4+ How to recognize real turmeric starch lest you lose money


How to identify real turmeric starch is receiving a lot of attention. The era of technology has developed extremely rapidly. The fake turmeric starch is made like the real thing in a very sophisticated way. The use of counterfeit products will entail many dangers to users. So do you know how to recognize real turmeric starch? If not, please read the article of Dung Ha Dry Food below to find 4 ways to distinguish real turmeric starch to avoid losing money!

1. What is real turmeric starch and fake turmeric starch?

First, if you want to know what is real turmeric, the first thing we need to know is what real turmeric and fake turmeric are made of, but what materials can pass through the eyes of the user? so.

1.1 What is real turmeric?

Real turmeric starch is starch made from 100% turmeric. The process of making turmeric starch is extremely long, meticulous and requires a lot of materials. The process of making sure, selecting those that do not rot in the middle, and pests are strictly monitored. Right from the beginning, the process has been closely monitored. Only in this way can we get a quality yellow turmeric starch product that does not contain miscellaneous impurities.
Characteristics of real turmeric starch will include:
  • Contains very high purity
  • Does not contain other impurities such as fiber, turmeric residue, lead, …
  • Especially good for health. Does not cause: boils, clear heat, jaundice, nausea, diarrhea, …


1.2 Fake turmeric starch

Nowadays, with the rapid development of technology, it is very sophisticated to make fake turmeric starch. Users who do not know how to distinguish will easily become victims of these tricks. Fake turmeric starch will be made in the following ways:

  • Method 1: Mix more ingredients. However, the way of doing the day does not cause any harm to the user. But the content of nutritional value in turmeric is significantly reduced. Sometimes it’s not useful to use it when it’s dry
  • Method 2: Made 100% completely fake and has nothing to do with fresh turmeric. Specializing in the use of jagged powders, powders for coloring and fragrance

With fake turmeric starches, they are sold at extremely low prices in the market. The rare nutrient ingredient Curcumin is also extremely low. More dangerous, in this type of turmeric starch contains chemical powder ingredients that are toxic to users. If you don’t know it, if you use it for a long time, it will cause the body to get very dangerous diseases. Among them are cancer, food poisoning, … More dangerous can die. Therefore, as a consumer connoisseur, equip yourself with the knowledge on how to identify real and fake turmeric powder most fully.

2. How to identify turmeric starch in detail from A to Z

How to identify real or fake turmeric by the naked eye will be very difficult. If you are inexperienced or unsure. Check the products you are using at home in 4 simple ways below:

2.1 Perceiving by senses

  Color Smell Smoothly
Real turmeric starch
  • Blond
  • Mild aroma, slightly acrid taste
  • To spongy, smooth as powder
  • No lumps or lumps of turmeric residue
Fake turmeric starch
  • Opaque yellow or orange yellow
  • Odor, bitter taste, no aroma from turmeric
  • Or lumpy, fibrous, residue and turmeric residue

2.2 Chemical identification with yellow turmeric starch

In addition to sensory perception. We will recognize yellow turmeric starch through the use of chemicals. Here, 3 ways to identify yellow turmeric starch by chemicals for your reference:

2.2.1 Check if turmeric contains Mentanil or not

Mentanil is a chemical that is extremely toxic to human health. Mentanil is a colorant and flavoring agent that is widely used in cooking. People who eat food containing this substance will be very susceptible to the following phenomena: stomach disorders, diarrhea, nausea, food poisoning. You would check in the following way:

  • Put a quantity of Hydrochloric Acid (HCI) in a cup of ready-made turmeric starch water
  • Stir well with your hands so that the starch and HCI dissolve together
  • If the pink color disappears after that, it’s real turmeric
  • After stirring, the turmeric water mixture is still pink, it is fake turmeric starch and mixed with Mentanil chemicals.

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2.2.2 Check if there is chalk starch or not

To check whether there is starch in honey or not, we will also use Acid. Here’s how to do this step:

  • Put 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder in a glass jar
  • Put 1-2 drops of Hydrochloric Acid (HCI) and 5ml of water into a glass jar containing turmeric powder
  • Lightly shake hands. If you see foam floating on the surface, it is a turmeric product containing chalk or yellow stone powder

Note: This chemical method will be very difficult to perform. Test tubes or glass flasks are difficult to find in the market. Don’t do it carefully, don’t wear protective gear, this chemical shot into the skin will easily cause inflammation and skin damage. You should consider using this method!

2.2.3 Checking Curcumin in Turmeric

The way to identify turmeric starch by this method will be easier and simpler than the two methods above. You will do it in the following way:

  • Put 1-2 drops of soap or detergent in turmeric powder
  • If turmeric starch turns red, it’s real turmeric
  • And if it changes to another color, it’s not turmeric

The reason for this is because Curcumin in turmeric works with alkali to turn red. You should also check with this method.

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2.3 Method of using egg yolk in combination with fast

The method of using egg yolks and lemons is also very good and gives very positive results. The recipe to try fake real turmeric powder just by doing the following:


  • Use about 5g of yellow turmeric powder
  • Use 3 broken eggs to separate the yolks and whites into 2 parts
  • Then, mix yellow turmeric powder with 3 egg yolks
  • Using a mixer, beat these two ingredients together
  • After obtaining the turmeric egg yolk mixture, squeeze 4-6 drops of lemon juice into it
  • If the egg yolk mixture with turmeric turns yellow, it is real turmeric
  • If the above mixture does not turn turmeric yellow, it is fake turmeric starch

2.4 Identification by cooled boiled water

The method of identifying fake turmeric starch by cooled boiled water is the simplest and easiest method you can do at home. You just need to follow these steps:

  • Put about 2g of turmeric powder in a cup of warm water (Note: You should not stir it with water)
  • Leave a glass of water with turmeric in it for 20-25 minutes

If you try with the above 2 steps for the result:

  • Yellow turmeric starch settles to the bottom. If the top surface of the water is still clear, it is pure yellow turmeric powder
  • As for turmeric starch that dissolves itself with water or the surface of the water is not clear, you can be assured that it is fake turmeric starch, mixed with many impurities.

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3. What is the current price of yellow turmeric starch?

Although, the price of yellow turmeric starch is quite high, it is still a product that many people are looking to buy. The price of yellow turmeric starch on the market depends on a number of factors such as the place of sale, product quality and origin. Many places sell fake yellow turmeric starch, jagged goods, poor quality goods to users in order to gain illicit profits. The use of such products will greatly affect the health, economy and shopping experience of users. With so many uses and benefits for consumers. Many people began to appear worried about the price of yellow turmeric starch will increase.
How much is the current price of yellow turmeric starch is probably a difficult problem that has not been solved. The price of yellow turmeric starch often fluctuates up and down unstable. At one point, the price of yellow turmeric starch reached a price of 1,400,000 VND/kg. But at times, the price of yellow turmeric starch  reduced only about 1,200,000 VND/kg. But what customers are most interested in right now is where to buy yellow turmeric starch to stabilize the price?
Dung Ha Agricultural Products is the place to sell yellow turmeric starch with stable price in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. The price of Dung Ha grade 1 yellow turmeric starch is currently being offered for sale at a price of 1,050,000 VND/kg. Yellow turmeric starch is a first-class, high-quality product. Products are packed carefully and meticulously.

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4. Conclusion

Above is the whole way to identify fake turmeric starch that Dry Food wants to bring to you for your reference. You can buy turmeric starch and try 1 of the 4 ways above. These methods have all been tested by many people and give accurate results up to 97%. Hopefully, with a detailed article like this, it will help you buy quality pure turmeric starch to avoid losing money. But it is also important that you buy at reputable and high-quality pure turmeric business establishments to ensure health and food hygiene and safety.


Thank you for following and reading my detailed post. Please always follow and accompany us to bring more good knowledge to every shopper.

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5. Contact Information

Any complaints about product quality or service attitude of sales staff. Customers, please contact Dung Ha Development Joint Stock Company immediately through the company’s hotline number: 1900 986865 (Support 24/24h).
Branches to buy pure yellow turmeric powder here:
  • Wholesaling and retailing of pure yellow turmeric starch nationwide: No. 11 Kim Dong –  Giap Bat Street – Hoang Mai District – Hanoi City
  • Retail branch of pure yellow turmeric starch in Hanoi: A10 – Alley 100 – Trung Kinh Street – Yen Hoa Ward – Cau Giay District – Hanoi City
  • Retail branch of pure yellow turmeric starch in Ho Chi Minh: No. 02/B Quarter 3 – Trung My Tay Street 13 – District 12 – Ho Chi Minh City

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