What do bay leaves cook? 5+ delicious dishes from bay leaves


Not just for home decoration. Bay leaves are also used a lot in the culinary background of delicious dishes. As a culinary seasoning ingredient, you can combine this leaf to create dishes such as: grilled, braised, stewed, .. extremely attractive. Let’s go to the kitchen with Dung Ha Dry Food to find out what special dishes are cooked by bay leaves.

1. What is a bay leaf?

Bay leaf in English is called Bay Leaf. This is the leaf of the laurel tree. This plant is native to the Mediterranean. They have a light, pleasant scent. When we inhale, the scent of the leaves will make the mind clear, much more relaxed. For that reason, laurel is grown as a popular ornamental plant in many families.
Not only bring fragrance to the homeowner. The leaves of the laurel tree are also used a lot in the menu of dishes. With its aromatic properties, when using bay leaves, the dishes you make will definitely become more delicious and strange.


Not just for culinary use. The scent of bay leaves is also a weapon that many insects fear. Especially cockroaches. When inhaling the scent of bay leaves, they will immediately stay away from your house. Return your home space clean, fragrant, no insects.
It can be seen that the use of bay leaves is very versatile: used in cuisine, health protection, repelling insects, …

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2. What’s delicious cooking bay leaves?

As mentioned above, bay leaves are used as a culinary spice. Therefore, cooking something delicious with bay leaves is the main topic of interest to many people. Let’s take a look at some dishes that make the name of bay leaf.

2.1 Grilled ribs with cheese

To make grilled cheese ribs, you need to prepare:

  • Pork Ribs: 1kg
  • Cheese: 250g
  • Green onion: 5 branches
  • Garlic + ginger + onion: 1 bulb
  • Laurel leaves: 3 leaves
  • Chili powder: 1 teaspoon
  • Soy sauce: 1 spoon
  • Salt + sugar: 1 pinch


Implementation steps:
B1: Wash and thinly slice ginger. Scallions cut into pieces with a length of about 3 knuckles
B2: Wash the onion and cut it into large pieces. Minced garlic
B3: Wash pork ribs with salt water. Put pork ribs in boiling water, rinse, drain
B4: Put pork ribs in a pot with onion + scallions + ginger + bay leaf + spices. Cook ribs. Ribs are cooked, take out to cool and then cut into pieces
B5: Put the pan on the stove, the pan is hot, put the ribs in the pan. Add chili powder + soy sauce + salt + sugar + minced garlic + 300ml of broth. Stir the ribs evenly
B6: Put the ribs on the grill, cook both sides of the ribs evenly
B7: Put the cheese in the pan to melt the cheese. Slowly pour the ribs into the cheese pan and then stir the cheese on both sides. Turn off the heat, place grilled cheese ribs on a plate and enjoy
Note: During the making, all the ingredients you have to buy are sourced. Clean and careful processing.

2.2 Beef ribs cooked with beans

Preparation materials:

  • Beef ribs: 350gr
  • Potatoes: 1
  • White beans: 150g
  • Peas: 150gr
  • Carrot: 1 piece
  • Tomato puree: 1 fruit
  • Laurel leaves: 3 leaves
  • Minced garlic: 2 tablespoons
  • Butter: 1 tablespoon
  • Seasoning: ground pepper, seasoning, main noodles

Implementation steps:

B1: Beef ribs washed with salt water. Put it in a bowl
B2: Put in a bowl of beef ribs including: MSG + sugar + seasoning + ground pepper. Mix the ribs well to infuse the seasoning. Marinate beef ribs for about 1 hour
B3: Potato + carrot peeled, washed. Cut into pieces thick enough to eat
B4: White beans + peas + bay leaves, washed and drained
B5: Put the pan on the stove with 2 tablespoons of cooking oil, wait for the oil to boil, then pour the potatoes + carrots. Stir well until the edges burn. Remove the potatoes + carrots to a bowl
B6: Continue using the pan, add 1 tablespoon of butter to melt. Melt butter, add beef and stir-fry with butter
B7: Pour the tomato puree into the beef pan, stir for 5 minutes for the beef to hunt again, the tomatoes to penetrate the beef.
B8: Add bay leaves and stew beef for about 1 hour. Taste it to see if you can eat it or not
B9: Soft beef, pour in carrots + potatoes. Stew for another 15 minutes, then add white beans + peas into the stew for another 7 minutes
B10: Ladle the finished product into a bowl and enjoy it as soon as it’s hot.

2.3 Coke stewed pork leg


  • Pork sausage: 1kg
  • Coke: 330ml
  • Minced purple onion: 10g
  • Five flavors: 10gr
  • Green onions: 3 branches
  • Anise: 3 pcs
  • Dried bay leaves: 3 leaves
  • Fish sauce: 2 tablespoons
  • Cooking oil: 2 tablespoons
  • Spices: sugar, monosodium glutamate, seasoning,…la-nguyet-que-nau-mon-gi-giau-dinh-duong
Implementation steps:
B1: Cut pork chops into enough pieces to eat. Mix the salt water in the pot, put the pork rolls in and soak for 5 minutes with salt water. Pick up, rinse with clean water, drain
B2: Marinate pork with: minced purple onion + five spices + monosodium glutamate + sugar + seasoning + salt + fish sauce. Mix well, marinate for about 30 minutes
B3: Put the pan on the stove, add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. When the oil is hot, add anise + dried bay leaves + finely chopped green onions. Stir together until fragrant, then pour in the pork rolls and stir fry for 5 minutes
B4: Pork legs start to change color and hunt again. You pour 1 can of coke and continue to stew for about 40 minutes on medium heat
B5: During the stewing process, cover the pot and occasionally skim off the foam floating on the surface of the stew pot
B6: Taste to see if your mouth is satisfied. If you are satisfied, scoop the finished product into a bowl and enjoy as soon as the trigger is hot.

2.4 Beef with wine sauce

Preparation materials:

  • Beef: 400g
  • Potatoes: 2
  • Carrot + tomato: 1 fruit
  • Onion: 1 piece
  • Dried bay leaves: 2 leaves
  • Ginger: 1 piece
  • Garlic: 4 cloves
  • Wine: 30ml
  • Tapioca flour: 2 tablespoons
  • Cooking oil: 2 tablespoons
  • Wine sauce seasoning: 5gr
  • Seasoning: monosodium glutamate, seasoning, salt, ground pepper, sugar
Implementation steps:
B1: Purchased beef was washed with salt water diluted about 2 times. Cut the beef into small squares enough to eat
B2: Wash and diced tomatoes. Peel the onion, cut into wedges. Peel the garlic, smash it and divide it into 2 parts. Peeled ginger, smashed. Dried bay leaves, washed
B3: Put beef in a bowl with: tomato + onion + minced garlic + monosodium glutamate + sugar + salt + seasoning of wine sauce + ground pepper. Mix up. Marinate for about 30 minutes
B4: Put the pan on the stove, add cooking oil, the oil is hot, then pour the remaining minced garlic into the pan and fry it until fragrant.
B5: Garlic smells good, put marinated beef in the pan and cook for about 5 minutes
B6: Re-hunted beef, pour 30ml of red wine + chopped tomatoes on the island, stir together for 5 minutes and then turn off the heat.
B7: Pour the sautéed beef into the pressure cooker, add 700ml of water along with 3 dried bay leaves. Close the lid and cook for about 20 minutes
B8: Open the lid, put potatoes + carrots in the stew with beef
B9: Mix tapioca starch with 30ml of filtered water. Pour the mixture into the casserole dish. Tunnel for another 10 minutes and it’s done.

2.5 Bay leaves to cook pho


  • Noodles: 5kg
  • Beef: 1kg
  • Pork bones: 2kg
  • Anise + cardamom + cloves + cinnamon stick: 1 little
  • Dried bay leaves: 3 leaves
  • Spring onion
  • Onion
  • Ginger: 1 piece
  • Spices: seasoning, monosodium glutamate,…


Implementation steps:
B1: Thinly sliced beef, small enough to eat
B2: Wash pork bones with salt water. Put the pork bones in the pot with 1000ml of water. Cover, bring to a boil
B3: Open the lid, skim off the foam floating on the water
B4: Wash the green onions, remove the roots, and cut them into small pieces. Peel the onion, wash it, and slice it thinly. Ginger washed, peeled, smashed
B5: Clear water, add star anise + cardamom + cinnamon stick + dried bay leaf + crushed ginger into the stew with bone broth
B6: Add spices + seasoning seeds + monosodium glutamate to bone broth. Stir well and season to taste
B7: Bare rice noodles and cooked beef and then put in a bowl, sprinkle with green onions + finely chopped onions. Slowly scoop up the pho broth and fill it with pho noodles and enjoy it.

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3. Note when using bay leaves in cuisine?

Although, is a familiar seasoning ingredient. But you also need to know but note when using bay leaves in cuisine to avoid side effects such as:

  • It should be used in a specific dose. Overdose will directly affect the food
  • Do not use bay leaves for children, pregnant women and nursing mothers
  • People who are sensitive or allergic to the scent of bay leaves
  • Do not use bay leaves in cooking with people with diabetes

Above is the information to help you know what to cook with bay leaves. Not only that, you also have more useful golden information about what is the use of bay leaf, note when using bay leaf,… Hopefully, the above sharing will give you a lot of information. useful.

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