What is the current price of lonely garlic? How to use lonely garlic

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The Northwest is not only known for its charming scenery and majestic mountains, but also for its delicious and strange specialties: smoked pork, five-color sticky rice, lam rice, Suoi Bang snail… But The specialty that is considered the most characteristic of this land is Son La lonely garlic. So what is the effect of lonely garlic? How much is the price of lonely garlic for 1kg? Let’s find out with thucphamkho.vn

1. What are the characteristics of Son La lonely garlic that make them special?

Lonely garlic is not only special because it is a rare type of garlic, but the way to grow garlic is also different.
Phu Yen is located in the Northwest mountainous region with overlapping mountains and interlaced rivers. The nature here is also considered to be harsh when the dry season is extremely hot and the winter is very cold. But strangely, it is suitable and favored for the lonely garlic variety Son La to exist and develop. Thanks to that, Son La province has rare specialties to promote to tourists near and far. At the same time improving the economic life of garlic growers here.
Arriving in Son La province in mid-November, you will see green garlic fields planted by local people. Lonely garlic here is not grown all year round like other garlic growing areas. They are planted alternately with the rice crop and inherit the richness of the land here.
However, the lonely garlic grown in Son La prefers slightly solid soil with little silt. Therefore, in the middle of the vast garlic fields, there are also lonely garlic fields. People here believe that it is due to the soil structure that helps garlic grow into a branch. Humans cannot influence. Usually, to have lonely garlic, people will choose purple garlic varieties.
Over the years, Son La has kept the traditional garlic growing model. But this place still gives birth to a lonely type of garlic that is completely different from the places where garlic is grown in the country.

2. Son La lonely garlic – characteristic flavor

The lonely garlic here is different from other lonely garlic in both shape and taste.
Different from the lonely garlic in other provinces. For example: lonely garlic Vinh Thuc Quang Ninh province, lonely garlic Phan Rang Ninh Thuan province, lonely garlic Quang Ngai. Phu Yen garlic in Son La province has quite large garlic cloves with beautiful purple color. In terms of taste, garlic is mildly spicy but not too overpowering and pungent. Especially when preparing food, garlic has a very pleasant aroma. Therefore, many restaurants in the Northwest choose Son La garlic as the main seasoning.

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Lonely garlic can only be grown in some areas of Phu Yen district such as Gia Phu commune, Tuong Phu commune, Tuong Thuong commune. Because the planting area is not large, it seems that the garlic care process is applied according to the traditional method from weeding to fertilizing. Most importantly, Son La lonely garlic does not use fertilizers and pesticides. On the contrary, people take advantage of burning straw after the rice crop to plant garlic right away.
Lonely garlic is harvested by people. Then tie into bunches, then hang to dry garlic. Therefore, garlic can be used for a long time without being invaded by termites and insects. Son La lonely garlic today is present in many places. And become a precious gift for everyone, every home.

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3. The effect of lonely garlic

The content of nutrients in lonely garlic is very much. Including minerals, vitamins, essential oils (0.1 – 0.36%). At the same time, in lonely garlic contains a rare substance. This substance is rarely found in common foods, which is selenium.
Only using garlic has helped prevent the risk of cancer, strengthen the body’s resistance, immune system, fight inflammation, fight swelling, stabilize blood pressure, help blood vessels circulate, reduce joint pain. . At the same time, prevent and reverse the skin aging process in women.
Today, lonely garlic is very popularly used. And appear a lot in everyday life. People often use lonely garlic as a spice to cook daily dishes. Not only that, lonely garlic soaked in alcohol is also considered an effective remedy for many diseases.
According to studies published by the World Health Organization WHO, drinking garlic wine alone can treat a number of diseases.


  • People with bronchitis: pharyngitis, bronchitis, bronchial asthma
  • People with rheumatism: sore throat, swollen joints, bone fatigue.
  • Some heart-related diseases such as open heart valve, high blood pressure, low blood pressure.
  • Diseases related to the digestive system: heartburn, stomach ulcers, duodenal onions …
  • It’s not just about the healing effects. Lonely garlic is also very good for beauty such as: weight loss, weight control, …
  • Lonely garlic aids in external treatment, internal treatment. And especially good for diabetics, control excess fat in the blood.

To enhance resistance, health and repel the risk of some diseases. The advice for you is to get in the habit of using garlic alone every day.

The most effective way to use lonely garlic

Lonely garlic to achieve high efficiency needs to be used in the following way:

  • Eat alone garlic directly
  • Lonely garlic wine soak
  • Lonely garlic soaked in sugar or vinegar
  • Lonely garlic tea.
  • Lonely garlic can be processed into a number of daily remedies and dishes.

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4. What is the price of lonely garlic in Son La?

As one of the specialties and not always grown. So Son La lonely garlic is always in a state of scarcity. So, it seems that wherever the harvest season goes, Son La lonely garlic is also out of stock. Therefore, the price of lonely garlic in Son La is not cheap
On average, a field of nearly 1,000m2 will yield about 2 tons of garlic. But the number of lonely garlic only accounts for about 30kg.
Thus, for every 10kg of normal garlic, only about 0.5kg of lonely garlic can be obtained. Therefore, garlic is purchased by traders at the field with an average price of 300,000 VND. Sometimes up to 450,000 VND / kg. Tourists come here mainly to buy lonely garlic as gifts for relatives.

gia toi co dơn son la

People here also use lonely garlic to make other specialties. Such as: lonely garlic wine cures many diseases, delicious lonely garlic tea, lonely garlic soaked in honey. And the secret to making herbs from lonely garlic. Therefore, the price of lonely garlic and specialties made from lonely garlic is always high. And it attracts tourists near and far by its distinctive flavor.

Where to buy Son La lonely garlic, how much money?

Son La lonely garlic is listed as one of the most famous specialties in Vietnam. Also because they are really scarce and expensive, it’s really not easy to buy. And the price of lonely garlic in Son La is also quite high
The best way to buy first-class, high-quality goods is to buy directly at the garden, when farmers are harvesting. To be sure, you can make a deposit in advance. When the harvest season comes, there will be goods to pick up. If you come to the garden late, there will be no garlic to buy.
You can buy original Son La garlic at PRESTIGE specialty stores. Or ask local people to buy for you. However, not all famous or large-scale stores sell the original Son La lonely garlic. In fact, there are some places that mix Chinese lonely garlic or Hai Duong garlic and claim to be Son La garlic. You also need to know the characteristics of this garlic so that it can be easily distinguished from fakes on the market.
Often stores will also sell black garlic, which has a very good healing and skin-beautifying effect.

Where to buy Son La lonely garlic?

Dry food suggests you an extremely prestigious address to buy lonely garlic Son La –  Dung Ha Agricultural Product Store. Through many years of experience, we have built trust and have a large number of loyal customers. Lonely garlic at Dung Ha Agricultural Products is ordered directly at the garden of Son La people. Passed through the process of preliminary processing, rigorous testing. Then bring to consumers the best quality garlic cloves. So you can rest assured when shopping here.

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In addition, we also have a lot of regional specialty products, you can refer here.
In general, Son La lonely garlic is grown in the Northwest mountains, inheriting fresh spring water. Garlic grows thanks to alluvial deposits in the Muong Tac field. Therefore, only eating lonely garlic here once, everyone will remember that taste forever! Before buying lonely garlic in Son La, remember to find out the price of lonely garlic and a reputable place to buy it!
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