How to preserve fresh straw mushrooms for many days

cách bảo quản nấm rơm trong tủ lạnh
Straw mushroom is a food used to prepare many delicious and nutritious dishes, chosen by many housewives. However, if not stored properly, straw mushrooms are very quickly damaged. The following article,   Dry Food will share how to preserve straw mushrooms in detail for your reference.
Straw mushrooms are formed and grow from moist straw. You can use straw mushrooms with many different colors such as white, gray, dark gray, etc. In the mushroom contains many nutritious ingredients and is used to prepare many attractive dishes such as stir-fried straw mushrooms with meat. , stewed straw mushrooms, mushroom hotpot….
To keep straw mushrooms fresh, keep for a long time, convenient for daily use, try the following ways to preserve straw mushrooms.

Store in the fridge

One of the simplest ways to keep mushrooms fresh for a long time is to put them in the refrigerator. When you apply this method, mushrooms can keep freshness and use for about 4 days.

cách bảo quản nấm rơm trong tủ lạnh

Step 1: After buying straw mushrooms, you put the mushrooms in and wash them with water to remove dirt and sand. Next, remove the mushrooms to a basket to drain.
If not drained, when storing mushrooms very quickly rancid, rotten.
Step 2: Put the mushrooms in a box, then cover it and put it in the refrigerator. The most suitable temperature for storage is about 10-15 degrees Celsius.
In case you use mushrooms for a day, just keep them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, not necessarily in the refrigerator.

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Soak in salt water

Besides the above method, soaking straw mushrooms in salt water is also a simple but effective way to preserve them for you to apply.

nấm rơm ngâm nước muối

– Mushrooms after buying are washed with water to remove sand and dirt.
– Pour more water into a pot and then add a little salt, stir until the salt dissolves. Next, put the mushrooms in the pot of water above, boil them until the cells in the mushrooms stop working.
– Take out the mushrooms and soak them in cold water for about 5 minutes to prevent them from being soft.
– Next, add mushrooms to marinate with dry salt. In this way, the salt has the effect of drawing all the water in the mushrooms out.
– Marinate for a while, take out the mushrooms to dry and place them in a jar soaked in salt water at a concentration of 20-30%.
However, you need to regularly check to see if the water color of the mushrooms is cloudy. If you see cloudy water, you need to change the water to keep the best mushrooms.
With this method of soaking mushrooms in salt water, mushrooms will keep for a long time, maybe up to several months.

Preserving dried mushrooms

Besides the above 2 ways of preserving fresh mushrooms, the way to preserve dried mushrooms will help keep them longer and more convenient. With this method, you are not afraid of losing the nutritional components in mushrooms.

nấm rơm phơi khô

Step 1:
After buying mushrooms, you wash them with water and then take them out to dry. Use a knife to cut the mushrooms in half.
Step 2:
Arrange the mushrooms evenly on the tray. Note not to stack too thick, overlapping will cause the mushrooms to not dry evenly.
Let the mushrooms dry in the sun. If the first day the mushrooms are still not dry, take the mushroom tray away to avoid the night dew causing moisture.
The next day, continue to dry in the sun. This method is simple but very dependent on the weather. So you should pay attention to the weather 3 days in a row. This will increase the likelihood of success if you implement this preservation method.
Alternatively, you can take the mushrooms to dry. This way saves time and ensures better quality. You should dry mushrooms at a temperature of about 40-43 degrees is reasonable. The drying time is about 8 hours and you will have a satisfactory batch of dried mushrooms. In this way, mushrooms can be stored for up to 6 months.

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Each of the above methods of preserving mushrooms has different advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your needs, you can apply it in a suitable way. Good luck!


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