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Ha Giang is not only famous for its majestic and poetic nature. But here, also enjoy a lot of famous specialties that many people have been looking to buy for a long time. Some products can be mentioned such as: “Mint honey,Mac Khen seeds,Quan Ba ​​forest honey…”. In addition, there are countless more products that cannot be mentioned. Today, letlearnDry Food5 Ha Giang products that make consumers happy!

1. Dried forest seed bananas

1.1 What is a dried forest seed banana?

The dried forest seed banana is a wild banana variety native to Southeast Asia. This is the ancestor of the modern banana variety. When bananas are ripe to harvest, people will cut bananas and bring them home, washing each banana. Then bring the banana to cut in the direction of the banana, thickness from 1 – 1.5cm. Then, let it dry in the sun.



Characteristics of forest seed bananas:

  • Large, long, green leaves, dark red banana flowers
  • The trunk is 2 – 4m high
  • Bananas have a bitter taste, used in Oriental medicine to have very effective healing effects
  • Banana stem can be used as poultry feed

In addition, forest seed bananas are also bought by men to soak in alcohol and drink, which is also very useful for themselves

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1.2 Effect of dried forest seed bananas

In Oriental medicine , forest seed bananas are very effective in treating diseases. Some uses of banana seeds:

  • Banana seeds treat stomach pain. Helps heal wounds in the stomach, increases resistance. 
  • Support the treatment of kidney stones
  • Treatment of gout
  • Banana resin to treat ringworm
  • Treatment of constipation , flatulence, indigestion, heartburn

Forest seed bananas Dung Ha Agricultural Products are packaged in 1kg finished products. And are divided into 3 main types : whole dried forest seed bananas, sliced ​​dried forest seed bananas, and dried forest banana seeds. Product quality is safe, say no to fake, imitation, poor quality products.

2. Dried fenugreek tubers

2.1 What is dried sage root?

Dried shiitake root is a type of grass, belonging to the family of five family, living a very long time. They are characterized by their preference for shade and moderate humidity. That is why Ha Giang people often find them in the mountains with an altitude of 1500m.cut-that-kho

Characteristics of dry ventricular septum:

  • Tam That has a grassy stem, leaves grow round, and has a long stalk
  • Peduncle has 3-7 leaflets, lanceolate, serrated leaves
  • The leaves are hairy but a bit shiny
  • The tree is dark green in color
  • The bud is small, sticky in shape, the bud grows at the tip of the branch
  • Fruit is green, berry, red when ripe

2.2 Uses of dried fenugreek

In medicine , taking three ventricular brings great effects to human health:

  • Increase body  health
  • The juice in the roots, stems, and leaves has the effect of stopping bleeding, reducing inflammation and pain
  • Regulate the immune system
  • Avoid low blood pressure, protect liver
  • Increase blood flow, prevent arrhythmia 
  • Helps fight bacteria and harmful viruses
  • Treating people who often sweat and work too hard 

In Oriental medicine , the three chambers have the following effects:

  • Hemostasis , anti-inflammatory pain relief
  • Improve indigestion , nausea, heartburn…
  • Representative bleeding, hemorrhage, menorrhagia
  • Treatment of dizziness and vertigo in pregnant women

3. Doi seeds

3.1 What is a doi seed?

Doi seeds are a popular spice ingredient that makes up the attractive flavor of Northwest specialties . Mac Khen Seeds + Doi Seeds are two inseparable ingredients when preparing dishes. Some special dishes never lack the flavor of doi seeds such as: Grilled pork , buffalo meat in the kitchen … 


3.2 Types of doi nut currently on the market

In Vietnam, there are two popular types of wild doi seeds: Glutinous Doi Seeds and Glutinous Doi seeds . 

  • Glutinous rice seeds:  small, uneven, as small as corn kernels. Available in black or gold. This is a popular spice, popular and has great economic value. This type is named “Northwest Black Gold” by Ha Giang people.
  • Durian seeds: large in size. The characteristic of this type is that it is grown to harvest wood. It has a very strong, hard smell and is not usually used for food processing.

Currently, on the market, there are many places that sell quality doi seeds at different prices. How much doi nut cost per pound is a question many people ask. Dung Ha is selling glutinous doi seeds in 1kg bags , priced from 950,000 VND to 1,700,000 VND/kg. 

4. Macadamia nuts

4.1 What are macadamia nuts used for?

Macken is considered the soul of Northwest cuisine. Because almost all dishes of the Thai ethnic group in the Northwest use Mac Khen as a condiment. Macken has a passionate aroma, more fragrant than pepper , eating has a feeling of numbness on the tip of the tongue. Like the way we get 3 volts or 5 volts to our tongues. 


Mac Khen seeds are used to marinate when grilling pork, buffalo, beef, fish, making braised meat or making dipping sauces. The time to harvest mac Khen is the time when the tree bears fruit. People will break the whole bunch and then bring it back to dry or freeze it on the stove to use it all year round without worrying about damage. The fruit is most delicious when the fruit is fresh. But because of the need for long-term use, people are forced to dry it.

4.2 Where is the prestigious place to buy macadamia nuts?

Buy mac Khen nuts in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh sell a lot. But to find and buy reputable macadamia nuts , count on your fingers. Currently, there are many units that provide unidentified macadamia nuts, causing confusion for consumers. Dung Ha agricultural products are the bridge to distribute the best quality output in the market. To buy cheap macadamia nuts, please visit Dung Ha Agricultural Products . Dung Ha macadamia nuts are packed with a weight of 500g – 1kg, and the price ranges from 116,000 VND to 230,000 VND. 

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5 Buffalo meat in the kitchen

5.1 The meaning of buffalo meat in the kitchen

From a famous dish of the Black Thai people in the Northwest, it has now become a famous Ha Giang product that everyone loves. In the days of Tet to Spring, under the weather, it will be cold to penetrate the skin. The dish of buffalo meat in the kitchen is very popular. Mixed with laughter at the tray of rice, people invite each other to a piece of dried buffalo meat and then wish each other a cup of spicy wine. Welcome a new year with lots of luck, joy, health, and good fortune. 


5.2 The current price of buffalo meat in the kitchen 

The market price of kitchen buffalo recently has often fluctuated. There are many distribution units that produce kitchen buffalo meat of unknown origin, causing confusion for consumers. Buy cheap kitchen buffalo meat , please visit Dung Ha Agricultural Products . Currently, Dung Ha has 2 products of buffalo meat that are most trusted by families: Drying Buffalo and Kitchen Buffalo. All Dung Ha products are subject to strict inspection. Packed 500gr – 1kg with the ideal price 420,000 VND – 840,000 VND. 

6. Where to buy reputable, quality, cheap Ha Giang products?

  • Buy Ha Giang products sold in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh a lot. But not everywhere sells reputable Ha Giang products . What customers care about is where to buy quality Ha Giang products. Dung Ha Agricultural Products is the place to solve all difficult problems of customers. All products from flour , dry food , nutritional seeds , Ha Giang specialties … are quality assured and have very competitive prices compared to the market.


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