What is the effect of sticky rice? How to properly cook sticky rice

tac dung gao nep cam

Have you ever heard or seen the distinctive and eye-catching black-purple sticky rice? Join thucphamkho.vn to learn more about this type of rice as well as its effects and how to make sticky rice into attractive dishes for the whole family!

What is Glutinous Rice?

Sticky rice has a dark purple color as the name suggests. The shape is slightly round, mushy and when cooked, it turns to a beautiful dark purple color.
Their characteristic purple color is due to the existence of impressive anthocyanin content.
This rice variety is said to be the result of a combination of Indonesian charcoal glutinous rice, Philippine balatiaw rice, and Thailand’s jasmine glutinous rice. In some places like Manipur or Bangladesh they are used to make desserts and traditional cakes.

Nutritional composition of glutinous rice

Sticky rice is a rich source of nutrients. On average, 100 grams of glutinous rice contains the following nutrients:
Energy: 160 kcal
Protein: 4g
Carbs: 34g
Lipids: 1.5g
Fiber: 1g
Iron: 6% of the Daily Value (DV)
gao nep cam
Glutinous rice

The effect of glutinous rice is not known to everyone

The antioxidant effect of glutinous rice

Antioxidants are one of the important factors that help the body fight a number of diseases. Especially chronic diseases like heart disease, Alzheimer’s and some other cancers.
A study has shown that up to 23 types of antioxidants and antioxidant activity exist in glutinous rice. Especially the active ingredient that creates its characteristic purple color.
Therefore, adding a reasonable amount of glutinous rice to the daily meal can help the body fight some diseases.

Cardiovascular health support

Flavonoids are one of the substances found in glutinous rice. This substance has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease and death from heart disease.
Not only that, anthocyanins found in glutinous rice have the ability to help improve cholesterol and triglyceride levels inside your body.

The effect of supporting cancer prevention

The active ingredient that creates the characteristic purple color of glutinous rice is also an active ingredient that has the ability to reduce the risk of cancer as well as support the treatment of this disease.
One review has shown that consuming foods rich in anthocyanins can significantly reduce the risk of rectal cancer.

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Benefits for eye health

Black rice is rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, which have been shown to be closely related to eye health. They have the ability to help the body fight free radicals that damage the eyes.
Not only that, lutein and zeaxanthin can also protect the retina by blocking and eliminating blue light that is harmful to the eyes. They also play an important role in preventing age-related macular degeneration.
tac dung gao nep cam
The effect of glutinous rice

The effect of supporting weight loss of glutinous rice

Sticky rice is an excellent source of protein and fiber. And both can aid weight loss by “suppressing hunger” and prolonging feelings of fullness.
Additionally, in animal studies, anthocyanins may be beneficial for weight loss. However, they still need to be studied further in humans for accurate results.

How to distinguish sticky rice from other types of rice?

Glutinous rice and glutinous rice


  Glutinous rice cake Charcoal glutinous rice
Source Northwest mountains Mekong Delta
Shape Large and round rice grains Rice grains are elongated and smaller
Color Dark purple Black
Quality More nutritious. When cooked, it will be soft and fragrant. The cost is also higher Less nutritious than sticky rice. Rice grains are slightly firm when ripe.


Glutinous rice and brown rice

  Nếp cẩm Brown rice
Shape The seeds are round, fluffy, almost like glutinous rice Brown rice is round in shape, brown rice is usually thinner.
Color Dark purple Depending on the type of rice, red brown rice is red, brown rice is usually slightly yellow…
Quality High flexibility, easy to stick together, soft and fragrant The plasticity is not high, similar to plain rice. Feeling a bit hard and less fragrant


Delicious dishes not to be missed are made from glutinous rice

Sticky rice, also known as charcoal, can be processed into many dishes such as sticky rice, cooking tea or making rice wine, served with yogurt… Although it is just a popular dish, it is loved by many people. thanks to its very own special delicious taste.

How to cook sticky rice with a rice cooker

Ingredients for cooking glutinous rice
– Sticky rice: Choose the type of sticky rice that is large, round, whole grain, not moldy, termite.
– Salt
– Country
xoi nep cam
Cooking sticky rice with rice cooker

Steps to take

Step 1: First of all, you need to soak glutinous rice for 6-8 hours, preferably overnight so as not to lose time.
Step 2: Put a pot of water on the stove and bring to a boil
While waiting for the water to boil, pour the glutinous rice into a thick basket (don’t let the sticky rice fall apart). Then just wash the rice and pick up the husk, remove the damaged rice grains.
Step 3: After washing the rice, put it in the rice cooker, add a little salt, squeeze it thoroughly. Next, you pour the pot of boiling water in so that it just covers the surface of the sticky rice. Finally, you turn on the “cook” mode and wait. When the pot switches to “warm” mode, after about 5 minutes, open the pot to check if the sticky rice is cooked well. If it feels a bit dry, you can add a little water and turn on the “cook” button to cook until the pot switches to “warm” mode. And if you’re done cooking, unplug the power, but don’t open the lid quickly, keep the lid on for about 5 more minutes so that the sticky rice doesn’t stick to the pot. Then you can open the lid, stir, let it cool and make your favorite dishes.

Finished Product Requirements

Sticky rice seeds have an eye-catching glossy purple color, giving off a characteristic aroma. Glutinous rice should be medium flexible, neither mushy nor dry. You have succeeded if you can do that.
After cooked, sticky rice can be used to process many different dishes such as: tea, sticky rice yogurt, cooking wine …. Next, thucphamkho.vn will guide you how to make some delicious dishes from rice. delicious and nutritious sticky rice.

How to cook delicious sticky rice tea

Prepare materials

– 200g of cooked glutinous rice
– 100g sugar
– 100g of coconut milk
– 5ml banana oil
che nep cam
Making sticky rice tea at home

Steps to take

Step 1: When the sticky rice is cooked, leave the pot on the stove, add sugar + coconut milk (80g) and stir well. When the pot of sticky rice comes to a boil, add the banana oil and turn off the heat.
Step 2: Scoop the tea into a small bowl, pour the remaining coconut milk on top. Divide evenly among each bowl. The bowl of tea looks very eye-catching, you can add shaved ice if you want to eat it cold.

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How to make delicious sticky rice

– 500g of cooked glutinous rice
– 20g sweet yeast: Choose fresh yeast, still fragrant, not moldy.
– Banana leaves: Will help keep the characteristic aroma of sticky rice when brewed

Steps to take

Step 1: When the glutinous rice is cooked by cooking sticky rice in the rice cooker that we have instructed above, use a ladle to scoop the sticky rice out onto a tray to let the sticky rice cool down quickly.
Step 2: Proceed to make yeast
Use a knife to scrape the husk and brown outer layer of the yeast cake. Next, you pound the yeast cake
Step 3: Proceed to brew sticky rice wine
u ruou nep cam
Brewing sticky rice wine

It’s very simple to do

When the sticky rice has cooled, sprinkle the pounded yeast cake evenly and gently mix with chopsticks. Then you add the mixture and banana leaves and wrap it up.
Prepare a large pot, line a plate underneath and put banana leaves wrapped in sticky rice on top and cover. The appropriate temperature for brewing sticky rice wine is about 20 – 25 degrees Celsius. You should pay attention to choose the right location for incubation.
After 2 days, you can smell the fragrance from afar. When opening the lid, this fragrance is stronger. You will see a lot of water secreted, it is sticky rice wine. As for the brewed sticky rice, people often call it rice wine.
When you want to eat, you scoop both rice and wine to eat together, you will feel the sweetness of sticky rice, a bit spicy like when drinking wine, very interesting, you should try. You can also add yoghurt and shaved ice to the rice wine, which is also quite delicious. If you don’t want to brew anymore (when brewing too much, it will be sour), you can separate the rice and wine into a bowl, cover it, and then put it in the refrigerator to eat gradually.
Above is an article sharing about the effects of sticky rice and detailed instructions on how to cook sticky rice with a rice cooker that is both flexible and delicious. And how to make some delicious dishes from sticky rice. Have you ever craved these foods? Go to the market to buy ingredients and start doing it right away. Good luck!

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