[Synthesis] 12+ delicious stewed pork leg dishes that are easy to make at home


What is delicious stewed pork leg is an extremely delicious, useful and nutritious dish. This is a dish suitable for all ages and anyone can use it. In particular, this dish is extremely good for pregnant women. Their advantages are not only delicious but also provide a variety of nutritional sources as well as enhance breast milk benefits. If you cook vegetarian stewed pork leg, it will be very boring and low in nutrition. And today, please take a few minutes to follow Dung Ha Dry Food together to find out what 10+ delicious stewed pork leg dishes are easy to make at home!

1. What delicious stewed pork leg is easy to make at home?


1.1 Braised pork leg with traditional medicine

The stewed pork leg with traditional Chinese medicine is the first dish on the culinary list. As we know, the ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine such as goji berries, red apples, jujubes, lotus seeds, longan, … are all extremely good products for health and goodness. This is not only a delicious dish, but they also provide users with a variety of nutritional sources. Pork leg is an extremely nutritious and healthy product. The perfect combination of pork leg + traditional medicine has brought an extremely delicious and eye-catching dish.
This soup is suitable for all ages. You can include them in your diet to diversify your nutritional sources. Changing the daily meal menu will help people eat without feeling bored. Above all, the source of nutrients when loaded into the body also needs to be diverse to be suitable for all physical activities. In particular, in the family, there are sick people, fatigue, anorexia, physical weakness, etc. Just cook a bowl of traditional Chinese medicine pork leg soup and eat, the symptoms of the disease are significantly reduced.

1.2 Pork leg stewed with lotus seeds

In the next list of pork leg dishes, surely the lotus seed stewed pork leg dish is indispensable. With the main ingredients only include pork leg + lotus seeds and some accompanying ingredients. It seems that these ingredients are simple but create an extremely quality dish. The recipe is simple. Materials are easy to find in the market. It is these simple things that combine together to bring about a perfect 10 point quality dish.
Lotus seeds, when eaten directly, will quickly get bored. Because of this, lotus seeds can be combined with many other ingredients so that you can enjoy more taste. Chicken stewed with lotus seeds, stewed chicken with lotus seeds and red apple seeds is the dish that made the name of lotus seeds. It is the harmonious combination of lotus seeds that creates a dish that helps to treat insomnia, insomnia, and sleep very effectively. The pork leg is greasy, delicious, and crispy. Eating with delicious lotus seeds greatly supports the development of the fetus and pregnant mother.

1.3 German style stewed pork leg

If you are too bored with the traditional Vietnamese stewed pork leg. Follow me to go further to European countries to find out. The country that I want to take you to today is Germany. Let’s find out what German-style pork leg stew has that flavor that so many people seek. This dish, you do not have to go to Germany but can still make it at home very simply. The ingredients are also very easy to find.
The highlight and strange taste of this dish is the combination of fresh cream and unsweetened fresh milk. Accompanied by that, when eating, you will sprinkle the sauce and then mix it up and enjoy. That is the German style of eating and enjoying food. Although a bit greasy, but surely when following the Vietnamese recipe, the fatness of the dish is also significantly reduced.

1.4 Korean stewed pork leg

Surely speaking about Korea, many young people are interested. Korean dishes always have a place in the hearts of Vietnamese people. Although these dishes are spicy, it is the beauty of Korean culture. Among them, Korean stewed pork leg is a dish not to be missed.
Jokbal is the name of a super delicious and nutritious Korean stewed pork leg. This dish is very delicious, eating without being sick and delicious broth comes from vegetable broth. It is not difficult to make this dish. Today’s recipes are widely shared on the internet. In order to have a delicious dish, the input ingredients must be clean.

1.5 Stewed pork leg with bamboo shoots

The perfect combination of bamboo shoots + pork leg will definitely be a dish you should not miss. Vietnamese bamboo shoots are very diverse and rich. It seems that bamboo shoots have become a symbol in many dishes that are difficult to replace. The highest quality and nutritious bamboo shoots must be mentioned in the northern mountainous areas of our country. Bamboo shoots here grow completely naturally without human intervention.
Stewed pork leg with bamboo shoots will make you fall in love and hard to resist with this soup. In particular, is the characteristic aroma of the broth after the bamboo shoots are ripe. You can use fresh or dried bamboo shoots depending on your preference. Even the foot stew is now just enough to feel the crunchy texture just enough to eat without being sick.

Tips: How to cook bamboo shoot soup for the Lunar New Year 2023

1.6 Papaya stewed pork leg

Certainly for the health of pregnant women, dishes made from stewed pork legs are always extremely good. For women who are pregnant in the last 3 months of pregnancy, the issue of eating at this time is really of great concern. This last 3 months determines the most comprehensive development of the baby. Pregnant women in the last 3 months of pregnancy certainly cannot ignore the papaya stewed pork leg. With this dish is extremely good for brain development and strengthens the immune system for children. For pregnant women, it helps to increase milk supply. Helps the mother to have more milk to feed the baby.
Sweet broth comes from papaya. Mixed with that is the greasy, crunchy, and aromatic flavor that comes from the legs. To make it easier for pregnant women to eat, you should heat it up before giving it to mom! It is best eaten hot.

1.7 Mushroom stewed pork leg

Mushrooms are a useful and indispensable ingredient in many dishes. For Vietnamese people, the habit of using mushrooms is deeply imprinted in the subconscious. Any dish must have mushrooms. Vietnamese mushrooms are very diverse in color and use. The special feature of these mushrooms is that they are all grown completely in nature. The area with the most mushrooms must be mentioned in the Northwest region of Vietnam. Each mushroom has its own unique flavor.
Mushrooms are very easy to combine with all kinds of dishes. Chicken stew with mushrooms is the perfect combination. In addition, mushroom stewed pork leg is also an extremely nutritious dish. When enjoying, you will feel the crunchy texture from the hock. A little scent comes from mushrooms. The sweetness from the broth makes us feel like we are enjoying the dish in the majestic Northwest mountains.

1.8 Five-spice stewed pork leg

The five-spice stewed pork leg is a dish you should rotate in your menu. Eating too many dishes a week will make you scared and bored. The question of what is the best stewed pork leg, perhaps the stewed pork leg with five flavors is the best. Nutritious, nutritious, versatile, and easy to make. Surely this will be a dish that you are worth trying and enjoying them.
Five-spice stewed pork leg will make you fall in love with the honey-colored broth. The attraction comes from the pork leg pieces that are pre-marinated with soy sauce. In particular, the characteristic aroma of bay leaf, star anise, and ginger makes the stewed pork leg with five flavors really difficult to restore. This dish, you should enjoy them while still hot!

1.9 Stewed pork leg with potato

With potato ham, the cooking method is similar to making potato soup. In which potatoes + carrots will be stewed with pork leg. Stewed pork leg is soft, eats without fat and is combined with vegetables. You can use it alone or serve it with hot rice!

1.10 stewed pork leg with mugwort

Wormwood is known as a vegetable with extremely effective healing properties in traditional medicine. In addition to being used to treat diseases, wormwood is also applied to a wide variety of Vietnamese cuisine. The benign, many beneficial nutrients are why wormwood is used in cooking a lot. Wormwood is often eaten by many women in combination with boiled or fried eggs.
With wormwood in hand. You can completely cook wormwood stewed pork leg in an extremely simple way. Wormwood is often combined with red apple + goji berry + jujube to create a delicious and nutritious dish. The taste of this dish is very similar to that of traditional Chinese medicine, but they are much more special. Surely, the stewed pork leg with wormwood will surprise you.

1.11 Stewed pork leg with lotus root

Sen you can use a lot of their parts. The parts used for cooking are lotus seeds and lotus roots. These 2 parts you can prepare them simply at home. Lotus seeds, you have to clear the lotus heart so that when cooking the broth is not bitter. The lotus root part, you just need to prepare it and then cut them into thin slices just enough to eat. To increase the deliciousness, people often bring lotus root stewed with pork feet. This is a very healthy dish.
Lotus root still retains its crispiness when stewed with pork leg. Therefore, you will not be bored when enjoying the stewed pork leg with lotus root. With the cool and crispy taste of lotus root, it helps to balance the greasy taste of pork leg. Surely with this dish, your family will be very excited to change the menu to be more diverse.

1.12 Braised pork leg with red bean

If don’t like use peanuts. You can use red beans to make red bean stew. Soak black beans for about 1 hour before processing to soften beans and remove toxins.
The fatty taste of pork leg and the fleshy taste of black beans is an irresistible dish that everyone loves. When red beans are not available, you can completely substitute with peas. This dish is best served with hot rice!

2. Conclusion

Above is a detailed article that answers the question of what delicious stewed pork leg is. These are all delicious and nutritious dishes for everyone. Besides, the preparation of these dishes is very easy and not difficult. The decisive factor to delicious, nutritious, quality and clean dishes is the input material. Quality ingredients will determine up to 85% of the success of that dish. Hurry up to the kitchen, prepare stewed pork leg right away.


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