The truth about losing milk when women eat wood ear after giving birth?

ăn mộc nhĩ sau sinh

The truth about losing milk when women eat wood ear after giving birth?

Does eating wood ear after birth cause milk loss? This is a question that many women who have just given birth can’t help but wonder. Let’s answer this question with the News section of Dry Food in the article below.

Nutritional value of myrrh

Wood ear is an indispensable ingredient in every family’s kitchen. This is a simple food that can be processed into a variety of dishes such as spring rolls, stir-fries, mixed dishes, etc. Most people like the crispy aroma and simple processing when using. So is wood ear really good for health?

ăn mộc nhĩ sau sinh
Wood ear contains many nutritional values that are good for health
Wood ear is harvested on decaying, moist tree trunks and branches. This is a fungus with an ear-shaped appearance. The inner surface is smooth, dark brown to almost black. The outer surface is covered with fine hairs and is light brown in color. People also call wood ear by many other names such as Moc Nga, Thu Ki, Ear Tu, Van Ear,…
Nutritionists have pointed out that the wood ear contains many nutritional values. Essential elements such as Iron, Phosphorus, Calcium are high in content. Besides, this dry material also contains vitamins B1, B2, B3 which are essential for the body.
In addition, in 100g of wood ear, there are up to 10.6 grams of protit; 65.5g of glucose and 0.03mg of carotene. The content of elements and nutrients is much higher than some other foods such as pig liver, sesame, celery, …

So eating wood ear after birth will lose milk?

With the above nutritional content, experts have confirmed that wood ear does not cause milk loss for women after giving birth. On the contrary, adding wood ear fungus in meals will stimulate milk production, which is good for the mother’s body.

lợi ích của mộc nhĩ
Eating wood ear after birth has many benefits

Benefits of using wood ear after birth

In addition, many studies have shown the effect of wood ear on postpartum mothers.

  • Prevents oxidation

Wood ear contains ingredients that have the ability to prevent oxidation in the body. This material has a positive correlation between antioxidant capacity and phenol concentration.

  • Prevents blood clotting

The addition of this ingredient in the meal will help prevent blood clots. The reason is that the wood ear has a polysaccharide component. This substance works to prevent platelet adhesion and prolong blood clotting time in the body as well as in the test tube.

  • Skin beauty

Wood ear has antioxidant effects and high iron content. Eating wood ear after birth will help the skin avoid aging, reduce the formation and development of pimples. This results in smooth, youthful skin.

Causes of milk loss

As can be seen, wood ear is very good for women after giving birth and does not cause milk loss. If you lose milk, it can be due to a number of reasons:

  • Mothers did not breastfeed after giving birth. In order for the baby to be able to absorb extremely good nutrition from colostrum and stimulate the mammary glands to bring in milk, breastfeeding for about 30 minutes after birth is essential. If you wait until after 2-3 days to breastfeed, then the loss of milk is also easy to happen.
  • In addition, the mother’s condition also greatly affects the amount of milk after birth. Milk will be less if during pregnancy the mother does not provide adequate nutrition to gain weight. If the mother has heart disease, anemia, … also leads to this condition. The use of antibiotics, pain relievers, anti-allergic drugs, … also negatively affect the milk glands.

Therefore, if you want more milk for your baby, mothers should pay attention to their daily diet. Eat a balanced and nutritious diet to keep both mother and baby healthy.

Note when using wood ear after giving birth

Although it is advised to eat wood ear after giving birth, but if you eat it arbitrarily and unscientiously, it will be counterproductive. To avoid adverse health effects, please note the following:

  • People with bad digestive system

Despite being rich in nutrients, wood ear has cold properties. People who have a cold stomach, have a full stomach, indigestion, loose stools, etc. should not use it. If used, it will make the condition worse.

lưu ý ăn mộc nhĩ sau sinh
People with poor digestion and allergies should not eat wood ear
  • People prone to allergies

If the mother has allergies, the use of wood ear should also be considered. Because wood ear fungus itself is a fungus, growing in a humid environment, it should be used with caution.

In addition, postpartum women can eat wood ear, but pregnant women should not eat it. Although there are many benefits in supplementing the spleen, wood ear also affects blood circulation, affecting the development of the fetus. Women who are pregnant can refer to the article Các hạt dinh dưỡng tốt cho mẹ bầu và thai nhi  to choose additional foods during this period.

How to choose delicious wood ear

Wood ear turning is also very simple. People can use a variety of wood eardrums in dishes such as stir-fries, sausages, combination dishes, … Here, Food will give you tips on choosing wood ear to cook the most delicious dishes.
When buying wood ear, you should choose but wood ear to be thick and thick. This type is much more crispy and delicious when eaten. You can use your hand to grip the wood ear. When you remove your hand, it returns to its original form, if you calculate it well, this is a delicious, low-water type.
Do not buy rough wood ear buds because when soaked in water, it will be very soft and crushed. In particular, do not eat wood ear dishes with red traces or black traces.

To buy quality wood ear, good price you can visit Dung Ha Agricultural Products’ facility to choose. This is a reputable agricultural product store for many years in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. You can contact hotline: 1900986865 to order.

mộc nhĩ tại NSDH
Wood ear at Dung Ha Agricultural Products

Above are the sharing about eating wood ear after birth. Hope readers will have useful knowledge about this material and how to use it most effectively.


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