee and put them in the right place
  3. You can also use cinnamon essential oil. Pour a few drops on cotton balls and place them in places where rats often appear

With this method, it only temporarily repels mice, but cannot completely solve the presence of mice.

3.6 The most effective way to repel mice with paprika

Chili powder is a familiar culinary condiment. However, very few people know how to use chili powder to scare away disgusting rats from their homes.
To repel mice with paprika, you can do the following steps:
  1. Prepare chili powder
  2. Identify the locations where the mouse often appears
  3. Sprinkle paprika in these locations. Use a cotton pad or a small melting brush to precisely sprinkle the paprika into crevices and hard-to-reach spots.
  4. Sprinkle chili powder evenly. Pay particular attention to areas with more signs of rats. Do not sprinkle paprika at one point because they will cause discomfort to humans

3.7 Garlic helps to repel mice

Garlic has a characteristic aroma and is one of the foods that rats do not like at all. Therefore, place garlic in places where rats often appear such as: corner of the wall, under the kitchen, warehouse, wardrobe, …
The steps to use garlic to repel mice are as follows:
  1. Prepare fresh or minced garlic. If the garlic is fresh, peel and put the whole tubers in a place where rats often go. If you use minced garlic, you’ll sprinkle it around where rats hang out
  2. Identify locations where rats often appear in the house. Place garlic in these locations
  3. If using fresh garlic, you must regularly check and change the garlic constantly. Because in the process of using garlic can be damaged, middle rot, …

3.8 The most effective way to chase mice with Camphor (moth)

Moth repellent is also known as rat camphor. This is the crystallization process of camphor sap. They are very beautiful and come in many eye-catching colors. The diameter of camphor is only 2-4cm. Camphor has a fragrant, cool taste. When placing camphor in dark places, under the bed or wardrobe, the insects are not immediately aware of the table. With insects, the scent of camphor will keep them away.


With mice, you also put them in dark places, warehouses, kitchens, next to trash cans, … where many mice frequent. Rats eating longan will immediately run away because they can’t stand the smell of mothballs.
Mothballs are now easy to find at dry goods stores, grocery stores, supermarkets, etc. A pack of mothballs will sell from 500g to 1kg. Mothballs can be used many times. Molecular prices in the market often fluctuate erratically, up and down unstable. At one point, the price of mothballs reached 200,000 VND/pack of 1kg. But sometimes, the price of mothballs is as low as 180,000 VND/pack of 1kg. Dung Ha Agricultural Products is the place to sell cheap mothballs in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. Commit to chasing mice with 100% success. Easy to use, convenient.

3.9 How to repel mice with soap powder

Soap powder not only has the effect of bleaching stains, yellow stains on clothes, … but this is also the best way to keep mice away from your house. The smell of washing powder will make the mouse feel uncomfortable, do not stop coming.
How to effectively repel mice out of the house with soap powder is as follows:
  1. Have a mass of soap powder ready
  2. Look for small openings or holes where rats can get in and out of your home
  3. Sprinkle the soap powder over the crevices or small holes you have found. The soap powder will make it difficult for the mouse to move back and forth between the openings. Because soap powder can stick to the mouse’s feet.
  4. Place soap powder around hazards. Such as the food storage area, where there are many electronics
  5. Monitor the process of placing soap powder periodically for changes as well as tracking of mice

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4. Note when using an effective way to keep mice out of the house that you need to know?

When using effective mouse repellent tips out of the house. Here are a few important things to keep in mind:

  • Human safety: When setting traps, glue or rat repellent powder. You need to make sure that it does not endanger the health of you and your family members, especially children. Use safe, non-toxic products
  • Safe for pets: If you have pets, make sure that rat repellent products are not harmful to your pet’s health
  • Effective: Choose a method that is suitable and effective for the number of mice available and the size of your home. If your house is large or multi-storey. You should use multiple methods in combination for good results
  • Be patient and careful: Chasing mice is not a quick process. You need to be patient and careful in using the above methods.
  • Do not use poisons: You should not use rat poisons or other poisons to keep rats out of the house. These substances are very dangerous to human health
  • Ensure hygiene: Once you have chased mice out of the house, you need to make sure to clean and clean the area where rats live and nest in. You should keep these areas clean to prevent rats from returning.

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These are the effective ways to keep mice out of the house that you can refer to. These methods require patience and prudence.


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