What is good to cook wood ear? See now delicious dishes from wood ear

trứng rán đậu phụ mộc nhĩ

What is good to cook wood ear? Let’s discover 7 recipes for delicious dishes from wood ear

Wood ear is a very healthy dry food. The addition of wood ear fungus in daily meals will help keep the body healthy and reduce the risk of some dangerous diseases. If you are looking for the secret to making this ingredient for a family meal, then follow the article below. Dry Food will reveal to you how to make delicious dishes from the most attractive wood ear.

Instructions on how to make delicious dishes with wood ear

1. Stir-fried chicken with wood ear mushrooms

món ngon từ mộc nhĩ
Delicious and nutritious stir-fry dishes for family meals

Ingredients to be prepared


  • Wash the chicken, put it in and boil it. Remove to cool and then cut into small pieces. Add the pepper and mix well until the meat is fragrant. Keep chicken broth 1 small bowl to make broth.
  • Soak shiitake and wood ear mushrooms until they bloom. Wash to remove dirt and cut into small pieces. Dried onions are also finely chopped and set aside.
  • Add chopped fresh pears to the boiled chicken broth. Boil for about 5 minutes to sweeten the broth.
  • Put the pan on the stove. Add olive oil and sauteed onions until fragrant. Next, stir-fry the shiitake and shiitake mushrooms. Stir until mixture is cooked.
  • Add the simmering broth to the pan. Add in the cooked chicken. Stir quickly and evenly so that the chicken is fully cooked and the water is dry.
  • Put the cooked dish on a plate and use it with a meal. Add a little pepper and flavor to make the dish more attractive.

So, with just a few simple steps, you have a nutritious stir-fry dish for family meals. This is also one of the delicious dishes with shiitake mushrooms that you should try.

2. Spring rolls (pork ear rolls with wood ear)

In the list of delicious dishes made from wood ear, this dish cannot be missed. This dish is perfect for weekends or holidays. Most people like this dish because of its delicious crispy taste and not being bored when eating.

giò tai
Món ăn ưa thích của nhiều người, ngon giòn không ngán

Ingredients to be prepared

  • Pig ears: 1 piece
  • Wood ear: 30g
  • Spices: pepper, seasoning, vinegar,…
  • Dried onion, lemongrass

Instructions on how to

  • Wash the pig’s ears with vinegar and salt. At the base of the ear, remove the fat and remove the ear hole. Wood ear soaked in water. When it blooms, take it out and wash it. Onions and lemongrass washed. Lemongrass cut into pieces
  • On the inside of the pig’s ear, put the wood ear and spread it evenly. Sprinkle a little more seasoning. Roll the pig’s ears up and secure with a string. Put the ear in the pot and add water to cover the ear. Add 2 tablespoons of vinegar and a pinch of salt to the pot. Boil over, the ears are cooked, take out, rinse the ears with water.
  • Continue to boil the ear with new water.Put in the new pot of water, onion, lemongrass, pepper and 2 tablespoons of vinegar. Boil for about 20-25 minutes, when the ear is cooked, turn off the heat. Remove the ear and let it cool
  • Wrap pork ears with cooled wood ear rolls and put them in the refrigerator. Leave it on for about 3 hours. At that time, the ear will be crispy and firmer. Cut into bite-sized pieces, place on a plate and eat with rice.

3. Bitter Gourd Soup (Bitter Gourd Soup)

món ăn ngon từ mộc nhĩ
Bitter gourd soup – a nutritious dish

Prepare materials

  • Mướp đắng:6 small fruits
  • Minced pork: 300gr
  • Ground shrimp: 200gr
  • Wood ear: 30gr
  • Spices: pepper, seasoning, red onion, green onion,…

How to make bitter melon soup

  • Soak wood ear mushrooms until they bloom evenly, take them out, wash them, and cut them into small pieces. Finely chopped purple onion, washed and finely chopped green onions. Put all 3 ingredients in a bowl with the minced meat and shrimp. Add to the mixture 1 teaspoon of pepper, ½ teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of seasoning and stir to infuse the spices.
  • Wash bitter melon, cut into bite-sized pieces (about 3cm long). Remove the intestines, boil briefly and then put the melon in cold water to reduce the bitterness.
  • Stuff the meat mixture above into each loofah.
  • Put the stuffed bitter melon into a pot of boiling water. Simmer for 15-20 minutes until the meat is cooked inside. Season to taste. Put the green onions in the pot and turn off the heat.
  • Pour the soup into a bowl and serve hot for better taste.

4. Wood ear tofu fried eggs

trứng rán đậu phụ mộc nhĩ
Simple savory dishes, easy to make, save time


  • Eggs: 4-5 eggs
  • Wood ear: 20g
  • Tofu: 1 plate


  • Crack the eggs into a bowl, add a little seasoning and beat well.
  • Finely chop the tofu and add it to the egg bowl
  • Wood ear mushrooms soaked to bloom, washed and chopped. Next, put the wood ear in the bowl of the egg and bean mixture above. Season to taste and mix well.
  • Put the pan in the oil and heat it. Use mosquito soup to scoop the mixture into the pan into bite-sized pieces. Fry on medium heat, paying attention to flip the pieces to cook evenly on both sides. When both sides have a nice crispy golden color, remove to a plate and use.

If you don’t have time, or are busy with work, then this tofu wood ear omelette is a great choice not to be missed. It only takes a few minutes, you have a delicious fried dish with rice.

5. Quail eggs, sweet and sour fried wood ear

món ăn ngon từ mộc nhĩ
Quail eggs are sweet and sour, delicious and hard to resist

Materials needed

  • 10 quail eggs
  • 1 green bell pepper
  • 1 red bell pepper
  • 30 g of wood ear
  • Garlic, ginger: finely chopped
  • Scallion
  • Bột năng
  • Filtered water, cooking oil, vinegar, white wine, soy sauce
  • Gia vị

Instructions on how to prepare

  • Boil quail eggs. After boiling, peel off the shell and fry the eggs until golden
  • Wood ear soaked to bloom, washed to remove dirt. Cut into small pieces, set aside.
  • Red and green bell peppers are washed with water and cut into bite-sized pieces.
  • Make broth: Take a small half bowl, add ingredients such as minced garlic and ginger. Add seasonings such as seasoning, vinegar, soy sauce, salt, white wine to the bowl of water and stir well.
  • Heat a pan, then add 1 tablespoon of oil. When the oil is hot, stir in the bell peppers and wood ear. Pour the mixed broth into the pan. Stir until the chili and wood ear are cooked, then add the quail eggs and continue to stir-fry.
  • To thicken the sauce and thicken, you dissolve a little tapioca starch with water and then pour it into the pan, stir well.
  • Add green onions to the island for a while, season to taste, then turn off the heat.
  • Put the quail eggs on a plate and enjoy.

6. Vegetarian dish: Spring rolls with mushroom spring rolls

chả giò nem nấm
Crispy spring rolls, blending flavors from a variety of vegetables

Materials needed

  • Wood ear: 3 ears
  • Chicken thigh mushrooms: 1 plant
  • Enoki mushrooms: 50g
  • half a carrot
  • Ground pork: 50g (if you want a vegetarian dish, you don’t need it)
  • Nấm đông cô (shiitake): 50g
  • Rolled rice paper
  • Spices: pepper, seasoning, coriander, tapioca,…

Processing Instructions

  • Wood ear mushrooms soak in water to bloom, then rinse. Cut the yarn and chop it into small pieces. Wash the enoki mushrooms and chicken thighs and cut them into small pieces. Soak shiitake mushrooms to bloom evenly, wash and cut into small pieces. Wash the carrots, remove the skin, and cut the fibers. To make the dish more delicious, we can chop the above ingredients as small as possible.
  • Put all the above mixtures in a large bowl, add finely chopped coriander, pepper, half a teaspoon of tapioca starch, season to taste and mix well.
  • Use rice paper to roll into spring rolls and fry until golden brown. Should fry at medium heat, about 6 minutes because the ingredients are mainly vegetables, so it cooks quickly.
  • Pick up a plate, dip it with chili sauce or sweet and sour sauce depending on each person’s taste.

7. Sticky rice with minced wood ear meat

xôi thịt bằm mộc nhĩ
Nutritious breakfast for the whole family


  • Glutinous rice 300gr
  • Minced meat 100gr
  • Wood ear 30gr
  • 2 pieces of dried onion
  • Spice

How to make sticky rice with minced meat with wood ear

  • Sticky rice is soaked for 1 hour. Take them out to drain. Use a rice cooker to cook sticky rice. Put the rice in the pot, add water about half a knuckles high. Add about 1 teaspoon of cooking oil and a little soup powder and stir well. So when cooked, sticky rice will be more beautiful and delicious.
  • Wash the pork and mince it, season to taste. Wood ear soaked in bloom, then washed to remove dirt, finely chopped and mixed with meat.
  • Heat a pan, saute onions. Next, add wood ear mushrooms and meat to stir-fry, add seasoning to taste. Stir by hand until cooked. After the meat and wood ear are cooked, turn off the heat and pour this mixture into the sticky rice pot, stir well.
  • When the sticky rice is cooked, put it in a tray or box to cool. You can use sticky rice with side dishes such as spring rolls, spring rolls, chicken, … to make the dish more attractive.

This is a simple dish from wood ear that is easy to make, you can cook to make a nutritious breakfast for your family.

Wood ear can cook a variety of dishes, combining with many different foods. Adding wood ear mushrooms to your daily diet has many health benefits. However, women who wonder if it’s okay to eat wood ear after giving birth, please read the article The truth about milk loss when eating wood ear after birth for more details.

Where to buy quality wood ear?

On the market, there are many different types of wood ear. To buy clean, quality and safe wood ear mushrooms, come to Dung Ha Agricultural Products. Contact hotline: 1900986865 for advice and order.

mộc nhĩ
Wood ear at Dung Ha Agricultural Products

Above are some delicious dishes made from wood ear that Dry Food introduces to you. Hope everyone will cook the most delicious dishes for family and loved ones. Good luck!


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