How to make fatty chestnut stewed chicken, chewy chicken


Chestnut chicken stew is a dish that many women are looking for to make. An extremely delicious dish, nutritious and regardless of class of use. Recently, the issue of food safety and hygiene is extremely painful. Many women, because they want to ensure the health of their families, have taken advantage of the early hours or come home from work early to cook rice for all their family members. This is extremely important for the health of all family members. And don’t let people wait any longer, follow Dung Ha Dry Food to find a way to make fatty chestnut chicken, chewy chicken right away!

1. Is it difficult to make chestnut stewed chicken?

But we know, chestnut chicken stew is an extremely delicious dish and many people love it. With only 2 main ingredients, chicken and chestnuts. It looks simple, but they are a very good and perfect combination of each other. When eating, you will enjoy the delicious, fatty taste from chestnuts. Accompanied by pieces of tough, crunchy chicken with extremely high quality. The process of making this dish is very simple and not too difficult. The main factor is still that you have to find quality materials.


Enjoying chestnut chicken stew is not only delicious from the ingredients. Another delicious thing comes from the broth. The broth is rich and sweet because the nutrients from the chicken and chestnuts blend together. Not only is it known as delicious food. Chestnut steamed chicken contains a lot of nutrients and also has a lot of uses such as:

  • Good for the digestive system, preventing constipation, bloating
  • Boost your body’s health and immune system
  • Change the food menu for variety, less boredom, lack of nutrition
  • Restoring the health of the sick, those who have just woken up
  • Support weight loss, prevent obesity
  • Good for the elderly, children and pregnant women

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2. Chicken chestnut stew and ways to make this delicious dish

2.1 Traditional chestnut stewed chicken

2.1.1 Preparation materials:

  • Evil chicken: 1 chicken
  • Salt: 2 tablespoons
  • Chestnuts: 250g
  • Coconut milk: 500ml
  • Anise: 10g
  • Cinnamon stick: 5gr
  • Onion: 1 piece
  • Purple onion: 3 pieces
  • Garlic: 3 branches
  • Green onions: 3 branches
  • Coriander : 1 little
  • Ground pepper: 1 teaspoon
  • Seasoning: seasoning, monosodium glutamate, fish sauce

In order to have a delicious dish, you need to choose carefully where the ingredients are. Here are some tips for choosing input materials you should refer to. Specifically:

  • Chicken choose weight from 1.3 – 1.5kg
  • Evil chickens must be full-bodied black chickens and have no unusual colors
  • Touching the chicken and seeing that the body is still warm means that the chicken has just been slaughtered for the day
  • Do not buy chickens with viscous fluid or abnormal signs on the body
  • Chestnuts should choose medium-sized nuts, not too big and not too small
  • Buy hard, shiny brown seeds
  • You should choose to buy pre-prepared types to save yourself the effort of pre-processing
  • Onions + purple onions choose beautiful, firm hands, do not rot in the middle of the waterlogged hap
  • Green onions + coriander should be purchased in the morning because this is the time when the plants have just been harvested and are still lush

2.1.2 Preliminary raw materials:

  • Buy chicken and wash it under the tap
  • Use a knife to remove the feathers on the chicken
  • Mix in a pot of diluted salt water, let the chicken soak in salt water for about 5 minutes to remove the viscosity and mask the odor
  • Rinse again under clean running water, let dry
  • Place the chicken on a cutting board and chop the chicken into bite-sized pieces. Put it in a bowl
  • Onions peeled, washed, cut into wedges
  • Red onion peeled, washed, minced
  • Garlic peeled, washed, minced
  • Green onions pick up the damaged, damaged, rotten leaves and wash them. Diced
  • Coriander picks up damaged leaves, washes them, and chops them

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2.1.3 Implementation steps:

  • Chop the chicken into small pieces and put it in a bowl
  • Put in chicken including: 1 seasoning + 1 MSG + 1 seasoning + 1 fish sauce + 1 minced garlic + 1 minced purple onion + 1 ground pepper. Mix this seasoning well with the chicken
  • Let the chicken marinate for about 15 minutes for the spices to penetrate deeply into each fiber
  • Put the pot on the stove, add 500ml of coconut milk and bring to a boil
  • Boiled coconut milk, you add anise + cinnamon to boil to create a fragrance for the broth
  • Next, add the marinated chicken and boil for about 25 minutes until the chicken is cooked. Stir well and taste to see if the broth is strong or not
  • The broth is rich in flavor, you put the chestnuts + chopped onion into the stew with the chicken for about 25 minutes on medium heat
  • Continue to stew for another 10 minutes with low heat so that all ingredients are cooked
  • Finally, sprinkle green onions + coriander, stir well and lower the pot
  • Ladle into a bowl and enjoy
  • Best eaten while the dish is still hot and should be served with steamed rice

2.2 Red apple chestnut chicken stew

2.2.1 Preparation materials

  • Evil chicken: 1 chicken
  • Salt: 1 teaspoon
  • Carrot: 1 piece
  • Chestnuts: 25g
  • Fresh lotus seeds: 25gr
  • Red apple: 25g
  • Tapioca flour: 2 tablespoons
  • Dried forest shiitake: 25gr
  • Purple onion: 3 pieces
  • Garlic: 2 bulbs
  • Green onions: 3 branches
  • Coriander: 1 branch
  • Spices: Seasoning, monosodium glutamate, ground pepper, fish sauce, sugar

2.2.2 Preliminary raw materials:

  • Add 2 tablespoons of tapioca starch with 500ml of clean water, stir well with chopsticks to avoid lumps
  • Chicken bought and washed under the tap
  • Use a knife to pick up the fluff and feathers on the chicken
  • Mix a pot of diluted salt water, put the chicken in a bowl of salt water so that the chicken is not viscous and drowns out the smell
  • Rinse again under clean running water, let dry
  • Place the chicken on a cutting board and chop the chicken into bite-sized pieces. Put it in a bowl
  • Peel the carrots, wash them, and cut them into circles. Using a sharp knife, cut it into a flower shape
  • Wild shiitake mushrooms are soaked in warm water to make them soft and easy to prepare
  • Using scissors, cut off the base of the mushroom. Rinse again under clean running water. Use your hands to gently squeeze the mushrooms to dry out
  • Fresh lotus seeds use a pointed object, open the center of the lotus, and rinse under clean water. Let the water dry
  • Red onion peeled, washed, minced
  • Garlic peeled, washed, minced
  • Green onions + coriander pick up damaged, damaged, middle rotten leaves and discard, wash and finely chop

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2.2.3 Implementation steps

  • Place the chopped chicken in a large bowl
  • For chicken seasoning, including: 1 sugar + 1 fish sauce + 1 seasoning + 1 seasoning + 1 monosodium glutamate + 1 ground pepper. Mix well with the chicken
  • Marinate the chicken for about 15 minutes so that the marinade penetrates deep into each fiber of the chicken
  • Put the pan on the stove, add cooking oil, wait for the oil to boil, then add 1 teaspoon minced garlic + 1 teaspoon minced shallot and fry together until fragrant.
  • Put the marinated chicken in the pan and stir-fry to make the chicken hunt again
  • Put a pot of water on the stove, put fresh lotus seeds in and boil for about 10 minutes
  • Pour the stir-fried chicken above into a pot of water with lotus seeds and simmer for about 15 minutes to make the broth sweet and fragrant
  • Taste to see if it’s right for your mouth
  • Pour the dissolved tapioca water into the chicken broth. Stir together to get a smooth water mixture
  • Put the chestnuts + dried wild mushrooms + carrots + red apples in the pot and simmer with the chicken for about 45 minutes so that all ingredients are cooked.
  • Finally, sprinkle scallions + coriander, stir for the last time, then turn off the heat and lower the pot
  • Ladle the finished chicken stew with red apple chestnuts into a bowl and enjoy
  • Best eaten when hot and enjoyed with hot rice is great

3. Conclusion

Above are 2 ways to make delicious and nutritious chestnut chicken that you should know. Changing the menu is extremely important. Our bodies need a wide variety of nutrients and nutrients. Eating too much of one dish for many days will make you very boring. Please add steamed chestnut chicken to your diet menu. The dishes above can be made by anyone, regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl. In addition, you can also refer to the chicken stew with lemongrass, which is also extremely high quality!


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