The wonderful uses of sweet orange essential oil for health and beauty

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Essential oils are known and used by many people today. To know what sweet orange essential oil can do, here are some details about this sweet orange essential oil. Explore the news section of!

1. What is sweet orange essential oil?

Origin of sweet orange essential oil

In terms of origin, sweet orange essential oil is an essential oil extracted from natural orange peels. Screened and distilled through advanced methods, ensuring the preservation of precious essences and ensuring safety and hygiene. Each drop of essence is the essence of orange peel condensed. And brings many effective uses for health and beauty for many women today.

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2. Great uses of sweet orange essential oil for health and beauty

1. Sweet orange essential oil is used to help strengthen the immune system

The first is the use of sweet orange essential oil has the ability to improve the body’s immune system function. At the same time prevents the development of various diseases. The popular uses of sweet orange essential oil have been used throughout regions such as the Mediterranean and India for hundreds of years. This is one of the remedies that have been used by our ancestors for a long time. Helps the body have a good immune system. Limiting many diseases is still being used by many people today.

2. Uses to increase blood circulation

Sweet orange essential oil also enhances blood circulation. It is a natural remedy for high blood pressure. Ensure blood circulation. Transport oxygen adequately and regularly to the organs in the body. Helps overcome and reduce symptoms of heart disease. In addition, there are additional uses of sweet orange essential oil such as increasing libido (treating impotence symptoms), reducing pain and premenstrual symptoms. You can use it with olive oil, coconut oil to massage the abdomen. Helps improve blood flow in the body.

3. The effect of stimulating the digestive system

Essence from orange peel also works to stimulate the digestive system to work better, relieve abdominal pain, constipation. In addition, it also supports detoxification, diuretic, anti-flatulence, abdominal distension. Mechanism of stimulation of the lymphatic system, liver, kidney, bladder. Helps enhance the elimination of toxins and excess sodium through the digestive tract.

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4. Sweet orange essential oil is effective for pain relief

When you are suffering from muscle or joint pain, simply apply a few drops of orange peel essence to these areas, they will help reduce swelling, soothe the pain. Along with that, the use of pure orange essential oil also helps your spirit become more relaxed. Reduce stress, relax and have a more peaceful sleep.
You can also use sweet orange oil mixed with one of the carrier oils (coconut oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, …) and mix well. Then use the above mixture to massage on the damaged skin. Swelling and pain will be resolved quickly.

5. The effective skin care of sweet orange essential oil

One of the indispensable advantages that women love is the ability to whiten and brighten the skin of sweet orange essential oil. The orange family is known for its ability to provide a lot of Vitamin C to the skin to help protect and regenerate the skin. Especially orange essential oil has many types of vitamins that are best for skin care.
This orange peel essence has the ability to fight the signs of aging on the skin. Like wrinkles, dark spots. Because they stimulate and promote collagen production. One of the substances that help smooth, firm skin. High antioxidant capacity, slows down the rate of damage on the skin when exposed to direct sunlight with UV rays or polluted environment with dust, toxic substances. Vitamin C also enhances protein absorption for the body, helping the skin to have good elasticity.
You can create a mask with a small amount of sweet orange essential oil along with some carrier oils such as jojoba, rice bran, argan, etc. to have a facial mixture. But before we do, we need to check if our skin is sensitive. Like redness, itching, burning pain… with this essence.

6. Sweet orange essential oil has the effect of helping to treat acne

Acne is bacteria that invades and causes inflammation on the skin, forming acne. To overcome this situation, we can use sweet orange essential oil to treat acne. Because of the use of sweet orange essence, it has the ability to kill bacteria and disinfect very effectively. So we can apply to treat and prevent acne.

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This is one of the most popular facial oils among girls today. You should mix sweet orange essence with carrier oil. Then use a cotton swab to dab this essential oil mixture on the acne-affected skin. The signs of swelling and pain will be overcome quickly and effectively. Along with that, you can also use it in combination with lavender essential oil, geranium essential oil to increase the effectiveness of use.

7. Dental care and protection

The use of licorice essential oil also takes care of and protects teeth. Because they are resistant to the growth of bacteria present on food plaque. Prevents gingivitis and makes teeth stronger. In addition, the essence of orange and licorice peels soothes the throat. Reduce cold sores or sores in the oral cavity, reduce oral heat. We can use 1 to 2 drops of sweet orange essential oil. Then drop into a glass of water about 300ml and gargle daily.

8. Reduce stress and fatigue thanks to sweet orange essential oil

You can use an efficient essential oil diffuser or an essential oil diffuser that is both beautiful, durable, and versatile. Then drop a few drops of essence from orange peel will help us relax. Because this essence has a direct effect on the amygdala. This is considered as a place to store human emotions. Helps lift the spirit, lift the mood. Hormone balance, effective stress reduction. Everyone should use it early in the morning to help the body have the best spirit to operate a long day. Alternatively, you can mix a few drops of orange peel essential oil into your bath water. Soak or massage the body, helping the spirit to be more comfortable and refreshed.

9. Brings a good, deep and comfortable sleep

When tired, insomnia, you can also drop a few drops of sweet orange essential oil to support better sleep, to help you feel refreshed after waking up. They also help relax the mind, reduce stress and other fatigue of the body, clear the nose, avoid rhinitis, sore throat and also help the room have a pleasant aroma.

10. Supports the elimination of toxins in the body

As mentioned above, the essential oil from orange peel helps to support the elimination of toxins accumulated in the body in organs such as liver, kidneys, etc. Regulates blood, circulation, and minimizes heart-related diseases. circuit. Eliminate toxic substances for the body, ensure the machine to work normally. Strengthens the body’s immunity against external harmful agents.

11. Effective use of cleaning and deodorizing the kitchen

The use of sweet orange essential oil with natural essence extracted from orange peel has a mild and cool aroma, so it is often used to clean items in the kitchen, as well as to eliminate unpleasant odors caused by cooking. Just dilute a sufficient amount of sweet orange essential oil with water. Then spray this solution on equipment such as cutting boards, dining tables, kitchen tables, etc. to be able to clean effectively without having to use other cleaning chemicals.
Or you can also add a few drops of sweet orange peel essential oil to the kitchen sink regularly to increase efficiency, as well as help the kitchen smell more pleasant. In addition, housewives can inhale sweet orange essential oil in their kitchen, to create an airy, clean, fragrant space, purify the air, deodorize food and grease.

tinh dau cam ngotThe wonderful uses of sweet orange essential oil for health and beauty

12. Some sweet orange essential oils help repel insects

Sweet orange essential oil is also used in the bedroom or living room as a natural insect repellent. You do not need to resort to chemical sprays but still ensure to avoid mosquito bites, prevent insect-borne diseases such as dengue fever and other diseases. Besides, it brings a pleasant scent to help sleep well, effectively reduce stress and fatigue.

3. The most effective way to use sweet orange essential oil

Dilute sweet orange essential oil before use

Because essential oils are often highly concentrated and are naturally extracted, avoid applying them directly to the skin. When you apply it directly, it can cause excess nutrients or have a counterproductive effect. Therefore, it should be diluted before use for better effect. You can use an essential oil diffuser or put a few drops on a tissue and leave it in the corner of the room, or put it in boiling water to steam your face to reduce acne significantly. You can also put them in the bath and enjoy a relaxing soak or massage all over your body.

Store in the best place

To keep essential oils for a long time, you need to pay attention to keep the product in a dry place, away from direct sunlight. Do not let essential oils get into eyes or open wounds, keep out of reach of children. If the essential oil has a strange odor or an allergic reaction occurs, discontinue use immediately. Check product packaging before use and expiry date.

Do not use sweet orange essential oil on open wounds

Because essential oils are extracted pure, the content contained in each drop is high, so avoid applying directly to open wounds. They can cause side effects, make pain worse, and make wounds worse. Dilute then wipe around the wound to reduce swelling and pain.
Above are 12 great uses of sweet orange essential oil in health and beauty care. Through this article, hopes to have provided you with more information about the uses as well as how to use sweet orange essential oil properly, with a natural fragrance suitable for the body.
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