How to cook bamboo shoot soup for the Lunar New Year 2023


How to cook bamboo shoot soup is a recipe that many housewives are looking for. A bowl of bamboo shoot soup with Vietnamese people is an indispensable thing in the Tet tray. Bamboo shoots soup has just provided you with a full range of essential nutrients. With bamboo shoot soup, your meal will no longer be dry and difficult to swallow. So do you guys know how to cook spring rolls? If not, please take a few minutes to follow Dung Ha Dry Food to find a way to cook bamboo shoot soup for this Lunar New Year 2023!

1. Why is the way to cook bamboo shoots and ham ho soup popular in the traditional Tet?

Mango bamboo shoot soup is a traditional Vietnamese soup for generations. Until now, this tradition is still engraved by descendants forever. The bowl of soup with bamboo shoots and mangoes symbolizes abundance, warmth, and happiness. A soup containing the profound philosophy of Vietnamese Tet cuisine. With only 2 main ingredients are dried bamboo shoots (fresh bamboo shoots) and hock hooves. That alone has created a delicious soup, making many people sobbing.


The recipe for making bamboo shoot soup is extremely simple without being too demanding. The warmth of the hock combined with the solderability of the bamboo shoots will create a perfect and harmonious combination. This soup has been greatly modernized over time. But the core is still kept to help the dish become more quality, more nutritious. You can cook bamboo shoot soup according to your own taste and preferences.
Let’s find out how to cook bamboo shoots and pork rolls right away!

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2. How to cook bamboo shoot soup for the Lunar New Year 2023

2.1 Preparation materials

  • Ham: 1 pc
  • Dried bamboo shoots: 500gr
  • Pork bone: 1 piece
  • Table salt: 2 teaspoons
  • Tomato: 1 fruit
  • Green onions: 3 branches
  • Seasoning: main noodles, ground pepper

In order for the bamboo shoot soup to be delicious and quality. You should choose materials according to the tips below:

  • Pre-selected hoofs will be big and delicious. Choose pure white nails, no signs of bruising, hematoma, abnormal signs. I can tell with my eyes very easily
  • Do not buy nails that are stored in the refrigerator, or that are left out from the day before. You can use your nose to check the smell of the hoof
  • It is best to buy pork hooves at reputable, long-term pork sales establishments in your area
  • Dried bamboo shoots should buy bamboo shoots at reputable business establishments to avoid buying bamboo shoots of unknown origin
  • Check the bamboo shoot bag for production date and expiry date

2.2 Preliminary raw materials:

  • Ham + pork bones bought, washed under running water
  • Put 1 handful of salt, rub salt on hock + pork bone to deodorize. Rinse under clean running water
  • Mix a pot of diluted salt water, put the hock + pork bones in and soak in salt water for about 5 minutes. Pick up, rinse with clean water, drain
  • Put the ham on the cutting board, cut it into small enough pieces to eat, and put it in a bowl
  • Dried bamboo shoots are soaked in warm water for about 30 minutes to make them soft and easy to prepare
  • Using your hands, strip the dried bamboo shoots into thin enough fibers to eat
  • Put a pot of water on the stove, add pork leg + pork bones and boil until about 50 minutes
  • Pour pork legs + pork bones into the basket, drain
  • Continue to put another pot of water on the stove, add the dried bamboo shoots and cook until cooked. Boil your bamboo shoots and change the water continuously about 2-3 times to remove the toxins in the bamboo shoots
  • After the bamboo shoots are cooked, you also take them out into a basket to drain
  • Scallions cut off the roots, pick up damaged, rotten, and broken onions and discard them
  • Wash onions under clean running water, cut onions into small enough pieces
  • Washed tomatoes

Above is the most simple, detailed, and meticulous way to prepare materials for your reference. After the preparation is complete, let’s start cooking the soup! The pre-treatment of all ingredients once with boiling water to disinfect bacteria and microorganisms.

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2.3 Implementation steps:

  • Put 1 tablespoon of cooking oil in the pan, turn on the stove, wait for the oil to heat up, then slice thinly sliced ​​tomatoes into the pan. Stir well so that the tomatoes form a paste
  • Put ham + pork bones on the island together with tomatoes
  • Add 1 teaspoon of seasoning + 1 main noodle, stir over medium heat
  • Bring 1 liter of water to a boil along with hoof nails
  • Taste to see if it is to your liking. You can add seasoning and main noodles to suit your diet
  • Marinate pork chops with medium heat on the stove for about 60 minutes
  • Check to see if the hock is cooked by pricking it with a sharp object
  • The spring rolls are cooked, you put the dried bamboo shoots in and boil them together for about 45 minutes
  • When all the raw fish are cooked, sprinkle scallions + ground pepper, stir well and turn off the heat
  • Ladle into bowl and enjoy. Best eaten when hot and should be eaten with steamed rice
  • You will not be allowed to add green onions and ground pepper to the bamboo shoot soup with incense

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2.4 Notes

To make a delicious and attractive bowl of bamboo shoot soup, you should note the following points:

  • Dried or fresh bamboo shoots must be soaked in water overnight. After that, bamboo shoots must be boiled to remove the toxins inside before being processed
  • After preliminary processing, bamboo shoots need to be boiled with 2 fires (Fry-fried, or simmered with bones). The purpose is to help the bamboo shoots absorb the essence of the broth
  • You can add some mushrooms, wood ear mushrooms, and vegetables to your comfort
  • The broth you can make use of chicken broth because it will be golden yellow, greasy, clear and not cloudy.
  • During Tet, families in the North often cook very large bamboo shoot soup. Whenever they use it, they will take it out into a small saucepan and boil it, and the rest is stored in the refrigerator for later use.

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3. Conclusion

Here are all the simple ways to cook bamboo shoots and spring rolls that are easy to make at home. The bowl of soup with bamboo shoots and mango is not only used on the occasion of the traditional New Year, this soup is also used by many women on frugal family meals. This is a traditional cake that cannot be missed on the occasion of the table, the death anniversary of the year. When enjoying, you will feel the sweetness and deliciousness from the nutrients secreted into the broth. In order to have a delicious soup, the input materials need to be monitored and purchased very carefully.


Thank you for reading this article of ours. Follow Dry Food to stay updated with tons of other useful culinary information! Wish you and your family have a bowl of quality soup. Happy New Year An Khang Prosperity. Good luck to all of our Vietnamese people. Tet will be reunited, warm and happy with delicious bamboo shoot soup and don’t forget Dry food.
A New Year – New Opportunity – New Victory!

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