Where to buy dried roses to ensure prestige and quality

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Currently, dried roses are used to make tea and cosmetic ingredients. Or prepare dishes that are very popular with consumers! Products of flowers, dried rose petals or dried dalat roses are sought by many customers. However, its origin and quality become questionable for many. Besides dried flower teas such as chrysanthemum bud tea, yellow chrysanthemum tea, white chrysanthemum tea, lavender bud, peony, juniper, jasmine, etc., dried rose is also one of the herbal teas. carpentry is very popular with customers. With a seductive scent, and eye-catching colors, it brings many good uses for health. So where to buy dried roses is more and more interested!

1. What is Rose Tea?

The rose bud is a flower that is very familiar to everyone because of its beauty and characteristic fragrance. But in addition to beauty uses, few people know that roses also have very effective healing uses. In oriental medicine, dried rose buds are often used as a precious herb to cure many diseases effectively.
Rose tea is taken from roses when they are still in their unopened bud state. At this point, the petals are still tightly closed. The farmer will collect these rose buds. And let it dry. It is not possible to make rose tea with already blooming roses.

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2. Benefits of rose tea

Roses are considered by the Chinese and Europeans to be a precious medicinal plant. Has the effect of helping good digestion, psychological comfort without sadness, helping to refresh the spirit. For women, rose tea helps regulate menstruation.

Rose tea helps beautiful skin, anti-aging brain

In rose tea contains many antioxidants and vitamin C. The antioxidant components found in roses such as quercetin and gallic acid. These ingredients work to slow down the aging process of the skin.

Rose tea helps reduce stress

Rose tea has a sweet and sour taste and is warm in nature. When taken, it has a sedative effect, calms nerves, helps reduce stress. Rose tea also helps to calm the mind. This flower contains substances that calm nerves and agitated psychological states. It is considered a sleep aid. An antidepressant and a myriad of other nervous system related ailments.

Rose tea is good for the heart

Rose tea contains an ingredient called cyanidin-3-O-β-glucoside. This ingredient reduces the activity of bad enzymes that damage the heart. This is a finding of Korean scientists. They have determined that drinking rose tea enhances heart function.

3. How to use dried rose bud tea properly?

How to use rose tea is also quite simple. Every day you just need to take from 7 to 10 dried rose buds. Put in a jar, add hot water and close the lid. Wait about 5 to 7 minutes for the rose to secrete substances, let it cool and drink it.
Combine 15g of dried rose buds with 4-5 red apples or 9g of ginseng. Put in a cup and add warm water. You will have a beautiful cup of tea, nourishing blood, circulating blood. For those of you with kidney problems, you can add some dried tangerine peel.

Note when using dried rose bud tea.

Soak rose buds in warm water for 5-7 minutes. Then you can also use this petal to apply on the face, eye area. Wait for it to dry and then wash your face with water. Warm nature, very good for those who need to relax. As well as reducing dark circles under the eyes due to staying up late.
Dried Rose Tea if combined with Chamomile Tea, Jasmine Tea will be even more wonderful. Absolutely do not add romantic tea or green tea to rose tea. Because the tannic acid in the tea can reduce the effectiveness of the rose.

mua hoa hong say kho

4.How to make dried rose bud tea:

Choose roses that are dry, fragrant, and free from mold and termites.
– Tea making tools: teapot, drinking cup, tea spoon
– Tea ingredients: Dried persimmon buds (whole buds). Water (preferably filtered water or rain water, boil > 90 oC to keep the tea flavor).
How to make dried rose bud tea
– Put 10 flower buds or rose petals in 200ml of boiling water. Rinse the tea quickly, then add 200ml of boiling water. Leave for about 3-5 minutes for the tea to infuse and then pour into a cup to enjoy.
– Can add rock sugar or honey to increase the effect, easy to drink.
– Can be kept in the refrigerator to drink cold is also very delicious.
Rose tea is considered a safe drink with no side effects. However, you should still use tea in moderation. For best results, you should drink 1 to 3 cups of rose tea per day. Add 1 teaspoon of honey to each cup of tea to enhance the effects of rose tea.
Note: do not drink more than 5 cups / day to avoid excess vitamin C in the body. Drinking too much rose tea in a short time can also lead to symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, headache or diarrhea.

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Dried rose market “many for sale”

What are dried roses used for, but many people are looking to buy it. Not only with roses but with most other types of dried flowers, people often choose to buy flower teas, cakes, cosmetic ingredients, etc. With a variety of useful ingredients for the body. For example, calcium and potassium are good for cardiovascular activity, vitamin C, carotene, B vitamins, vitamin K are good for digestion and body purification, so the use is becoming more and more familiar. So there are many places that sell this product.

Dried rose market

Flower tea has many good uses for human health. Like purifying the body from the inside, healthy skin adds many good micronutrients to help us stay healthy or prevent diseases of the digestive tract, heart, etc. With so many values, people choose flowers. Dried persimmons or any kind of flower to make tea is obvious.
Just type the keyword “dry rose” on Google search, there are about 53.4 million results in 0.49 seconds. So you can see the problem is that nowadays, there are many “places” selling dried roses. At that time, to know where to buy dried roses, it is difficult to choose a suitable trading place.
The fact that there are many units selling this item helps you to have more choices when buying flower tea, more consideration. From there, choose the place that sells the most suitable product. However, there are too many places to sell, the price is much different, the difference is too much, making customers wonder where the price of dried roses is right. At that time, it is very difficult for you to choose a good rose with a suitable price.
So if you have many questions about the question of where to buy dried roses, then continue reading our article to know where to sell reputable and quality dried roses!

Where to buy dried roses?

With so many uses for both beauty and health. So what are the uses of dried roses? must have been very clear. Because of the use of dried roses on the market, many places are introducing them to customers. In the middle of the market with countless places selling dried roses. Therefore, customers can not help wondering where to buy the best quality and safest dried roses.
This is not only the question of those who like to drink rose tea but also the question of all those who are looking to buy dried rose tea as gifts and gifts. Don’t worry, Dung Ha Agricultural Products will accompany you with not only dried persimmon tea but also a wide range of the best quality teas

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Reasons to buy dried rose tea at Dung Ha

  • Tea of ​​all kinds at Dung Ha has a clear origin. Dried roses here are grown according to organic methods, harvested in the early morning, when the air is still fresh, the morning dew still glitters on the rose buds. Therefore, the nutritional value retained in it is almost intact from the vitamin to mineral content.
  • Reasonable price: Dried rose tea sold at Dung Ha Agricultural Products has a reasonable price, equivalent to product quality. Customers from budget to high-end can accept this stable and competitive price.
  • Buying dried roses here helps save time for customers. Customers do not have to lose time because they can easily order through Website nongsandungha.com. We will deliver and collect money to the place, you will not have to spend time going to the store and still have cups of rose tea to take care of your health and beauty for yourself and your family.

Through the above article of the news column of thucphamkho.vn, you have the answer to the question: Where to buy dried roses? We hope that with the shared knowledge, we will not only provide customers with quality information, but also help customers understand the value of dried roses when you need to use them.


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