How to store dried garlic for a long time

cách lựa chọn tỏi khô

Dried garlic is an indispensable spice in every family’s kitchen. Thanks to its unique flavor and health benefits, garlic is used to cook a variety of dishes. However, this is also a perishable and moldy spice. Here, let’s learn about how to store dried garlic for a long time , convenient to use.

How to choose delicious dried garlic

There are many types of garlic on the market today. Depending on the type, it will have a different shape and aroma. So how can you choose the most delicious and fragrant dried garlic?

You can refer to the following tips when choosing dried garlic:

– Delicious dried garlic bulbs are large, stocky ones. It feels heavy when holding. You must choose healthy, dry bulbs that are not wet or vermin. The bulbs that feel light inside are often spongy or termite.

The shell is also very important. You need to choose the tubers with the skin intact, the garlic cloves are even, not flattened. Feel firm to the touch, not wrinkled or dry.

cách lựa chọn tỏi khô
Should choose the tubers that are firm, free from pests

Do not buy dried garlic bulbs that are yellow or gray. These are mildly fragrant and perishable bulbs. 

– You should buy garlic with purple skin, garlic or Ly Son garlic. This type of garlic is slightly smaller in size, more difficult to peel, but is extremely fragrant and nutritious.

Many of you ask whether sprouted garlic can be eaten? Then the answer is yes. If sprouted potatoes have many toxins, then sprouted garlic is extremely nutritious. If you cook right away, you can cut off the sprouts and cook as usual. Because this part of the preschool has a rather strong smell.

How to store dried garlic for a long time?

Garlic is an indispensable spice in most everyday dishes. Therefore, every time you buy, you will tend to buy in bulk for convenience in the kitchen.

However, if you improperly store dried garlic, it will quickly rot or be damaged by insects. This will waste effort and money.

So, to preserve the dried garlic for longer , you can refer to some of the following tips:

– Leave garlic in a dry, airy place such as hanging on the kitchen attic. Avoid leaving garlic in a humid or high temperature place because it will cause the garlic to sprout and quickly rot.

– The simplest, after buying garlic, you just need to put them in a small basket or store them in specialized mesh bags and put them in a dry place, not letting the sun shine on them.

cách bảo quản tỏi khô
Store garlic with a dedicated mesh bag

In addition, you can use dark paper bags to store garlic. A low-light environment also helps keep garlic longer.

If you buy in bulk, you should also check garlic regularly. If you see any tubers showing signs of mold or damage, they should be removed and set aside. This is the source of the disease spreading to other bulbs.


– As shared above, sprouted garlic can be used completely. However, if you see that the garlic bulbs are too dry, the sprouts have grown, they should be discarded. Because the garlic cloves have lost all nutrients and may have rotted to form new roots.

Many people will keep garlic in the refrigerator. However, this way preserves garlic for a long time, but it loses many nutrients in garlic. 

– Do not use plastic bags or sealed plastic containers to store garlic. This will make the garlic more susceptible to rot and mold.

How to store peeled garlic

Many times when processing, you can accidentally peel too much garlic without using it all. Then don’t worry, Dry Food will reveal to you how to preserve peeled dried garlic right below.

Method 1:

You put the garlic in a clean box or plastic bag and then put it on the freezer compartment of the refrigerator. This way will help the garlic not to spoil but also save you a lot of time for the next time processing.

Method 2:

Adding garlic to pickle is also the way that many people apply. With this method, garlic is not only preserved longer, but also a delicious dish from garlic.

tỏi ngâm chua
Pickled garlic

You need to prepare ingredients such as: apple cider vinegar, sugar, whole chili peppers, salt. Add apple cider vinegar, sugar, and salt, bring to a boil, then let cool. Put the garlic and chili peppers in a glass jar and then pour the boiling water in so that all the garlic and chili is covered.

Finally, you close the lid and can use it after about 10 days. This pickled garlic dish can be used with vermicelli, noodles, and dipping sauces. The nutritional content in pickled garlic is also 4 times higher than normal, so you can make a jar to use gradually.

How to store minced garlic

If you want to grind garlic once and use it many times, the following preservation method will also help you a lot.

Method 1:

You can put 1 layer of bubble bag on ice tray. Put the right amount of garlic into each cell in turn. After you have filled the boxes, wrap the ice tray with another layer of plastic bag, put it in the freezer. Each time you use it, you just need to put it out, take the right amount. This way will save you a lot of time and effort.

Method 2:

If you don’t have an ice tray, you can put the garlic directly in a plastic bag. Then roll it up into a long stick with your hands and put it in the freezer. Each time you use it, just take out and cut a piece of garlic just enough, very convenient, right?

cách bảo quản tỏi khô xay
Put the garlic in a plastic bag and put it in the fridge

Here are some ways to preserve dried garlic for a long time . With this information, hopefully you have gained new tips to keep garlic dry for a longer time and have ways to preserve it if you accidentally prepare too much. Do not forget to follow the News section to update useful information.

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