Learn how to make nutritious cereal powder for baby to gain weight for weaning

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Cereal powder contains a lot of nutrients, very good for babies during weaning. However, how to process it properly and help the baby gain weight and absorb more nutrients? Read the article that Thucphamkho.vn shares below to learn more about how to make baby cereal powder at home.

How many months baby can eat cereal powder?

Mothers need to pay attention to the age of the child to use cereal accordingly. Depending on the age and stage, the dosage and the way to prepare cereals for babies will be different.

When the baby is in the newborn stage (from 0 to 6 months old), in order for the baby to absorb nutrients through breast milk, mothers can use cereals in their daily meals.

When your baby is about 6 months onwards, the digestive system has gradually developed and stabilized. Mothers can let their babies learn to eat cereal flour so that the baby gets used to it and the stomach gradually adapts.

For babies from 6-24 months, you can use cereal powder or pureed porridge for baby to eat weaning.

6 months old stage

Mothers use fine powders to feed babies
7 months old stage Mothers can use a fine powder
8 months old stage Children can eat pureed porridge or powdered pork
9-12 months old stage

Baby can eat fine grain porridge

How to make cereal powder for babies 5-9 months old

Ingredients to prepare to make baby cereal for weaning

  • Fragrant rice
  • Willow seeds (Bo bo seeds)
  • Lotus seeds
  • Black beans, green beans, black sesame

Among the above ingredients, plain rice accounts for the largest percentage (70%).

The rest of the nuts you can take in a 1:1 ratio

Many people think that nutritious nuts such as walnuts, almonds or macadamia should be added to children at this stage.

However, these nuts contain a huge amount of nutrients. If the baby eats too much, it will cause the baby to be full of stomach and indigestion.

Therefore, if you add these nuts, please note that for a small amount, do not give too much.


– After buying the ingredients, the mother washes them and leaves them to dry. Then grind the seeds into a fine powder.

When cooking powder, you should add green vegetables, meat and fish and baby oil to help your baby absorb nutrients in the best way.

Cook powder together with other baby foods for weaning


In order for the dough to be delicious and keep its nutritional content, you should only use the flour for about 1-2 weeks.

So, make the right amount of flour to use, don’t do too much. After each use, please put the powder in a sealed bag or box to preserve, to avoid mold.

How to prepare nutritious cereal powder for babies over 1 year old

At the age of more than 1 year, children enter the period of learning to chew. You should give your child large-grain porridge or crumbly flour and gradually let them switch to rice.

At this time, the addition of cereals for children is very necessary. This will help your baby stay healthy and develop better.

Ingredients to be prepared

For babies over 1 year old, the ingredients do not change much.

  • Fragrant rice
  • Willow seeds (Bo bo seeds)
  • Lotus seeds
  • Black beans, green beans, black sesame

In addition, mothers can add nutritious nuts such as walnuts , macadamia nuts, and almonds with a higher content than in the previous period.

This is a source of vitamins and minerals, especially a very high amount of omega, which helps children develop both physically and mentally.

Mothers can choose from a variety of nuts to feed their babies


– All kinds of cereal grains for washing. Then remove them, drain.

– Use a pan to roast the nuts until evenly cooked and let cool. Next, you add the nuts and grind them to a fine powder.

– Mothers can use powder mixed with hot water for babies to eat without needing to cook it into powder for baby food.

Instructions for using cereal powder for babies properly

Using baby cereal powder for weaning is a very good thing. However, how to use the baby to absorb the most nutrients? Please note a few things below.

For babies under 6 months

At this stage, your baby is still eating mainly breast milk or formula. Your baby will begin to get used to solid foods.

Parents can mix cereal powder with boiling water first. When the cereal milk cools down to about 35-40 degrees Celsius, add colostrum and formula to shake well for the baby to drink.

Note: For babies under 6 months of age, it is best to breastfeed exclusively. In case the mother has little milk or loses milk after giving birth, she should use it, refer to the cereal weaning formula.

For babies over 6 months

At this stage, weaning is more familiar to the baby than before.

Mothers can use cereal powder with fresh milk or formula to make it easier for babies to eat.

Mothers take 2-3 spoons of cereal powder into the glass. Then add a sufficient amount of formula milk, then add 200-250ml of boiling water and stir well. You should give it to your baby to use while it is still warm.

Mix cereal powder with formula milk

Dosage and duration of use

Snacks are the most appropriate time for mothers to effectively feed their babies cereal.

Feed your baby regular cereal within 1 month, you will see a noticeable effect.

Depending on each stage as well as the baby’s ability to eat, mothers should be proactive about the amount of cereal powder to process for the baby.

Things to note when feeding babies with cereal powder

When using raw cereal powder for babies to eat weaning, mothers need to pay attention to prepare fully cooked food to ensure the baby’s digestive system is healthy.

For some cereals that have been milled when they are ripe, you can use warm water to dissolve the powder for your baby to eat. However, it is recommended to mix the cereal powder a little thinner to make it easier for the baby to digest and absorb faster.

Use clean, boiled water to make powder for children. Mothers should divide the cereal weaning meals into small meals. This helps the baby get used to it gradually, avoiding boredom and skipping meals.

How to make baby cereal powder for weaning is quite simple. Mothers should pay attention to choosing the right ingredients, combining the food groups appropriately will surely make the baby eat well and grow up quickly. Hope the sharing of the News section will be helpful to you. Good luck!


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