Where to buy bay leaves? What is bay leaf? The effect of bay leaves

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Referring to the laurel leaf, we often think of the award as the prestigious headband. However, bay leaves are not only for decoration but also bring countless benefits to people. Let’s learn about this leaf in the news section of thucphamkho.vn as well as where to buy bay leaves and the effects of this leaf!

1. What is bay leaf?

The bay leaf is native to the fertile and bountiful Mediterranean region. It was chosen by the ancient Greeks as a noble reward for the winner of great competitions such as Pythia and the Olympics.
Laurel is a large shrub. Leaves are evergreen and fragrant, growing to 10-18 m tall. They have wrinkled leaf margins and characteristic regular serrations.
Moreover, the flowers of laurel are yellow – light green and grow in pairs. Their fruit is a small black berry about 1cm long. Inside there is only one seed.
Today, bay leaves are often used for decoration. Or in Western countries, bay leaves are considered an indispensable spice in cooking, creating more accents for dishes.

2. The effect of bay leaves

Anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties of bay leaf

With more than 80 compounds identified. Includes polyphenols, eucalyptol, sabinene and linalool. Bay leaf and its essential oil have been concluded by researchers to have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Heal the wounds

In addition to fighting candida, an infection that affects the mouth and throat. In other studies, bay leaf was used as an extract and poultice to aid in wound healing.

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Fight against cancer

According to test-tube studies, bay leaves and their essential oils have been shown to have the ability to fight colon cancer cells. Additionally, further studies published in the journal Nutrition and Cancer suggest that this leaf may also help fight colorectal cancer.

Good for diabetes

In another study, the results showed that by drinking bay leaf juice twice daily. Once there, blood sugar and LDL cholesterol levels were markedly reduced in the participants. A further study published in the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition found that bay leaf can improve insulin function.

Good for the digestive system

There are several organic compounds in bay leaves that contain enzymes. Has the effect of soothing an upset stomach, against kidney stones. And reduce irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. Such as flatulence and indigestion
Not only that, bay leaf also promotes the process of urination. Helps flush out toxins from the body and supports kidney health. Reduce the symptoms of stomach ulcers.

Spice up food

Although a bit spicy and bitter, bay leaves are still popular as a seasoning for stir-fries, grilled dishes, soups or sauces and especially effective at eliminating the fishy smell of meat.

3. Where to buy bay leaves?

Commonly, bay leaves are sold when dried. You can find dried bay leaves at big stores like Dung Ha Agricultural Products store or on e-commerce site nongsandungha.com
Laurel leaves here are imported with clear origin, quality assurance. It has to go through rigorous testing before it reaches the consumer. Buy bay leaves here you can be assured of quality and price
In addition, Dung Ha Agricultural Store also offers many other products such as dry food, fresh food, clean fruits and vegetables...

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4. 10 dishes using bay leaves as seasoning

Not only used for decoration, bay leaves are also a delicious spice that is commonly used. Can be combined with countless grilled dishes, stir-fried dishes, … extremely attractive. Let’s go to the kitchen to learn 10 delicious dishes using bay leaves!

Roast goose

With a beautiful and luxurious appearance, the grilled goose dish will surely make your family’s party more delicious and attractive.
The goose is grilled until the outer skin is golden crispy. The color of cockroach wings creates a cozy feeling. Moreover, goose meat is seasoned with rich spices. Has the scent of bay leaves. Sweet meat, retains its softness and indescribable aroma. Cut a slice of meat, sip with a little wine, it’s great!

ngong nuong

Grilled ribs with cheese

On cold days, a plate of hot grilled cheese ribs is sure not only to warm the stomach but also warm the atmosphere.
The ribs have been carefully prepared, leaving only the aroma of ginger, scallions and bay leaves. Then, the ribs are also stir-fried with chili, soy sauce and garlic. The meat is tender and fragrant with the rich cheese. Create a dish that could not be more delicious.

Coke stewed pork leg

It seemed that only coke could only be drunk. Now you can use this familiar beverage as an ingredient for an extremely attractive stewed pork leg.
Pork legs are marinated with spices with bay leaves. Stew until soft, fragrant with cool sweet coke. Make a delicious dish. You can share this dish with rice or vermicelli.

Stewed pork leg with spicy sauce

If you are a person who likes spicy food, do not rush to skip the delicious spicy stewed pork leg. It will surely make you mesmerized.
Softly stewed in a broth with a strong aroma of apple, bay leaf, licorice, … Then, the pork leg is also marinated and grilled until the meat is tender and fragrant, the skin is crispy and delicious beyond description. Okay.

chan gio ham sot cay

Beef with wine sauce

Change weekend taste for the whole family. You should try the delicious beef with rich wine sauce. It is sure to fascinate the whole family.
The pieces of beef are soft, fresh, soaked with delicious and premium spices such as wine, bay leaves, … You can eat with bread, rice to feel the delicious taste to the fullest.

Chicken biryani rice

If you have not had the opportunity to travel, try chicken biryani and feel India is not far away but right in your kitchen. Chicken biryani rice is sure to be a delicious dish when you want to treat friends and family.
It is a combination of many delicious ingredients. Especially basmati rice, curd, cardamom, star anise, bay leaf, etc. Create a very strange and seductive fragrance. The rice is delicious, sweet and delicious, served with soft chewy chicken.

Seafood gumbo soup

Bringing you to Mexico, seafood gumbo soup flavored with the sea and fresh vegetables. It will surely make you very excited.
With rich Roux sauce and Cajun seasoning. Gumbo soup is made sweeter and more nutritious thanks to crab, shrimp, fish fillets. This is definitely a delicious soup you can make right away to treat the whole family!

Chicken gumbo soup

If you don’t like the taste of seafood. Don’t worry, you can replace it with tender chicken that is equally nutritious.
The finished chicken Gumbo soup will have the typical flavor of bacon, bay leaf and thyme mixed with the sweetness of onions and the mild spiciness of chili peppers. You can eat soup with rice too!

Check out the delicious green zucchini dishes at https://trangvangnongnghiep.net/3-cach-nau-bi-ngoi-xanh-tai-nha-ngon-dung-dieu.html

Beef ribs cooked with beans

Instead of the familiar beef dishes, now you can make delicious and nutritious beef ribs cooked at home to supplement nutrients for the whole family.
Delicious tender beef ribs, rich in spices. Combined with flexible potatoes, white beans are extremely attractive. To add fullness and deliciousness, you can serve it with bread. Dip it with chili salt and you’re done!

suon bo nau dau

Seafood pasta

The noodles are chewy and soft, the sauce has the sweet taste of vegetables and shrimp, the aroma of bay leaves, and the rich and attractive squid, all combined to bring a delicious dish containing the typical flavor of the sea.
In particular, the instant seafood noodles are still hot, the deliciousness and attractiveness increase a lot!
It sounds strange, but now you know more about what bay leaf is, its effects, and where to buy reputable bay leaves. Wish you will have more health and deliciousness with delicious dishes with bay leaves! For a family meal that is richer but no less delicious, try to cook these 10 delicious dishes right away so that you are no longer confused when “cooking something with bay leaves!

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