What vegetables do you plant in the North in July to quickly harvest?


Do you have a small plot of land in your family and want to grow vegetables to provide a clean, safe and quality food source for your family’s meals? In July, the weather in the North is still quite hot. Therefore, finding vegetables to grow at this stage is extremely difficult. In the following article, Dung Ha Dry Food will explore with you what vegetables to grow in July in the North to quickly harvest.

1. General overview of the weather in July in the North? 

Vietnam’s territory lies entirely in the tropical zone, bordering the East Sea, so it is directly affected by the commercial monsoon climate. The climate of the North is clearly divided into 4 types of spring, summer, autumn and winter.
  • Spring, starting from February or March. This weather creates favorable conditions for trees to sprout. The average temperature of spring falls between 21 – 23 degrees Celsius
  • Summer, from May to the end of July. This is the time when the Earth receives the most solar energy. Those are erratic heat waves that last forever. The temperature is high, but this is also the main crop of many good fruit trees
  • Autumn, from August to October. This is the coolest time of the year. No more intense heat waves like summer. Clear weather, pleasant temperature
  • Winter, starting from late October to January next year. The temperature started to drop dramatically. Average temperature ranges from 13 – 15 degrees Celsius
When planting vegetables in July, you need to pay close attention to a few things to make the tree bear fruit quickly:
  • Choose short-term summer cultivars
  • Choose healthy varieties, less pests and diseases, resistant to all kinds of weather
  • Use a plan to shield trees from sun and rain
  • Choose moisture-loving plants
  • Sufficient supply of water
  • Soil is porous
Let’s find out right away what vegetables to grow in July in the North to harvest quickly.

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2. What vegetables do you plant in the North in July to quickly harvest?

2.1 Water spinach seeds

Morning glory seeds are very popular seeds in the northern region of Vietnam. Water spinach is very easy to grow, easy to take care of, and produces good products. It only takes a while to fertilize and water regularly for the plants to germinate. No need to ask too much, water spinach just needs to be grown in a styrofoam box and after only 1 month you have obtained your finished product.
The growth time of water spinach takes only 3-4 weeks. Mature tree 30cm or more tall. Cut the water spinach and leave the base only about 3cm to continue to grow water spinach for the next litter. Normally, in a growing season of morning glory, you will harvest about 5 batches of morning glory.


Next summer, having a bowl of boiled water spinach soup with crocodile is great. Water spinach dipped with garlic fish sauce is also very mouthwatering. Eating vegetables is best for the intestinal digestive system. Clean vegetables grown from my own hands always ensure quality and do not use pesticides or growth drugs.
Contact me immediately to buy the best price of morning glory seeds. My morning glory seeds are selling for 15,000 VND/pack of 50 grams.

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2.2 Red jute vegetable seeds

Another vegetable that you should grow at home this July is jute vegetables. Jute vegetables are certainly not too strange to us in Vietnamese cuisine anymore. Jute vegetables are often cooked or boiled to eat extremely cool on hot summer days. Currently, red jute vegetable seeds are being used by many farmers. Because this is a type of seed for fast and good yield. In particular, they can withstand harsh weather climates. Then you also have to buy a package to plant in your home right?
Jute vegetables are always in the TOP of vegetables with the most nutritional value for health. In terms of nutritional value, the amount of calcium in jute vegetables ranks fourth among edible vegetables. The amount of iron ranks number 1, the amount of beta-carotene ranks number 4 and the amount of Vitamin C ranks number 3.


This is a leafy vegetable. When mature, they are only 60 – 70cm tall but they give very luxuriant leaves and this is the part that women pick up to cook with melon soup, cooked with dried shrimp or cooked with perch evenly. It only takes about 50-60 days for the sisters to have a quality clean vegetable grown by themselves.
The cost of red jute vegetable seeds is also quite cheap. Therefore, contact Dung Ha immediately to order jute vegetable seeds. The price is only 15,000 VND / pack of 20 grams.

2.3 Amaranth Seeds

To continue the list of what vegetables to grow in July in the North, perhaps, amaranth seeds are the right vegetables for the northern July weather conditions. Amaranth is also very easy to grow as with water spinach. It has good disease resistance and can be grown all year round. But amaranth is highly demanding from the tillage process. Soil must be done carefully, the soil must be loose, the amaranth can grow strongly.
In the process of sowing amaranth seeds, you need to pre-soak them with warm water for about 2 hours. It only takes about 25 – 30 days for you to be able to harvest amaranth. Harvest by uprooting the whole plant or cutting across the stem 5-7cm above the ground and then continue to irrigate with fertilizer to help the plant produce new shoots.


The price of amaranth in the market is relatively cheap. But the cheap price, in return, the nutritional value in amaranth is extremely expensive. In 100g amaranth provides substances such as Vitamin B2, Vitamin C, Calcium, Fiber, Iron, Protein, Potassium and Minerals. All of the above substances are important for human health as well as the digestive system. To help the digestive system avoid constipation, bloating, indigestion. Amaranth is extremely cool to eat and is very good for women who are following that weight loss diet.
Buy Dung Ha amaranth seeds there are many types. The price is cheap, only about 15,000vnd/pack of 20g.

2.4 Moringa seeds

Moringa seeds are the vegetables that you should plant in the July climate of the North. This vegetable also has an impressive growth capacity. Easy to grow, easy to fertilize and not too demanding. In the process of growing moringa, you also need to soak the seeds in warm water for about 2-3 hours before planting.
Moringa tree has an extremely strong growth rate. In adulthood, the moringa tree grows to tens of meters high. This is also a plant to eat leaves, but in the process of growing, you need to prune leaves and cut branches regularly.


Not only used as a leafy vegetable. When the moringa tree matures, all parts such as leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, roots, and stems are useful to human health. The harvested part of the plant is the moringa leaves after 30 days of planting. For moringa roots, the tree must reach 2 years of planting or more. It is both a culinary vegetable and a medicinal product of Oriental medicine to treat osteoporosis and skin problems. Therefore, it is very difficult to find and buy moringa in the market. You can just buy seeds or buy moringa powder to use.
Buy Dung Ha Moringa seeds for 15,000vnd/pack of 10 seeds.


2.5 Cucumber Seeds

The list of what vegetables to grow in the North in July is the last one today, which is cucumber seeds. Cucumber is a popular fruit in Vietnamese cuisine. This is also a favorite drink of men. However, cucumber is a climbing plant, so you need to make a trellis for the plant to climb.
Cucumber seeds can be planted all year round. But perhaps, the crop that gives the most and best quality fruit is in autumn-winter and summer-autumn. As a heat-resistant plant, you need to plant cucumbers in places where there is a lot of light. The nutritional needs of cucumbers are relatively high, cucumbers need a lot of potassium and protein.


Cucumbers take 35-40 days before you can harvest the finished product. The more fruits are harvested, the stronger the tree will grow. The time of ripeness to harvest cucumbers is green skin, with a layer of white manure, the flower head has not fallen.
Carrots are both an extremely cool fruit tree for summer days. Cucumber contains a lot of nutrients. Nutrition from cucumber is also used by women to apply cucumber masks to treat acne very well.
Buy Dung Ha cucumber seeds for 25,000 VND/pack of 10 seeds.

3. Conclude

Above is the entire article detailing answers to the question of what vegetables to grow in July in the North that Dried Food has shared with you. These vegetables do not need too much land to grow, but just need a small, beautiful styrofoam container, placed in a place with full light, you have yourself a vegetable that you want. Wish you always success in the process of growing seeds and have your favorite vegetables.
To order quality clean vegetable seeds, contact immediately via Hotline: 1900 986865 for more advice on each product type.
Or you can visit the following address:
  • North 1: No. 11 Kim Dong – Giap Bat Street – Hoang Mai District – Hanoi
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