How to use glutinous leaf powder for housewives


Glutinous leaf powder , also known as pandan leaf powder, is used to create a natural green color for many dishes thanks to the special chlorophyll of pandan leaves. Not only that, pandan leaves also have a very special natural aroma. Therefore, pandan leaf powder is very popular as a colorant and natural flavoring agent for dishes. But do you know how to use glutinous leaf powder (pineapple leaf powder) for beautiful color properly? Let’s find out with   .

Learn about glutinous leaf powder (pineapple leaf)

It is known that glutinous leaf powder is made from 100% fresh glutinous leaves. Clean sticky leaves are selected and produced according to modern processing processes, creating pure, dry sticky rice powder.

Glutinous leaf powder is processed to ensure food hygiene and safety, and does not contain preservatives, impurities, colorants, or odors. The product quality of the glutinous leaf powder packages is absolutely good. Not only is it safe for users, but it also ensures quality, providing more essential substances for good health.

Glutinous leaf powder used to make nuggets is green and has a characteristic aroma like sticky rice in the culinary industry. Especially used to color some dishes more attractive and delicious such as: sticky rice, banh chung, jelly, coconut jam, cakes ….


According to health experts, glutinous leaf powder also has a great effect in the care and treatment of a number of common diseases in humans such as stabilizing blood pressure, reducing chest pain, reducing headaches, and preventing asthma attacks. asthma…

How to use glutinous leaf powder in cooking

Glutinous leaf powder after processing into flour should be completely simple to use, greatly shortening the processing time. Glutinous leaf powder mixed with cold water in the right amount, dissolved until the powder is dissolved, sifted off the residue (or filtered through a clean cloth), took the juice for processing. With simple steps, believe that anyone can do it without being as sophisticated as using fresh sticky rice leaves.

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Some delicious dishes from pineapple leaves

Pandan leaf powder can be used to change the natural color of many dishes. Here we present to you a compilation of the most popular dishes and ingredients that can also be made at home and coloring the pandan leaf powder is an indispensable step.

Use glutinous rice flour (pineapple leaf powder) to cook sticky rice for a beautiful color.

Glutinous leaf powder is often used to make sticky rice more delicious and attractive. But do you know how to make sticky rice more attractive?

Steps to create green color for sticky rice with glutinous leaf powder:

S1: Wash clean rice

S2: Soak the rice in cold water for about 4-5 hours until the rice is soft. Let the rice soak in enough water to drain.

S3: Put the soaked and washed rice in the steamer

S4: Glutinous leaf powder (pineapple leaf powder) mixed with cold water just enough to mix with sticky rice.

S5: Add glutinous rice flour and mix well with steamed sticky rice.

S6: Steam sticky rice for another 1-2 minutes to reach.

Note: 1 ounce of glutinous rice flour is about 5kg of rice. If you want to change the color of sticky rice to dark or light, you can increase or decrease the amount of glutinous rice flour.


With just a few simple steps, believe that every diners can create green color for sticky rice and cook delicious and attractive sticky rice for the whole family on holidays.

Floating tea with tapioca

Banh floating cake with Bang powdered water is made from small chewy balls of Bang powder, wrapped in mung bean balls mixed with the aroma of ginger and sticky leaves.


200g green or white tapioca powder (small pearls)

1/4 cup peeled green beans

Salt, Sugar, Dried Onion

2 tablespoons tapioca starch

1 tablespoon dry rice flour

Coconut milk: 200ml canned coconut milk, 1 teaspoon of tapioca flour, half a teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of white granulated sugar

Sugar water: 1 bunch of sticky rice leaves (pineapple leaves), brown sugar or white granulated sugar, ginger

Aromatic roasted sesame.


S1: Mung beans are treated with water many times until the water is clear, soak in a bowl of warm water for about 1 hour. Next, you steam the beans, grind them finely or you can put them in a food processor, grind the beans into a fine powder. Heat 1 tablespoon of cooking oil, sauté onion until fragrant, add green beans and stir-fry. Add about 2 tablespoons of white granulated sugar, a little salt. Saute for 10 to 15 minutes until green beans are dry. The amount of sugar is up to you to adjust to sweeten more or less.

S3: Put the tapioca starch into a clean bowl, slowly add hot boiling water to the bowl. Be careful not to add too much hot water as it will make the dough wet. Add just enough water

S4: Use a large wooden spoon to blanch a few times so that the boiling water mixes well with the tapioca flour. You add tapioca flour and rice flour, mix well so that the starch when cooking will be more flexible and sticky.

S5: Roll the dough into small balls just enough to surround the mung bean filling.

S6: Press flat, put the green bean paste in the middle, use your hands to roll the filling.

S7: Bring a pot of water to a boil, drop each glutinous rice ball into and boil over low heat for about 5 to 8 minutes. Remove from the basket and rinse with cold water to prevent sticking.


S8: Glutinous leaves are washed and dried. Peeled ginger, sliced. Put sticky rice leaves, ginger in a pot, add about 700ml cold water and brown sugar or white granulated sugar, bring to a boil. The amount of sugar water you can adjust depending on your preference to eat more or less sweet.

S9: Dissolve tapioca starch with a little filtered water. Put coconut milk, tapioca flour mixed with water, salt, and sugar into a small pot. North on the stove to boil until the coconut milk is thick, then turn off the stove. Aromatic roasted sesame, coarsely pounded.

S10: You put the glutinous rice flour covered in step 7 into the sugar water pot in step 8. Cook on low heat so that the tapioca flour absorbs the sugar evenly for 20 minutes. When the dough is clear, season to taste. Turn off the stove, scoop tea into a small bowl, pour coconut milk and fragrant roasted sesame on top.

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Strange but familiar mango yogurt

A cool cup of mango yogurt with the sweet taste of mango mixed with the mild sour taste of yogurt and chewy pearls.

Ingredients: for about 5-6 cups as shown in the picture

2-3 mangoes to eat

1/2 bowl of large-grain pearls

2 teaspoons basil seeds

Yogurt, strawberry syrup, condensed milk

Green jelly part: 1 spoon of jelly powder, 3 spoons of white granulated sugar, 300ml of cold water, a few drops of blue food coloring

You can find ingredients such as basil seeds, jelly, and large-grain pearls at supermarkets or dry food stalls.



S1: Dissolve jelly powder, sugar, cold water, a few drops of food coloring in a small pot. You can grind sticky leaves (also known as pandan leaves) to filter out the juice of sticky leaves to replace food coloring.

S2: Put the pot on the stove, cook while stirring until the jelly and sugar dissolve. Cook until the jelly is slightly boiling, then turn off the heat.

S3: Pour the jelly into a large bowl, let it cool and then store it in the refrigerator to freeze completely.

S4: Boil a pot of water, put the pearls in, cook until the pearls float in.

S5: Remove the pearls to the basket and rinse with cold water to prevent the pearls from sticking to the bunch, drain.

S6: Mangoes are washed, peeled and cut into bite-sized pieces.

S7: The basil seeds are washed many times with clean water, soaked to bloom, and drained.

S8: After the green jelly has completely frozen, you take it out and cut into bite-sized pieces.

S9: When using you scoop some jelly into the cup, add mango.

10: And scoop some pearls on top of mango, add yogurt, some condensed milk and basil seeds, drizzle some strawberry syrup, mix well to serve with shaved ice.

Two-color jelly from sticky leaves and fresh milk

Crispy jelly pieces, fragrant with sticky leaves , milk jelly has a light, greasy taste of fresh milk. You can do it when there are guests or parties at home. Surely every member of your family will love it.

Be prepared:

Ingredients for making green jelly: 1 handful of sticky leaves (pineapple leaves), 1 teaspoon of jelly powder, 400ml of cold water, 1/4 bowl of white sand sugar.

Ingredients for white jelly: 1 teaspoon of jelly powder, 400ml of unsweetened fresh milk, 1/4 bowl of white sand sugar. If you want to use jelly with a fatter taste. You can mix half coconut milk and half fresh milk.


B1: Wash the sticky rice leaves and cut them into short pieces.

B2: Put sticky rice leaves in a blender, puree with 200ml of filtered water, grind fine.

B3: Filter out the residue, keep the green sticky rice leaf juice.

B4: Next, add the remaining jelly, sugar, 200ml cold water and sticky rice leaf juice. Mix until dissolved, use a spoon to stir the jelly powder completely, let it rest for about 15 minutes.

B6: Dissolve sugar, fresh milk, jelly powder in a small pot, let stand for about 15 minutes, then put the pot on the stove, cook while stirring constantly until the jelly powder dissolves.

B7: Next, use a ladle to scoop some white jelly powder into a cup or small bowl. Then wait for the white agar to solidify. You slowly prepare the sticky green jelly, continue to wait for the green jelly to freeze, then continue to make the white part. Make all the jelly layers and layers to your liking.

B8: During the mixing process, if the blue or white part of the pot is frozen. You start on the stove, stir on low heat, the jelly slowly melts. Wait for the jelly to cool completely, put the cup in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours until the jelly is frozen, take it out and use it cold

The cup of tea is attractive with the yellow color of jackfruit, the green color of sticky leaf jelly and the pink color of pomegranate seeds, sweet and cool when eaten.


Pink pomegranate seeds: 7-8 tubers (also known as tapioca), 3 tablespoons tapioca starch

Glutinous leaf jelly part. 2 small spoons of jelly powder, 1 bunch of sticky rice leaves (also known as pandan leaves), 1/4 bowl of white sand sugar and 400ml of filtered water.

Sugar syrup: jaggery, 1 bunch of glutinous leaves

Condensed milk. 300ml canned coconut milk, 2 teaspoons sugar, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon tapioca or cornstarch

9-10 pieces of jackfruit, 2 small spoons of crushed seeds

Strawberry syrup, food persimmon.


B1: Tapioca tubers peeled, washed, diced large, drained. Put the tapioca in a clean bowl, mix in a little pink food coloring so that the color sticks to the outside of the cassava. Sprinkle tapioca flour on top of bread.

B2: Use a sieve to remove the outer layer of tapioca.

B3: Bring a pot of water to a boil, drop the tapioca in and boil for about 2 minutes, see it floating on the surface of the water, then pour it into the basket. Rinse with cold water to prevent sticking, drain.

B4: Clean sticky rice leaves , cut into short pieces, puree with a little filtered water, filter out the body, keep the green water. Add jelly, sugar and 400ml cold water to sticky rice leaf juice, mix until dissolved. Use a spoon to stir until the jelly powder is completely dissolved, let the dough rest for about 15 minutes. Put the pot on the stove to cook over low heat, stirring constantly until the jelly and sugar are completely dissolved. Pour the jelly into a clean bowl, let it cool and then put it in the refrigerator until completely frozen.



B5: The jaggery part. Glutinous leaves washed, rolled up. For jaggery, add filtered water and boil until sugar dissolves, seasoning slightly sweet. Then add the sticky rice leaves and cook on low heat for about 5 minutes, then turn off the heat. The amount of sugar depends on your taste.

B6: Coconut milk. Open the can of coconut milk in the pot, add salt, sugar, tapioca. North on the stove to cook on low heat until the coconut milk mixture thickens, then turn off the heat, scoop the coconut into the bowl. milk in a separate bowl. 

B7: The basil seeds are treated with clean water many times, soaked to bloom, put on a basket to drain.

B8: Jackfruit remove seeds, use clean hands to tear into thin pieces.

B9: After freezing, you cut into large pomegranate seeds. When using a spoonful of glutinous jelly, pink pomegranate seeds, add jackfruit, drizzle a little coconut milk, soaked basil seeds, sugar water in step 5 into the cup of tea and finally add some strawberry syrup and shaved ice. Mix well and serve cold.


Above is how to use glutinous leaf powder and some delicious dishes made from glutinous leaf powder . Readers, please refer and try to cook for the whole family to enjoy. Especially cool teas for this hot summer. To see more great tips, please visit the website Dung Ha Agricultural Products.


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