Cooking strange traditional Midwestern New Year dishes


Traditional Midwestern New Year dishes are being interested by many people in other regions. A lot of questions arise and also a certain curiosity. People in Central Vietnam always have to suffer a lot of disadvantages. But with strong will they know how to overcome them very easily. The Central region is a place that many people come to. There are many delicious, exotic and unique dishes here. Therefore, the way people eat Tet in the Central region is very different. Follow in the footsteps of Dung Ha Dry Food to learn about the unique and special Central New Year dishes  !

1. Traditional Midwestern New Year’s Day Food


Not inferior to the North, and the South. The Central region has a very large and rich traditional Tet celebration. The dishes of the people here are prepared extremely delicious and fancy. The everyday dishes, although simple and very ordinary, have suddenly become a delicious dish that many people are looking for. The way people in the Central region celebrate Tet is also very unique and unlike anyone else. The rare time on New Year’s Day often leaves each expatriate a lot of emotions. And in order to retain the traditional beauty with bold identity, they bring the dishes on Tet holiday in the Central region everywhere. Let’s take a look at those dishes:

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1.1 Braised beef with molasses Nghe An

Preparation materials:

  • Beef: 700g
  • White wine: 50ml
  • Molasses (can be replaced with honey): 150ml
  • Dried onion: 10g
  • Dried garlic: 10g
  • Chili powder: 10gr
  • Ground pepper: 10g
  • Cinnamon stick: 10gr
  • Ginger: 10g
  • Lemongrass: 10g
  • Fish sauce: 10ml

Implementation steps:

  • Cabbage washed under the tap
  • Put the beef in a bowl with the ginger + white wine + salt, squeeze the beef with the ingredients. This way to disinfect the bad smell of beef
  • Rinse the beef under water and drain
  • Onions are peeled, washed and minced
  • Garlic peeled, washed, minced
  • Peeled ginger, washed, minced
  • Lemongrass washed, smashed head, cut into pieces
  • Put garlic + ginger + lemongrass + red onion + cinnamon stick in the mortar, pound well
  • Put the beef in the bowl. Put the mixture just pounded on top with chili powder + ground pepper + molasses + fish sauce. Mix the beef well
  • Wrap the food in cling film, marinate the beef for about 2 hours so that the beef can absorb the spices evenly
  • Pour corned beef into an earthen pot, cook it over high heat
  • When the beef is cooked, lower the heat, add 1 bowl of water and simmer the beef for about 2 hours so that the beef is soft and the water sticks to the corn.
  • Turn off the stove, let the beef cool down, cut the beef into thin slices enough to eat
  • This molasses braised beef dish has all the aromas of lemongrass and cinnamon. A little bit of spiciness from garlic and chili
  • This dish is the famous specialty of Nghe An

1.2 Tre Binh Dinh

Preparation materials:

  • Pig ears: 500g
  • Pork belly: 300gr
  • Pork skin: 100g
  • Sesame (white sesame): 50gr
  • Sticky rice: 30gr
  • Banana leaves: 5 leaves
  • Guava leaves: 10 leaves
  • Ginger: 20g
  • Purple onion: 20g
  • Garlic: 20g
  • Galangal Root: 40gr
  • Hot chili: 20gr
  • Spices: Sugar, ground pepper, seasoning, fish sauce, vinegar, salt

Implementation steps:

  • Pork + pork skin + bacon, washed under running water, drained
  • Put a pot of water on the stove, bring to a boil, add ginger + salt + vinegar to boil
  • Put the bacon + pork skin + pig’s ears into boiling water
  • Take it out and soak it in ice water for about 7 minutes, then drain it
  • Put pork ears + bacon + pork skin on a cutting board, cut them into thin slices
  • Garlic peeled, washed, minced
  • Galangal peeled, washed, thinly sliced, minced
  • Fresh chili, washed, seeded and finely chopped
  • Put garlic + galangal + chili + bacon + pork skin + pork ears in a large bowl
  • Add sugar + ground pepper + seasoning + fish sauce + sesame. Wear plastic gloves and mix these ingredients together
  • Add 5 teaspoons of rice, mix well. Cover with cling film, leave for about 30 minutes for the seasoning to penetrate deeply into each pork ingredient
  • Banana leaves cut into pieces about 25-30cm square, washed, drained
  • Spread the banana leaves on a clean tray, put the guava leaves in the middle, and place the mixed ingredients on top of the leaves. Roll and tighten with your hands, tie the 2 ends with a flat tie
  • Hang bamboo up high, about 3-5 days, it can be used by fermentation
  • Tre served with raw vegetables and chili sauce

1.3 Pancakes

Preparation materials:

  • Flour  glass jar: 1.5kg
  • Chicken eggs: 3 eggs
  • Pineapple juice: 50ml
  • Vanilla: 2 tubes
  • Sugar: 1kg
  • Cooking oil: 200ml

Implementation steps:

  • Crack 3 eggs into a large bowl
  • Using an egg beater, beat the egg mixture well
  • Add the white sugar with the egg, continue to beat the sugar up
  • When the sugar is completely dissolved, mix in the eggs, add the powdered glass + vanilla and continue to beat at medium speed to create aroma.
  • Beat well with your hands until the powder is dissolved, fine and smooth, then cover the lid and let the dough rest for about 2 hours
  • After 2 hours of incubation, add pineapple juice and continue to use a whisk to beat pineapple juice
  • Line the oven with parchment paper, preheat the oven to 170 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes
  • Pour the cake mixture on top of the baking pan
  • Place the cake in the oven, bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 5 minutes
  • You just keep baking until you run out of ingredients, then stop
  • The finished cake will have a yellow color from chicken eggs. The taste is sweet, spongy, soft and melts in the mouth

1.4 Braised pork with radish

Preparation materials:

  • Pork belly: 500gr
  • Dried radish: 250g
  • Garlic: 3 branches
  • Water: 15ml
  • Green onions: 3 branches
  • Cooking oil: 2 tablespoons
  • Condiments: Fish sauce, sugar, ground pepper, chili sauce

Implementation steps:

  • Soak radishes in warm water for about 30 minutes to make them soft and easy to prepare. Then, cut the radish into pieces about 4cm
  • Bacon, washed under the tap
  • Mix a basin of diluted salt water, let the pork soak for about 5 minutes to deodorize. Pick up to drain
  • Pork belly cut into small pieces just enough to eat
  • Garlic peeled, washed, minced
  • Scallions cut off the roots, pick up the rotten leaves, and chop them finely
  • Put in a bowl including: 1 fish sauce + minced garlic + ground pepper + spices + main noodles. Stir these spices together
  • Pour the mixed seasoning into the marinade with the three thinly sliced ​​pork chops previously, mix well, marinate for about 15 minutes
  • Put the pan on the stove, add cooking oil, wait until the oil is hot, pour the pork belly into the island and cook
  • Put a pot of water on the stove, bring the ginseng to a boil, when the water boils, add the radish and cook for about 10 minutes.
  • Roast pork belly, you put the pork in and cook it with dried radish
  • Add 15ml of water, stir well with chopsticks. You cook with medium heat so that the radish + pork belly is soft and not too tough
  • Taste to see if it’s to your taste or not
  • Eat together with delicious white rice

1.5 Chicken salad

Preparation materials:

  • Our chicken is clean: 1 chicken
  • Lettuce: 20gr
  • Onion: 1 piece
  • Green horn chili: 1 bulb
  • Salt: 1 teaspoon
  • Spices: ground pepper, sugar, vinegar, monosodium glutamate

Implementation steps:

  • Chicken you bring the whole chicken to wash under the tap
  • Put a handful of salt, rub it on the chicken to get rid of the smell, then wash it under clean running water
  • Put a pot of water on the stove, add the chicken and cook for about 45 minutes on medium heat
  • Onions peeled, washed, thinly sliced
  • Shredded vegetables are washed, picked up damaged leaves, thinly sliced
  • Chili peppers are washed, seeded, and sliced ​​thinly
  • Making salad dressing includes: sliced ​​chili + laksa leaves + vinegar + ground pepper + monosodium glutamate + salt + sugar + 1 tablespoon chicken broth + sliced ​​onion. Mix it all together
  • When the chicken is cooked, take it out and let it cool. Using a knife, filter out the chicken, the bones, and bring it to a boil
  • Cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces. Put the chicken in a bowl
  • Pour in the salad dressing and mix with the chicken, let it sit for about 15 minutes so that the water can penetrate deeply into each fiber of the meat.
  • Taste 1-2 pieces to see if it is to your taste or not

In addition, to save the effort of boiling chicken. You can stop the chicken breast or chicken breast to make this dish! As for the chicken broth, you can cook vermicelli with excellent quality.

1.6 Thanh Hoa spring rolls

Preparation materials:

  • Pork skin: 200g
  • Sticky rice: 100gr
  • Lean pork butt: 1kg
  • Ginger: 2 pieces
  • White wine: 2 cups
  • Garlic: 3 bulbs
  • Chili: 2
  • Banana leave
  • Panax ginseng leaves
  • Spices: sugar, ground pepper, fish sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate

Implementation steps:

  • Pork washed under running water
  • Mix a pot of diluted salt water, put the pork in and soak it in sterilized salt water for about 5 minutes. Pick up to drain
  • Use a towel to absorb the water on the pork, put it in the refrigerator
  • Garlic peeled, washed, half thinly sliced, half minced
  • Fresh chili washed, seeded, 1 part finely chopped, 1 part thinly sliced
  • Fenugreek leaves, washed, drained and cut into small pieces
  • Banana leaves are washed, drained and cut into small pieces
  • Take the pork out of the fridge, put it in a digital blender, and puree the pork
  • Put the pot of water on the stove, put the pork skin in and boil it
  • Remove the pork skin to a bowl of ice cold water. Rinse under the tap. Let the water dry. Slice the pork skin into thin strands
  • Put the pork skin into the pureed pork with: 3 sugar + 1 pepper + 1 fish sauce + rice + garlic + minced chili. Wearing gloves, mix these ingredients together. Let rest for about 20 minutes for the spices to penetrate deeply
  • Spread the banana leaves on a clean tray, line the leaves on top, and put the filling on top of the leaves. Place sliced ​​chili + garlic on top of filling. After that, wrap spring rolls
  • Tightly pack your hands, tie the two ends of the spring rolls with an elastic band
  • Incubate spring rolls at a temperature of 18-22 degrees Celsius

1.7 Green bean sticky rice

Preparation materials:

  • Sticky rice: 500gr
  • Green beans without shell: 250g
  • Cooking oil
  • Grain salt

Implementation steps:

  • Glutinous rice is washed about 3-5 times with water so that the rice is clean, the rice water is clear
  • Soak glutinous rice for 6-8 hours to make the rice soft and easy to cook
  • Rinse green beans with water. Soak green beans for about 4 hours to fully expand
  • After soaking for enough time, you pick them up, sprinkle a little salt and shake lightly
  • Next, you pour these 2 types of rice together and mix them well
  • Prepare a bowl of sticky rice with a little water underneath
  • You put rice in the bowl for about 30 minutes
  • Open the lid, add a spoonful of cooking oil, stir well, continue to cook for another 15 minutes and the sticky rice is cooked
  • North down, scoop out the sticky rice into the mold to shape it and then put it on a plate to make it beautiful

1.8 Central sour shrimp

Preparation materials:

  • Fresh copper shrimp: 1kg
  • Garlic: 2 bulbs
  • Ginger Root: 1 piece
  • Galangal Root: 1 piece
  • Horny chili: 3
  • Sugar: 500g
  • Fish sauce: 400ml
  • Seasoning: salt, white wine

Implementation steps:

  • North on the stove the mixture includes: 400ml fish sauce + 400gr sugar. Beat this sugar water mixture on the stove with low heat
  • Shrimp are soaked with 2 cups of wine in a pot, cover the mouth of the pot to prevent shrimp from jumping out
  • Pick up the shrimp, cut off the head, peel the shrimp
  • Mix a pot of salt water with 100g of sugar and soak the shrimp in the salt water mixture for about 35 minutes
  • Pick up the shrimp, wash the shrimp again under clean running water, let it dry
  • Boil shrimp until shrimp is cooked, take out to cool and drain
  • Ginger peeled, washed, minced
  • galangal washed, thinly sliced, minced
  • Chilli washed, seeded and finely chopped
  • Peeled garlic, washed, thinly sliced
  • Glass jars coated with 100 degrees boiling water for sterilization
  • Use a towel to wipe the water inside the bottle, let it dry
  • Put the shrimp in the jar and come with the accompanying ingredients of garlic + chili + ginger + galangal
  • Pour in the boiled and cooled fish sauce mixture at first. Once the material is fully filled, stop
  • Pickled sour shrimp can be used after 7 days of love from the date of soaking
  • Store in the refrigerator for longer and more delicious

2. Conclusion

Above is the entire article detailing answers to questions about dishes on Tet holiday in the central region. It can be seen that each region will have its own unique cultural beauty. They will have their own dishes bearing the ethnic identity of the region. Each place is different, but they have in common that they share the same Vietnamese blood and joyfully celebrate the traditional Tet with family and loved ones. In order to have delicious and nutritious dishes for Tet, the stage of finding and buying ingredients must be extremely meticulous. Good ingredients will determine 90% of the success of that dish.


Thank you for reading this article. Wishing you and your family a happy New Year filled with laughter and happiness. Wish all family members always An Khang Prosperity, Van Su Nhu Y, Tan Tai Tan Loc. Stay tuned to Dry Food to stay updated with lots of useful information about delicious food and other health news!

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