How good is saffron pistil effect with health life?

Nhụy hoa nghệ tây có nhiều công dụng

After Vietnam Saffron Joint Stock Company imported and distributed in Vietnam in 2017. Saffron has become popular and loved by many people. They are used in both beauty and health care. Saffron is mentioned as a luxury food. Only qualified people can buy and use it. Do you really know and understand what is the use of saffron that is so valuable? Let’s learn with “Miracle effect of saffron” in the article below! 

What is saffron?

Saffron is also known abroad as saffron. This is a precious herb that has many positive effects for health and beauty. Over 3,000 years of history, saffron is considered by people around the world as the “red gold” of Iran. 

Saffron is the pistil of the saffron flower. Each flower consists of 3 stigmas. People grow saffron, then harvest saffron flowers and pistils are separated and processed. Saffron threads are brought to dry, so it is called dried saffron pistil (saffron). For a long time, in the medical literature of India and Iran, there have been scientific studies showing the miraculous effects of saffron. It has many values ​​in terms of both health and beauty. Because the pistil contains outstanding antioxidant activities such as Flavonoids, Crocin, Safranal… So why is Saffron the world ‘s rarest and most expensive herb and spice ? 

Health benefits of saffron

In the 3rd millennium, saffron was likened to an elixir. Science and traditional medicine have proven that saffron contains substances that have the effect of supporting the treatment of diseases such as depression, cleansing the blood, insomnia, cancer, increasing libido…

Nhụy hoa nghệ tây có nhiều công dụng
Saffron has many uses

Support in the treatment of dementia and depression 

Renowned Iranian medical scientist-Razi has proven that saffron is effective in treating depression:

Scientists have proven that saffron has the effect of supporting the treatment of depression, preventing neurological diseases equivalent to drugs. The compounds present in saffron such as flavonoids, anthocyanins, tannins, alkaloids and saponins help balance neurotransmitters in the brain. Especially the loss of serotonin, this is the main cause of depression.

To treat depression, you can make Saffron into tea or combine with cooking ingredients. Use saffron for 6 weeks, use 15 strands per day. After this period of time, you will see the same effect as the specific drug. 

Saffron improves insomnia, brings good sleep

Saffron has a sedative effect, bringing deep sleep but without the side effects of sleeping pills. Drinking saffron pistil not only treats insomnia but also relieves headaches, fatigue, stress … Subjects should use saffron pistil, people with chronic insomnia, staying up late at night, often experiencing stress. There are also office workers, business people, housewives

Sợi nhụy hoa nghệ tây
Saffron thread

Saffron contains two active ingredients, Safranal and Crocin. These substances have a positive effect on reducing insomnia. They also aid in the prevention of neuropathic pain that often occurs. The mechanism of this effect comes from its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-stress effects.

In addition to helping you have a deeper and better sleep, Saffron also helps to improve the spirit, reduce stress. Helps prevent neurological diseases.

Saffron helps relieve premenstrual symptoms

According to some studies, the subjects are women between the ages of 20-45. These people have regular menstrual cycles and have had persistent premenstrual symptoms (PMS) for at least 6 months. Some women are prescribed 30mg of pistil a day, taken in the morning and during the menstrual cycle. Then compare the results with the rest of the women who didn’t use them. The results showed that saffron users showed signs of reducing premenstrual symptoms such as back pain, abdominal pain, breast pain, etc.

You can make saffron tea or milk and drink it daily to minimize PMS symptoms

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Saffron is good for heart health

Saffron is proven to be very good for heart health, specifically as follows: 

In a study conducted with healthy Adult Volunteers in 2008. Accordingly, subjects would take 0.2Gr of Saffron/day for 1 week, the results were not significantly changed. However, using 0.4Gr/day, the results showed that Saffron can reduce blood pressure significantly. Laboratory study, concluded that Crocin in pistil has no effect on normal body and has blood pressure lowering effect for people with chronic high blood pressure

Use a dosage of 5-7 fibers per day for people with low blood pressure

There are 3 types of saffron  saffron Salam, Jahan saffron, Shyam saffron. You can prepare them in many ways such as mixing with warm water like tea, cooking into rice, making unsweetened milk. To avoid saffron poisoning, you should only take 15-30 mg per day.

Saffron has the effect of improving the digestive system

According to the documents of the American Library of Medicine, the components Safranal, Crocetin, Crocin, Picrocrocin present in saffron have great effects in improving the digestive system. Especially Crocin. Crocin has antioxidant effects and prevents lipid bacterial infection, prevents peroxide oxidation, and has an anti-inflammatory effect. 

According to the study, when comparing saffron extract (based on two substances safranal and crocin) with omeprazole, the effect of saffron in treating gastric ulcers compared with omeprazole was satisfactory. The antioxidant property of Crocin in saffron works to prevent damage to the stomach lining. Through increasing glutathione levels and reducing lipid peroxidation 

Another study has also demonstrated that saffron has an inhibitory effect on stomach ulcers caused by stress. Histamine-induced ulcers.

Use saffron regularly to improve the digestive system significantly. You can use saffron with warm water or milk. Soak for 20 minutes for the nutrients to be absorbed and drinkable. 

Anti-cancer effects of saffron pistil 

Saffron has the ability to prevent cancer. It has an anti-toxin effect that is harmful to cells: 

According to research, Saffron has the function of selectively causing cytotoxicity, inhibiting proliferation and disease progression. Meanwhile, healthy cells still exist and function normally. Saffron’s antioxidant effect helps prevent cancer-causing agents. Saffron can prevent some cancers such as liver, stomach, colorectal, prostate, pancreas, cervix, lung, etc.

In addition to mixing saffron into tea or with milk. You can also use saffron in cooking. It is best to use 15-30 strands of pistil per day.

The function of Saffron helps to improve eyesight

In addition to the above functions, saffron has the ability to improve vision problems:

Saffron has been shown to reduce the risk of diseases such as cataracts. Support the treatment of macular degeneration. Support treatment of eye infections, retinal damage. 

Carotenoids like flavonoids and zeaxanthin in saffron work to slow down the aging of retinal cells.

In addition, the “provitamin A” substances in saffron such as beta carotene and alpha carotene are also very good. They are nutrients for the eyes, making vision cells more flexible.

In addition to the above processing methods, saffron can also be eaten with salad. Or mix pistil with pure honey and drink every day. 20 mg of saffron and 2 tablespoons of honey. 

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The use of saffron in improving beauty 

In addition to its medicinal uses, it also promotes health. Saffron is also made into high-class cosmetics . They work to prevent skin diseases and retain youthfulness. Many women love pistil because it has many uses without any side effects. According to research results, saffron contains vitamins A, C, B, crocin and many other minerals that have the following effects:

The use of reducing dark spots thanks to saffron

After the skin is damaged, if not repaired, the skin is very easy to darken. That phenomenon is called melasma. If left for a long time, it will become ugly lines, spreading more and more. Therefore, do not hesitate to not treat. The plant proteins and vitamins in saffron have anti-aging effects, fade dark spots. Promote the body to produce collagen, restore skin after damage, improve wrinkles. You will have a shiny skin after a short time using saffron. 

To bring the best effect, you can mix saffron flowers with rose water, yogurt for face. After about 20 minutes, wash your face. Frequency is 2-3 times. 

Saffron reduces scars, acne

Saffron is the most wonderful cosmetic. Because it can exfoliate and treat dark spots after acne. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Not only remove acne, regain smooth, shiny skin. Saffron can also prevent acne from returning.

Công dụng làm đẹp của saffron
Beauty uses of saffron

For beauty, you should choose Saffron Salam. Combine saffron with basil leaves and rose water. Apply this mixture on your face, after about 20 minutes, wash it off with cold water. Use about 2-3 times a week. You will see a noticeable effect, preventing acne, healing acne scars, making skin bright and smooth

Function to provide moisture to the skin

To have a beautiful skin as desired, providing, moisturizing the skin is an extremely important thing. Saffron contains nutrients that penetrate very quickly, do not clog pores, provide deep moisture to the skin. Helps to keep the skin supple, elastic but still moist.

Honey has a cleansing effect on the skin and saffron helps to moisturize the skin completely. Combine pistil and lemon juice on your face, after 15 minutes wash your face. 

Bright and even skin tone thanks to saffron

Instead of going to bleach, white bath is very harmful to health, you can use saffron. Saffron has the effect of whitening the skin evenly.

Thanks to the mechanism of inhibiting the activity of the enzyme tyrosinase, saffron has the ability to improve skin pigmentation. This enzyme has the effect of synthesizing the pigment melanin. Sunscreen, protect skin cells from the harmful effects of UVB radiation, prevent skin cancer.

How to use: Soak saffron with fresh milk without sugar. Wait for the pistil to come out of color, then apply on the face for about 20 minutes. Use 2-3 times a week. You can also mix saffron with olive, coconut or almond oil. Face mask and massage. Has the effect of making the skin bright, even and smooth. 

The positive effects of saffron make its price quite high. However, it is still used by many people. Currently, in Vietnam, Saffron is mostly sold in the form of portable. So you need to learn carefully to avoid buying low-quality products. 

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