Instructions on how to make Thang Co Sapa hot pot with a strong Northwest flavor


Setting foot in the highlands of Sapa, you are not only immersed in the poetic natural scenery, majestic waterfalls flowing loudly. What makes tourists from all over the world have to set foot in this land is the climate and special dishes. A dish that makes a name for the Northwest mountains, it is definitely impossible not to mention Thang Co Sapa hot pot. A hot pot of hot pot in the cold weather will help visitors become warm and love the beautiful scenery here. So do you have any information about Thang Co Sapa hot pot? Let’s learn this specialty dish with Dung Ha Dry Food.

1. What is Thang Co hot pot in Sapa?

Referring to Sapa, there is not only nature, climate, beautiful landscapes or the top of Fansipan mountain. Here also owns a special dish that is extremely popular, which is Thang Co hot pot. According to Wikipedia page: “Thang Co hot pot, also known as horse hot pot. This is a specialty dish of the H’Mong people, originating from Yunnan province (China)”. Later, horse hot pot was introduced to the Kinh, Dao, and Tay ethnic groups.


According to a rumor from a Mong ethnic group, “Thang Co hot pot dates back to 200 years ago when the H’Mong, Tay and Nung people came to Bac Ha to reside”. Thang Co is processed very simply. But if you want the food to be delicious, it needs the hands of really experienced chefs. Cold weather is typical of the mountainous provinces in the North of our country. A pot of Thang Co hot pot will help the body become warm and full.

2. Ingredients to cook Thang Co Sapa hot pot?

Looking at the Thang Co hot pot made from the hands of talented chefs, you will see that this hot pot is very simple, not too difficult. But to make a delicious hotpot, it will be necessary to use 12 traditional spices of the ethnic people such as anise, cardamom, lemon leaves, cinnamon chi, ginger, … and some kinds of seasoning ingredients. only here. In which, Thang Co is the main indispensable ingredient.
The detailed points of ingredients for cooking Thang Co hot pot include:
  • Meat part: Hand meat, horse bacon, shoulder meat, viscera, cartilaginous ribs,…
  • Spices: Salt, star anise, cardamom, cinnamon, lime leaves,… scrap iron
  • Other additive ingredients: red apple, goji berry, yi yi, lotus seed, iso ginseng, wormwood,…

The ingredients for cooking Thang Co hot pot have had a great change to meet the preferences of consumers. For the Northwest, these ingredients are available at the garden and can be processed at any time. As for the city, if you want to eat delicious horse hot pot, you have to find and buy the above-mentioned spices. Instead, cooking hot pot has also been modernized. Fully use the travel gas stove and eat with chopsticks.

3. How to make Thang Co Sapa hot pot in a modern way?

A specialty dish of the people of the Northwest. Not everyone can do the processing of Thang Co hot pot. This dish requires a seasoned chef.


How to cook Thang Co Sapa hot pot as follows:

  • First, you need the horse meat, clean it. Chop off parts such as meat, shoulder meat, ribs cartilage, butt meat, … of the horse that can be eaten. Wash
  • Take the horse’s offal, wash it and cut it into small pieces
  • Put the deep pan on the gas stove, put the prime meat, shoulder meat, cartilage ribs, butt meat, heart, liver, intestines, … into the pan and stir-fry until cooked.
  • The ingredients are ripe, astringent, losing the red color of blood. You pour water into the pan and proceed to simmer on the gas stove for about 1 hour
  • During the simmering process, to make the broth delicious, you have to take good care of it
  • Using a ladle, skim off the foam floating on the surface of the water, taking only the clear water

Above is how to prepare delicious Sapa horse hot pot that you can easily make them. Currently, horse meat is also sold a lot, you can eat some of it and process it in the way above, it will be great. In addition, to keep the horse hot pot from getting sick, you can add some wild vegetables to it. With the horse hot pot simmering, it will keep boiling continuously on the stove, wherever you go, pick it up and eat it hot, it will be the best.

4. How to make simple Thang Co Sapa hot pot sauce?

Sapa horse hot pot is not only delicious in the broth, but also in the accompanying spices. A special sauce for Sapa horse hot pot you must not forget. How to make Sapa horse hot pot sauce as follows:
Preparation materials:
  • 2 tablespoons fish sauce
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of main noodles
  • 1 bit of doi seeds + macadamia nuts
  • Minced garlic
  • Lemon, fresh chili


  • Cut the lemon in half, squeeze out the juice
  • Fresh chili washed, slit in the middle 1 line, filter out the seeds, minced
  • Put the pan on the stove, heat up the pan, add the doi seeds + the macadamia nuts and roast them until fragrant
  • Put doi seeds + mac Khen seeds into the mortar, pound very finely and smooth
  • Put minced fresh chili + doi seeds + mac Khen seeds + main noodles + sugar + minced garlic in a bowl, beat together
  • Finally, you add 2 tablespoons of fish sauce to the above mixture, stir well so that the bold ingredients dissolve into the fish sauce

Having a bowl of dipping sauce with a strong flavor of Northwest mountain ingredients will surely raise your horse hot pot to a new level.

5. Sapa Thang Co hot pot eat with what delicious vegetables?


Horse hot pot is a traditional dish of Thai people in Sapa, Lao Cai. When eating won hot pot, people often combine with many vegetables to add flavor and nutritional value to that dish. Here are some vegetables that go well with Thang Co hot pot:

  • Water spinach: Water spinach is a very easy and nutritious vegetable. Healthy morning glory can be eaten with all hot pot dishes to enhance the flavor of the dish
  • Spinach: Spinach or spinach has a cool taste, reducing boredom when eating hot pot
  • Herbs: Including types such as: coriander, marjoram, coriander, basil, … have a delicious taste that will help your hot pot more quality.
    chayote: Su chay is very suitable for eating horse hot pot. Su Su has a sweet and very crunchy taste, contains many nutrients such as Vitamin C, B, Potassium,
  • and fiber. When using chayote to eat hot pot, you can chop or cut into pieces just enough to eat and then dip into the hot pot
  • Rock sprouts: Ice sprouts are also a great choice to eat with horse hot pot. This vegetable is very crispy and delicious, not chewy, this is also the famous specialty of Sapa served with hot pot.

Not only sipping hot pot with Sapa specialty vegetables. Please enjoy yourself a little more Northwest wine. The island tells you it’s hard to resist.

6. Conclusion

Each region has its own specialties. And especially with Sapa, Thang Co Sapa hot pot is a special dish. A rustic dish like the personality of the people here. People still gossip among themselves that “If you go to Sapa without enjoying Thang Co hot pot, you are considered to have never set foot here”. No need to be too colorful or fussy, the unique taste of this horse hot pot also makes many people fall in love. Come to Sapa, try to enjoy Thang Co hot pot, let us know the taste.
And if you find a recipe for Thang Co hot pot or save this recipe.

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