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Cakes made from tapioca always give people a very new experience. But not everyone knows what delicious food with tapioca? Tapioca flour is an extremely familiar culinary powder in the kitchens of many Vietnamese families. They are very cheap, but the benefit to the user is a multitude of delicious cakes. Today, with Dung Ha Dry Food, learn about simple – quick – strange cakes made from tapioca flour.

1. What is flour?

Hearing the name of tapioca flour, this is certainly not a strange flour for consumers. Especially for women who love to cook. Tapioca starch is made from fresh tapioca. The process to make a smooth, quality powder will require a lot of objective factors. From the selection of varieties and accompanying additives. Each region, they call tapioca flour with very different names.


  • People in the North and South call tapioca flour or tapioca flour
  • The Central people call tapioca flour as filter flour – the main ingredient is tapioca (or tapioca)
In the South, the raw materials for making tapioca are grown extremely popularly in low-lying areas such as Kien Giang and An Giang. The property of tapioca starch is to bring good adhesion. Therefore, this fine powder is believed to be used in many recipes such as jelly, tea, dumplings, …
Tapioca starch is widely used in cooking. That is why many women are asking a lot of questions about the nutritional composition of tapioca starch. Is eating tapioca fat?
Specifically: in 100g of tapioca starch contains:
  • Calories: 381 calories
  • Protein: 0.5g
  • Glucides: 94.3g
  • Fiber: 0.4g
  • Lipids: 0.2g
  • Potassium: 20mg
  • Phosphorus: 20mg
  • Fer: 1mg

The amount of protein and fiber is low, the calories and glucosides are too high. Regular use of flour will be dangerous for people with diabetes as well as obesity. Wheat flour is not good if you use it beyond the allowable threshold.

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2. How to distinguish tapioca from other flours?

It is a common ingredient in cooking. If you don’t know how to distinguish the real tapioca from the fake, it’s possible to buy a fake flour. The characteristics of almost all powders are that they have a distinctive white color as well as a certain fineness. Different each in taste. Each type of powder has its own unique aroma.

2.1 Tapioca and flour:

  • Tapioca looks coarser than flour. Smoothness 7/10 compared to flour
  • When mixed with water, tapioca starch is very sticky, while flour is spongy and expands
  • The color is whiter than flour
  • Tapioca flour is widely used as a thickener for making tea, cakes, porridge, etc. Wheat flour is used in baking recipes.

2.2 Tapioca and tapioca flour:

Many people are mistakenly thinking that tapioca and tapioca are the same. In fact, tapioca is made from cassava root (tapioca). And tapioca flour is made from tapioca root.

  • Tapioca flour in shape will be bigger than tapioca flour
  • Functions, tapioca starch is cool, used to cook hot summer drinks

2.3 Tapioca and cornstarch:

  • It is also very easy to identify through the taste, the cornstarch will bring up the aroma from the young corn
  • Cornstarch does not stick in acidic solutions such as lemon juice, vinegar, orange juice, etc.
  • The purpose of cornstarch is just to add a delicious flavor to the dish

2.4 Tapioca flour and glutinous rice flour:

  • Glutinous flour is made from glutinous rice, so they are more flexible and tough than tapioca
  • Glutinous flour is only used in banh day, banh gia or floating cake

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2.5 Tapioca and rice flour:

  • Rice flour is not as clear as tapioca. They have a characteristic milky white color
  • The toughness and flexibility are not equal to tapioca starch
  • Rice flour will be used in hot cakes, pancakes, banh khot,…

3. What kind of cakes are made from attractive tapioca flour?

3.1 Hot plain rice flan

The first cake made from tapioca flour is hot plain rice flan. This is a typical winter snack when the cold wind blows. A bowl of hot plain rice flan will help you warm your stomach, your body will become warmer.


Soft, chewy, chewy doughnuts are made from tapioca flour and are the ideal breakfast food. With pork belly stir-fried with mushrooms, rich green beans. The spicy sweet and sour fish sauce makes people feel excited. Not only made with tapioca flour, you can also make hot cakes with extremely unique cold rice.

3.2 Filtered dough cake

The next cake made with tapioca flour is Filtered dough cake. This is a specialty cake with bold flavors of the Central region, far away from China.
The Filtered dough cake has a soft, chewy outer shell. The filling inside is extremely flexible and extremely diverse: shrimp, minced meat, wood ear, green beans, … very attractive and delicious.
So that the cake does not stick together. When boiled, sprinkle a little more fat and greasy onions. Along with that is a little sweet and sour sauce to increase the deliciousness of the dish

3.3 Bride’s cake

Bride’s cake is also known as Banh phu phu. This is a popular cake in Vietnam in the wedding ceremonies of many couples.
The finished cake will have a traditional green outer shell. Biting a piece of cake first, you will feel the toughness, the characteristic aroma of pandan leaves. The inside of the cake is crispy and crunchy from the coconut fiber, the fatty taste of green beans and lotus seeds.
Today, the color of banh xeo has become very diverse. They include: white, red, yellow, charcoal green,…

3.4 Coconut worm cake

The age of 7x 8x 9x is certainly not too strange with this coconut worm cake, right? Called coconut worm cakes because their shape looks very similar to coconut worms. A species of larva known in the West. The name larva will scare many people. But coconut worm cake is for people to eat very specific flavors.


The cake is made with 2 main ingredients: tapioca flour and coconut milk. The size looks very small, beautiful, eye-catching and extremely curious for young children.
When enjoying the cake, the outer crust is crispy. Along with that, the characteristic aroma of coconut water blends together to create an extremely attractive and mouth-watering dish.

3.5 Steamed Banana Cake

It would be a pity if in the list of cakes made from tapioca, there is no steamed banana cake. Tapioca flour is used in banana cakes to create adhesion and solidify together. Ingredients to make steamed banana cake will have a combination of glutinous rice and tapioca flour to help make the cake tough when taking the first bite.
Steamed banana cake eaten hot is the best. And the dipping sauce of that banana cake is coconut milk sprinkled with roasted sesame. When eating, you dip the cake with greasy coconut milk to increase the deliciousness and attractiveness of the dish.

3.6 Sweet potato cake

The next dish made from tapioca flour must be the divine sweet potato cake. As for sweet potato cakes, you can make them with 2 ways: “Purple sweet potato cake and puffed sweet potato cake”. Each cake is a taste, a very special experience.

  • Purple sweet potato cake: With the main ingredients are tapioca starch and tapioca flour. This is a very new, unique, delicious and attractive dish. It will definitely make you score points in the eyes of friends and relatives. The outer crust is quite flexible, the sweet potato filling is fatty, sweet, and has a characteristic purple color.
  • Puffed sweet potato cake: The finished cake will have a golden crust, crispy eating. Characteristic aroma of sesame, slowly melting in the mouth. The main core is still sweet, attractive and attractive sweet potato.

3.7 Sweet Cakes

Referring to a variety of cakes made from tapioca starch, we cannot help but mention sweet cakes or pandan leaf cakes.
Sweet cake originated from the West of Vietnam and it is a specialty loved by many people. They love it because of the delicious taste that cannot be confused with any other cakes, the characteristic aroma from pandan leaves. It’s crunchy and chewy, and the best thing is to eat it with coconut milk.
Surely this sweet molded cake will leave you with many beautiful memories because of its indescribably delicious taste.


4. Summary

Above is the most detailed, complete and meticulous article on the culinary topic of delicious – attractive – strange cakes made from tapioca flour that you can refer to. Tapioca is really great in culinary. Not only these 7 delicious tapioca cakes. But tapioca can also be processed into countless other delicious dishes.
Thank you for reading this article. Hopefully, the sharing of Dry Food will bring you good and useful information.



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