Is Matcha Green Tea? Difference between matcha and green tea?


Is Matcha Green Tea? Many Vietnamese consumers are thinking that matcha powder is green tea powder and the uses of these two powders are equivalent. But in fact, these two product lines are completely different and also have certain ways of distinguishing them. The following article, Dung Ha Dry Food will share in the most detail with consumers how to distinguish matcha powder and green tea powder, and guide how to use green tea powder and matcha powder the most thoroughly in life.

1.What is matcha powder? Origin, identifying characteristics of matcha powder?

Matcha powder is a fine powder harvested from the young buds of the green tea plant. To get a quality fine powder, it will have to go through all the following 6 stages:
  • When germinating, it was covered from rain and sun
  • Harvest
  • Use steam to cook
  • Remove tendons
  • Use the wind drying method
  • Use a granite mortar to grind into a fine powder


This powder after being finely ground is only measured in micrometers. Even when you throw matcha powder into the air, they will immediately melt like smoke. That’s called standard fine powder, worth the money to buy.
Green tea powder contains a lot of nutrients that are beneficial for health. Especially because of the extremely high antioxidant content. The antioxidant content in matcha powder is 15 times higher than the antioxidant content in pomegranate or blueberries. Not only that, matcha powder is rich in protein, vitamins C and A, fiber, iron and other minerals.
Going through many meticulous stages to get a quality fine powder. Plus is rich and rich nutritional ingredients. The price of matcha powder is much more expensive than green tea powder.

1.1 Source

The green tea plant is native to Southern China. This tea variety is widely grown and popular all over the world. Especially the green tea tree is grown extremely strongly in Japan because the climate here is very suitable for the growth of the plant. To get a quality matcha powder that melts in the mist, it must be thanks to the skillful hands of Japanese artisans.
In general, matcha green tea powder originated from China and Japan.
In Japanese transliteration, the word “cha” in matcha means “tea“, the Japanese word “ma” means powder. Currently, matcha green tea powder is a popular drink in Japan. But in the past, it was a precious beverage that only monks or nobles could enjoy. Thanks to the incredible efforts of Eisai – Founder of the Rinzai sect of Zen Buddhism, green tea has been brought closer to the lower classes of society.

1.2 Recognizing characteristics

  • Color: Pure green tea matcha powder will be bright green and dense. If the color of the matcha powder looks pale or yellow, the powder may have been blended or not made from fresh green tea leaves.
  • Scent: Matcha powder has a characteristic aroma from fresh green sage leaves and has a slight bitter taste. If the powder has no scent or has an unusual scent, it may not be real matcha powder
  • Fineness: Real green tea matcha powder will be extremely smooth and fine. No strange crystals appeared. If the powder has crystals, it may not be real matcha
  • Moisture: Green tea matcha powder has low moisture content and is difficult to mold. If the dough has a high moisture content or is moldy, it may have been stored incorrectly or of the wrong type
    Therefore, to ensure the quality of green tea matcha powder. You should choose products from reputable brands to ensure the above characteristics.

2. What is green tea powder? Origin, identifying characteristics of green tea powder?

Green tea powder is a powder made from 70% young green tea leaves and 30% tea buds. This tea makes a lot simpler than matcha green tea powder. Specifically:
  • Picking tea leaves
  • Do not withdraw the veins
  • Drying tea leaves
  • Grind fine tea leaves into powder form


The nutrient content in green tea powder is also quite diverse and rich. In green tea powder contains substances such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, fluorine, magnesium, nickel, potassium, aluminum, caffeine, antioxidants, … These substances are extremely good for health. They are directly involved in the body’s defense against all harmful pathogens from the external environment.
However, the composition of nutritional value in green tea powder depends on the origin and quality of the tea. The cost of green tea powder is also lower than that of matcha green tea powder.

2.1 Source

Green tea powder originates from China. Here, green tea trees are grown, used as a drink and medicine. It was not until later that green tea began to spread to countries such as Japan, Korea, and India.
Although China is the birthplace of quality green tea. But when it comes to green tea powder, many people immediately think of Japan – the birthplace of the world famous green “matcha” tea.

2.2 Characteristics of identifying green tea powder

  • Color: Ripe green tea powder is usually dark green in color. No impurities of any kind
  • Scent: Green tea powder has a characteristic aroma of green tea leaves
  • Powder size: Genuine green tea powder is usually very pure. Fine, small and even powder particles
  • Solubility: Green tea powder is not completely soluble in water. It takes a long time to stir and evenly mix the powder to dissolve
  • Taste: Genuine green tea powder is typical, not too sweet

Through the detailed concept of green tea powder and matcha green tea powder, we can partly understand whether matcha is green tea or not. For more details, let’s find out more.

3. Is Matcha Green Tea? What is the production process of these 2 powders?

Not only the difference in the basic recognition above. Matcha green tea powder and pure green tea powder are completely different in the production process. Specifically:

Matcha green tea powder

Pure green tea powder

  • Green tea plant grows naturally. At the beginning of May, the young shoots begin to emerge and will be covered with plastic mesh at least 3 weeks before the harvest.
  • Tea tree grows and grows completely naturally under the sun
  • Covering early, creating conditions for green tea plants to regulate photosynthesis, increase chlorophyll, minerals and nutrients.
  • Tea sprouts are harvested 100% by hand. After harvesting, the tea buds are dried by wind, removing the veins and petioles. Finely ground with a Granite mortar to produce quality matcha powder
  • Collect tea leaves and tea buds. Using industrial machine drying and grinding method to produce green tea powder.
  • Using the wind drying method on the chlorophyll in green tea is still preserved, not lost and even more produced.
  • Using heat drying method, the chlorophyll in the tea is completely lost.
  • Crushed with a stone mortar onto matcha powder without heat generation. Helps matcha green tea powder keep its natural green color and smooth powder.
  • When grinding by industry, it is still subject to heat, so it cannot produce a green and smooth powder. Sometimes the powder turns yellow or black gold

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4. Is Matcha Green Tea? Difference in price?

Green tea matcha powder and green tea powder are not only different in concept and production process, but they also differ in price. Both of these powders can be easily found on the Vietnamese market. You can visit shops specializing in flour of all kinds in your area. However, to find yourself a facility that sells cheap quality matcha green tea powder is not easy at all.
Buying cheap powdered products will have a lot of potential risks to the health of users. Therefore, finding a reputable powder supplier at an affordable price is not easy at all.
  • High quality 1st grade green tea matchat powder price. Usually priced from 1,400,000 VND – 3,000,000 VND/kg
  • Price of pure green tea powder, high quality grade 1. Usually priced from 700,000 VND – 900,000 VND/kg
If you are looking to buy matcha green tea powder and green tea powder at a lower price than the price we listed above, you must consider carefully checking the quality of the product.
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5. Is Matcha Green Tea? Differences in life?

Through the careful distinctions above. Finally is the difference between these two powders in life. Specifically:
  • Pure green tea matcha powder has beautiful color, natural sweetness, perfect smoothness. Therefore, green tea matcha powder is mainly used in culinary applications. Typically dishes such as matcha green tea cake, matcha ice cream, milk latte,…
  • Green tea powder is a companion with women on the path of skin beauty and health care. Specifically, green tea powder is often mixed with honey to apply a mask to treat pimples, helping to whiten and rosy skin.


Above is the entire article that answers the question of whether or not matcha is green tea that Dry Food shares in the most detail with its readers. Both these powders are completely different, they are only derived from the green tea plant. If you have a need to buy matcha green tea powder or other types of Northwest alcohol, dry goods, Northwest tea, … prestige and good price, please contact us immediately for the most detailed advice via Hotline: 1900 986865.


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