How much is the price of salted roasted cashews 1kg? Where to buy quality and reputable roasted cashew nuts?

mua hat dieu rang muoi

Cashew nuts are being used a lot by office workers and young people. Cashews are processed into many different dishes, side dishes, main dishes. Currently, there are many units producing and trading salted roasted cashews. The question that is always asked by consumers is where to buy quality cashews, where to buy cheap, how much is 1kg of cashews and how much is 1kg of roasted cashews? If you are one of the above people who are wondering, then see to reveal that answer through this article.

1. Nutritional value of cashews

In cashew nuts there are many good nutritional components, necessary for health. These include phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron, proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and other minerals. According to a research report, every 28.35 grams of cashews contains the following amount of ingredients:

  • 157 calories
  • 8.56 grams of carbohydrates
  • 1.68 grams of sugar
  • 0.9 grams of fiber and 5.17 grams of protein.

Cashews are very rich in unsaturated fats. It is considered a good source of protein. Moreover, this is a food that can provide and replenish essential energy immediately. It will help the body work more efficiently and ensure better health.

The effect of cashews

1. Preventing Cancer

Cashews contain proanthocyanidins – flavanols that have been shown to stop cancer cells from reproducing and kill cancer cells. In fact, studies show that the high copper content in cashews also helps ward off free radicals as well as providing a source of beneficial phytochemicals and antioxidants for the body.

2. Nourishing hair and skin

Cashews are rich in copper. This is an important component in tyrosinase. This enzyme helps convert tyrosin into melanin. Creates color pigments in hair and skin.

3. Maintain heart health

Cashews contain a lot of oleic acid. This type of monounsaturated fat helps improve heart health. And reduce the amount of triglycerides. In addition, magnesium in cashews has the effect of reducing blood pressure. It also prevents heart attacks. Coronary heart disease and cardiovascular risk can be minimized by regularly eating cashews. Because they do not contain cholesterol and antioxidants.

tac dung hat dieu

4. Good for bone health

Cashews contain magnesium – an additional mineral. Combined with calcium to rebuild the composition of bones. In addition, the copper in cashews gives flexibility to bones and joints.

2. Things to note when eating salted roasted cashews

Roasted salted cashews are known for their many health benefits. However, when eating any nutrient-rich foods. Consumers should also know through the notes when using the product. For salted roasted cashews, here are the necessary notes when using salted roasted cashews to be effective and rich in nutrients for the body.

2.1 Notes for pregnant women under 3 months

The doctor’s advice for pregnant women under 3 months is not to eat foods that contain too many nutrients for the body. According to research, the body of most pregnant women under 3 months is very weak. Therefore, care should be taken when consuming a lot of nutritious foods into the body. Otherwise, pregnant women will easily feel uncomfortable and tired. Due to abdominal bloating and vomiting.

2.2 Children who have not yet teethed should not eat cashews

Please note that the cashew nuts are roasted with hard salt. Therefore, it is not suitable for children who have not yet teethed. Babies are more likely to choke if they keep food in their mouths for too long. Because cashews do not disintegrate easily when put in the mouth. And the size of the seeds is quite large to swallow. If parents want to let their children try it, they can cook cashews for a while until soft. If parents are more careful, it is very reasonable to grind it into small pieces for the baby to eat. At the same time, always be alert. Do not let your baby handle cashews when alone.

2.3 Peel off the silk before eating salted roasted cashews

The advice for devotees of salted roasted cashews is to peel off the outer silk and eat. Hot roasting will thin the skin and burn it. So it is easy to cause an itchy throat when swallowing. And if you have eaten the whole shell, you may not be able to feel the full flavor of cashews.

mua hat dieu rang muoi

2.4 Do not use expired salted roasted cashews

Cashew nuts how much money 1kg does not matter. Because no matter how expensive it is, it must be thrown away when it is overdue. For salted roasted cashews, even if the expiry date is only one day, they should not be eaten. Besides, you also do not regret that the seeds are wormy, burnt, smelly, and turn green. This is not harmful to health in the short term but harmful in the long term. In the case of damaged nuts as above. Throw them away, don’t try to eat them. Remember, wherever you buy cashews, you need to learn carefully to avoid buying the wrong thing and losing money.

2.5 Do not eat too much roasted cashew nuts before eating the main meal

As you all know, salted roasted cashews contain a lot of fat-free nutritional ingredients. Therefore, you will feel full. The body works all day without worrying about running out of energy. Weight loss people love to buy salted roasted cashews to eat for timely energy. No need to eat too much rice. However, normal people or people who want to gain weight should not eat too many cashews before eating the main meal. Because it will create a feeling of fullness for a long time, making you unable to receive other foods into the body.

3. Cashew nuts how much money 1kg? Where to Buy Salted Roasted Cashews?

Many consumers are still wondering where to buy cashews. Cashew nuts where cheap? And most are wondering with the question of how much cashew nuts 1kg that we will share with you below. There are several places to buy cheap cashews and get quality salted roasted cashews that are worth your attention. Below is information collected about how much salted roasted cashews costs 1kg.
To satisfy the tastes, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers offer competitive prices. According to the survey, the selling price of cashew nuts 500g (without shell) in the country is usually about 150,000 VND. The remaining 500g of roasted cashew nuts with salt type 2 costs about 170,000 VND. So the price of 1kg of cashew nuts in the market will be a bit lower than in the supermarket.
Cashew nuts in supermarkets how much money 1kg is a question asked by consumers to compare which cashew nut to buy at a more competitive price. According to a survey with consumers and at supermarkets, the price of 1kg of salted roasted cashews ranges from 360-380 thousand VND. With this price, no matter where you buy salted roasted cashews, it is no longer important because the difference is not worth spending. So the only story left is where to buy reputable salted roasted cashews.

hat dieu rang muoi dung ha

3.1. Dung Ha Agricultural Product Store

The answer is that you can buy salted roasted cashews at Dung Ha Agricultural Products. Products at Dung Ha are imported with clear origin. There is a quality test card. Coming to Dung Ha, you are also very secure about the product prices listed clearly for each product. Currently, salted roasted cashews are sold in stores and online. Extremely competitive price, only 150,000 VND / 500gr . jar
Head office: 11 Kim Dong Street, Giap Bat Ward, City. Hanoi
C2: A10 – lane 100 Trung Kinh – Cau Giay – Hanoi
C3: 79 Hong Mai – Hai Ba Trung – Hanoi
C4: No. 02/B – Quarter 3 – Trung My Tay Street 13 – District 12 – City. Ho Chi Minh
Hotline: 1900986865

The above article of the news column has helped you pocket some more knowledge about cashews such as where to buy reputable salted roasted cashews. Note when eating salted roasted cashews, .. and answer questions about cashews. For example, how much 1kg, thereby helping you choose the best place to buy cashews for you. We hope to accompany readers and moreover smart consumers in choosing nutritious nut products.


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