19+ Vietnamese Tet dishes indispensable in Tet 2023

Vietnamese Tet dishes are a very hot culinary topic when Tet is approaching. Especially for brides who have just returned to their husband’s house to celebrate the first New Year. Surely there will be certain surprises and surprises here. But no matter how difficult it is, it will all be solved. Today, please take a few minutes to go with Dung Ha Dry Food to learn about delicious, nutritious and attractive Vietnamese Tet dishes on the upcoming Lunar New Year 2023! Let’s find out together!

1. Vietnamese Tet dishes are delicious, nutritious and attractive?

So, the Lunar New Year of the Year of the Rabbit is coming in 2023, ladies. This is also a very beautiful time for everyone to have time to relax, gather and gather together after a long day of hard work. Therefore, the tray of rice on Tet days also needs to be prepared in a thoughtful, hearty and nutritious way. The Vietnamese Tet rice tray not only represents the warmth, happiness, and reunion, but it is also a wish for a fuller and more prosperous new energy.
Food has always been a cultural beauty of Vietnamese people. Therefore, every New Year to Spring, every family focuses on Tet dishes. The tray is big or small depending on the conditions of each house, each region has its own beauty.

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1.1 Northern Tet dishes

1.1.1 Chung Cake

In the culinary culture of the ancient Hanoi people, they always placed a high value on form. Each tray must have 6 bowls of 6 plates or 8 bowls of 8 plates to symbolize prosperity and fortune. And perhaps, the dish that symbolizes the arrival of Tet is Chung Cake.


Our forefathers used to have a saying: “Meat apricots, pickled onions, red couplets/Tree, firecrackers, green banh chung”. Banh chung is a harmonious combination of glutinous rice, green beans, mildly spicy pepper, greasy pork and is wrapped directly with seaweed leaves to create an unmistakable Tet flavor. In addition, the scene of sitting next to a red fire, watching a pot of banh chung waiting for the morning sun, has been deeply imprinted in the minds of the people of the North.
Nowadays, banh chung is not only used during Tet. Even on the full moon day, the 1st of every month, banh chung is sold a lot for descendants to worship their ancestors.

1.1.2 Gac sticky rice

The concept of our ancestors in the past said: “Red is the color that symbolizes luck at the beginning of the year, the color symbolizes happiness for the couple”. Therefore, on the full moon days, the 1st, holidays and especially the Lunar New Year, there must be a plate of Gac sticky rice. Gac sticky rice is made from delicious glutinous rice mixed with fresh gac and then steamed. Sticky rice after cooking has a beautiful bright red color, delicious and very nutritious. Sticky rice contains extremely high levels of Vitamin A.

1.1.3 Pickled onions

The Vietnamese Tet tray has many delicious dishes. From delicious trays to very simple dishes, people have. And a rustic dish that has a special place on the traditional rice tray of the Northern people is the pickled onion pickle, also known as the onion pickle.
Pickled onions is a rustic dish but very special in the Tet tray. This dish has a sour and spicy taste. Used to serve with banh chung or frozen meat. Pickles are considered an effective anti-boring food. Especially during the upcoming Lunar New Year.

1.1.4 Fried spring rolls

Fried rice has a golden outer shell. Inside is pork, wood ear, shiitake mushrooms and bean sprouts. This dish has an unusually delicious taste. Very crunchy and very attractive. It is an indispensable dish in the Lunar New Year of the Northern people. Fried spring rolls are loved by many people and are also considered as a symbolic dish for the “national soul and national drug” of the Vietnamese people.

1.1.5 Spring rolls

Silk spring rolls are often placed in the middle of the Tet tray with the purpose of keeping warm outside, bringing good luck and fortune into the house. This dish is made from pureed pork, wrapped in banana leaves and then boiled. Crispy, delicious pork rolls can be served with white rice or bread. You can store the sausage in the refrigerator and bring it to your guests at any time. Especially the coming Lunar New Year 2023.

1.1.6 Chicken meat

From weddings, weddings, birthdays, wishes for a long life, housewarming, etc., boiled chicken is indispensable. And during Tet holidays, boiled chicken is no exception. A simple but indispensable dish in the Tet tray of the Northern people. The sweet taste of each piece of chicken. Served with small iron lemon leaves, salt and pepper have created a unique and unforgettable delicious taste. A plate of cooked golden chicken is placed on a tray of rice, featuring a golden color, tender meat and very attractive shiny skin.

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1.1.7 Pork skin ball soup

Pork skin ball soup is also known as drop ball soup. This is a dish that always appears on the rice tray every Tet holiday in the North. This dish has the sweetness of the broth, the meat is greasy, the skin is crispy and rough. Combined with that is the delicious taste of mushrooms and vegetables to help create a full flavor for the dish.

1.1.8 Stir-fried spring rolls

It is a traditional dish on Tet holiday of the Northern people. This dish is now popular all over the country. Stir-fried spring rolls with the main ingredient are stir-fried pork hands with some other ingredients such as: wood ear, seasoning seeds, ground pepper, … then wrapped tightly and tightly packed with banana leaves.

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1.2 Food on New Year’s Day in the South


1.2.1 Veggie braised meat

This dish is widely used in family meals and is also an indispensable part of the Tet tray. Braised pork belly is a combination of pork belly, egg and coconut water that is very delicious and attractive to eat.
In the days before Tet, in addition to cleaning, shopping for furniture, Tet sweets, etc., Southern families often prepare a large pot of meat on these days. You can eat braised pork with steamed rice.

1.2.2 Dried shrimps

A specialty of the people of the South. Unlike the Central and Northern regions, the papaya is not eaten with banh tet, but it is served with dried shrimp. When eaten with dried shrimp, the palanquin is soaked in sweet and sour taste, sprinkled with a little white sugar to create a dish with a salty, sweet, crunchy taste for men to enjoy on Tet. Although idyllic, dried shrimps are a dish that cannot be burned on the Southern New Year tray.

1.2.3 Stuffed bitter melon soup

Stuffed bitter melon soup is also known as stuffed bitter melon soup. This is a familiar soup with every Southern family. And it is also used during Tet with the meaning of repelling difficulties quickly. Let’s celebrate the new year together, with lots of joy and luck. Not only that, this is also a nutritious dish, cooling the body during Tet when you use too much alcohol.

1.2.4 Cucumbers

Cucumber dish has a cool, sour and crispy taste, so many people choose to cool off during Tet. This dish can be eaten with rice or rolled rice paper to match. But eating with braised meat is the most delicious, many people are passionate about. Because it has a very effective anti-fatigue effect. Cucumber with main ingredients such as: Beans, chives, carrots, … are very useful for the body.

1.2.5 Sausage

One of the popular southern dishes that everyone knows is Sausage. Every New Year comes, the need to find and buy sausages is indispensable in the rice tray of Southern people. Diverse types of sausages from fresh, dried, lean, shrimp, fish,…

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1.3 Vietnamese Tet dishes in Central Vietnam


1.3.1 Banh Tet

In the Central and Southern regions, Banh Tet is wrapped with banana leaves and made into a cylindrical shape. There are many types of banh tet for you to choose from such as: savory cake, sweet cake, mixed cake,…
Banh Tet means the convergence of heaven and earth. It is one of the indispensable traditional dishes on the Tet tray of the Central people. While Banh Chung in the North is wrapped in dong leaves, Banh Tet in the Central is wrapped in banana leaves.
Although the ingredients are the same, Banh Tet is rolled into a cylinder. Thanks to the simplicity of the cake, diners can clearly feel each ingredient inside. Delicious taste, attractive to unusual.

1.3.2 Nem Chua

If you have the opportunity to play Tet in the Central region, the people here will treat you with a few sips of wine and grilled spring rolls as “bait”. This is a special dish made from marinated pork marinated with spices. Wrapped in guava leaves or gutted leaves to have a sour, chewy, spicy, instant taste that can be eaten in a few days is very attractive. Nem chua in Central has a mild sour taste, served with fried garlic to enhance the flavor. Today, spring rolls have many different types. But spring rolls still have a delicious taste, keeping the beauty and identity of their own region.

1.3.3 Pickled meat with fish sauce

Meat marinated in fish sauce is a popular dish in the central provinces every Tet to Spring. The main ingredient of this dish can be pork or beef. After preliminary processing, it will be soaked with fish sauce mixed with boiled sugar in a certain ratio.
Each fiber of meat is soaked in fish sauce for many days. It all makes for an extremely attractive and delicious dish. Meat soaked in fish sauce has a salty, sweet and sweet taste and is often eaten with white rice, sticky rice, banh tet, or sour food, raw vegetables and other herbs.

1.3.4 Beef jerky

Beautiful red and pink beef patties are often present on the dinner table of the guests on New Year’s Day. With salty, crispy, chewy taste and strong aroma from black pepper. This dish cannot be replaced in the traditional Tet tray of the Central people.

1.3.5 Sour shrimp

A rustic and idyllic dish on the Tet tray of the Central people is sour shrimp. A famous famous specialty of Hue. The dish has the sweet and sour taste of shrimp and the rich taste of spices, leaving an unforgettable impression for the eater. Many people often use pickled shrimp to make salad. Dotted with boiled or rolled dishes with herbs and delicious rice paper.

1.3.6 Pickled dishes

While Tet in the North has melons and onions, the Central region has melons. The combination of many different ingredients such as radish, carrot, cucumber, papaya, papaya, … has created an irresistible delicious dish.
It sounds simple, but to make delicious, colorful pickles takes a lot of time and effort. The chewy slices of banh tet served with crispy, sour and sour melons give diners an unforgettable taste. A very unique flavor in this Tet holiday.

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Above is a detailed article answering questions about Vietnamese Tet dishes. Vietnamese Tet dishes all have their own meaning and beauty. But they are still a symbol of affluence, luck and fortune. Hope the old year passes with what’s difficult for everyone. Let’s hold hands together to welcome a new year – new victories – new opportunities. Hopefully, the information shared by Nguyen Thanh Tung above will help you and your daughter-in-law choose the right dish to worship the ancestors and entertain friends.


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