7+ Delicious Tet confectionery of all kinds used in traditional Tet


Delicious Tet confectionery is an indispensable product of every family during the traditional Tet holiday. It seems that Tet confectionery has existed for a long time and until now, this custom is still preserved. Every New Year to Spring, everyone’s home is eagerly welcoming the new year. Confectionery is the favorite food of many young children who are given Tet greetings by their parents. Sit together, raise a cup of tea, sip some Tet sweets, and talk about what has changed in the past year. And perhaps, every family’s Tet candy is the same for everyone. Today, let’s go with Dung Ha Dry Food to find out 7+ delicious Tet candies of all kinds used in the traditional New Year!

1. What kind of delicious Tet confectionery are there?

Tet is always the most awaited holiday of the year. Tet is an extremely beautiful time for all family members to gather together. Everyone is working hard and trying to have a prosperous, warm and happy Tet. Besides the Tet tray, confectionery, Tet jam, Tet fruits, … are used a lot to tighten the feelings of family, neighbors, and inner brothers together.


The closer the Tet holiday, the more crowded supermarkets, grocery stores, markets, and commercial centers become. Walking through the market on New Year’s Eve, many brands of confectionery on Tet holiday make consumers “headaches” when they don’t know which to buy. There are confectionery to give gifts, some to burn incense to worship, some to treat guests to New Year’s greetings,… And here are suggestions for delicious Tet candies on this Tet holiday!

1.1 American Pistachios

Surely, American pistachios are the nuts that appear a lot in Vietnamese families. Pistachios are trusted and purchased by many people. Pistachios are good for women, the elderly, and children. Pistachios on the market are diverse in design, color and origin. But perhaps, American pistachios are nutritious nuts that are used by many women.
Pistachios contain a lot of beneficial nutrients for users. This seed carries with it a lot of minerals, vitamins, and strong antioxidants. These substances are extremely important for the human body. Not only is it a delicious nut, but it also helps protect the health of the user. Therefore, pistachios are used by home owners.
When you use it, peel off the outer shell and use the inner filling. The pistachio kernel is lightly sweet, fleshy, very fragrant and greasy. If you peel this seed for your baby to eat, your hands will probably be tired. What kind of seed can eat one seed but want to eat more seeds.
Reference price: 250,000vnd/500gr. Currently, Dung Ha Agricultural Products is on promotion with only 180,000 VND / 500 gr.

1.2 Blue tea cake

Banh Che Lam is a famous heirloom cake of the people of Thach That – Ha Noi (now Ha Tay old). A kind of folk cake, associated with many beautiful memories of childhood. Their ingredients are completely natural. Recipe 100% handmade. Not only appearing on New Year’s Day, in a wedding in the countryside of Ha Tay, che lam cake is an irreplaceable symbol. Nowadays, the recipe for making che lam cake has been changed a lot. But perhaps, Thach That’s recipe for lam tea cake is the “immortal reputation” recipe that cannot be changed.
Things like ginger, peanuts, sesame, glutinous rice are the main ingredients of the cake that cannot be replaced. Biting a piece of cake for the first time, you will feel the toughness, eating slightly sticky teeth. Spicy taste numbs the tip of the tongue from minced ginger. A bit of light sweetness from white sugar. Only then did it become a cake that made many people flutter and sob. When enjoying che lam cake, you should combine it with a cup of hot tea!
Reference price: 75,000 VND/pack.

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1.3 Hot dogs

A tray of Tet confectionery is definitely indispensable without candies. Candies are the famous candy of Nam Dinh people. Nowadays, candies in the city are appearing less and less in stores. But for the Nam Dinh people, they still keep the candy as a gift for local specialties. Called candies, because their shape looks very similar to the heart of the dumpling. The ingredients for making sweets are only peanuts, sesame, malt, and white sugar. All the above ingredients are completely available and easy to find in the market.
Dumplings when eaten are very crispy, slightly sticky to the teeth and have a high sweetness from malt and sugar. Therefore, when you eat it, you will get tired very quickly. People with a history of diabetes should avoid this dish. People often enjoy candied rice with tea to make it easy to eat and not too sweet.
Candies contain a lot of protin from peanuts. In 100g of candied sausage will give you 480 calories. This is an extremely large number. Therefore, you should use candy in sufficient quantity, do not abuse. Eating 1-2 candies a day is reasonable and good for health.
Reference price: 60,000vnd/pack of 300gr. Currently, Dung Ha Agricultural Products is promoting only 35,000 VND / 300g pack.

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1.4 Jackfruit candy

Jackfruit candy is a famous candy bearing the cultural identity of the Vietnamese people. Called jackfruit candy, jackfruit is the main raw material that cannot be replaced. Accompanied by other additives to increase the deliciousness and flexibility of this dish. Today, jackfruit candies are sold a lot in the market. Not only for special use during Tet. This type of candy makes an extremely favorite snack of many young people.


Biting a piece, you will see the flexibility, toughness, passionate aroma from jackfruit, especially without sticking to your teeth. A candy that is hard to resist when eaten, and leaves the eater a lot of memories. This snack is 100% handmade. Additional ingredients are also available in the market. Eating jackfruit candy will help your body provide adequate minerals, essential vitamins, and proteins. These substances will help protect your body against any type of disease-causing bacteria.
Reference price: 50,000 VND/pack. The price of jackfruit candy at Dung Ha Agricultural Products ranges from 30,000 VND – 40,000 VND/pack.

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1.5 Roasted cashews with salt

Certainly, in many Vietnamese families, salted roasted cashews is an indispensable product in the candy tray on Tet holiday. Cashew nut is the most commonly grown nut in Vietnam. Most are in Dak Lak and Dak Nong areas. Cashew nuts are also exported a lot to the international market. This type of grain also gives the people here great economic value.
To increase the taste of the product. The people here have launched salted roasted cashews. When you eat, you still feel the aroma from cashews, and are extremely crispy. The strange thing here is that when you enjoy it, there will be a bit of salty taste that is seasoned with salt. Roasted salted cashews are considered to be good nuts for all classes and ages of users. Inside this nut brings a lot of nutrients that are beneficial for health. Especially the cardiovascular system. Using about 100g of cashew nuts will help the blood system circulate throughout the body. Prevent heart attack, stroke, atherosclerosis or myocardial infarction.
Today, salted roasted cashews are being sold in many markets. You can absolutely find them in stores, supermarkets and commercial centers. Each facility they will have for themselves different prices.
Reference price: 260,000 VND – 280,000 VND / kg of roasted salted cashews.

1.6 American pine nuts

American pine nuts are the most widely grown nuts in Europe. This plant cannot be grown in our country. Therefore, American pine nuts are often imported to the Vietnamese market for sale. Countries such as the US, China, Korea, England, … are the countries that grow and produce extremely strong pine nuts. But perhaps, in many countries, no one can beat the quality of American pine nuts. The United States is the largest exporter of pine nuts in the world. This grain is also trusted and imported by many friends from all over the world.
Pine nuts are extremely beneficial nutrients for pregnant women. With extremely rich Omega-3 content. They are known as pregnant nuts. High levels of omega-3 will help pregnant women and fetuses develop healthily, intelligently and comprehensively. Not only good for pregnant women, this is also a nut that many women believe in to change their diet to lose weight more diverse and healthier.
American pine nuts are very similar in size to chestnuts, glossy brown skin, ivory white inside. Users will have to peel off the shell, get the core and use. Pine nuts enjoy their own unique aroma, extremely delicious, crunchy and greasy when melted in the mouth.
The price of American pine nuts on the market is sold for: 550,000 VND – 580,000 VND / 500gr.

1.7 Dried Crocodile

The Vietnamese Tet confectionery tray is probably indispensable without dried fruits. And the dish that many families trust the most is dried crocodile. Dried crocodile is the type of apricot umbrella that sells the most in the market. On each Tet holiday, the varieties of fruit umbrellas are very diverse and extremely rich. Each type will bring users the unique flavor and aroma of each type. Sausage is an extremely friendly and healthy culinary ingredient in Vietnamese rice trays. In addition, soaked crocodile water is also a cool drink to beat the hot summer days.
Dried crocodiles are harvested and made entirely by hand. In order to have a quality food to ensure food safety and hygiene, the entire processing stage is strictly controlled. When eating, you will still enjoy the full sour taste from crocodile. Accompanied by that, there will be a bit of spicy salty salty taste from chili or salt.
Made from 100% fresh crocodile fruit, that’s why when you use dried crocodile, it will still be easy to absorb all the nutrition from crocodile fruit. Eating 1-2 dried crocodiles will help your respiratory system be more comfortable, improve persistent coughs and long-term coughs that do not go away.
Reference price: 30,000vnd/200gr. The selling price at Dung Ha Agricultural Products is only about: 18,000vnd – 25,000vnd/200gr.

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2. Conclusion

Above is the entire article sharing answers to questions about delicious Tet confectionery that you can refer to. The Vietnamese Tet confectionery market is very crowded and bustling. You can buy any product you want. In addition to the products we mentioned above, you can freely choose from a variety of products to suit your pocket. The above products, Dung Ha Company sells extremely large quantities. You can come visit and shop with me. When buying on Tet holiday, customers will receive many shocking programs and discount vouchers.


Thank you for reading this article. Follow Dry Food to stay up to date with lots of other useful food and health information! Happy New Year to you and your family. Everything is as it should be. Congratulation Tan Xuan. Financial ton Ton buds.

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3. Where to buy good quality and cheap Tet confectionery?

3.1 Buy delicious Tet confectionery in Hanoi?

  • Buying delicious Tet confectionery in Hanoi is not simple at all. What customers are most interested in is where to buy delicious Tet confectionery cheap? The market for Tet confectionery in Hanoi is very large. Here, there are many grocery stores, dry goods stores, toad markets, temporary markets, commercial centers,… Finding quality Tet confectionery in Hanoi is like “Finding a needle in the bottom” tank” so. The fact that there are too many businesses selling Tet confectionery also somewhat affects the psychology of consumers. They wonder and worry when they don’t know where to buy Tet confectionery?
  • Dung Ha Agricultural Products is the place to buy cheap delicious Tet confectionery in Hanoi. In addition, our company also supports customers from far away to order and ship goods nationwide. The satisfaction of customers about the product is the fulcrum for the Dung Ha brand to expand and grow stronger.

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3.2 Buy delicious Tet confectionery in HCMC

  • Finding delicious Tet confectionery in Ho Chi Minh City is also an extremely difficult problem. The market for Tet confectionery in Ho Chi Minh City is very large. Tet confectionery is a commodity with great competition and huge output consumption. Recently, the demand for delicious Tet confectionery in Ho Chi Minh City is showing signs of increasing rapidly again. If you want to buy delicious Tet confectionery in Ho Chi Minh City, quickly find Dung Ha Agricultural Products.
  • With many years of business experience in the field of flour of all kinds, Ha Giang specialties, Northwest specialties, tea of all kinds… So all products my company provides to users are tested very strictly. according to VietGAP standards. Besides, our company also gives users the products “Super clean – Super fast – Super convenient”.

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4. Contact Information

Any complaints about the quality of delicious Tet confectionery or the service attitude of the staff. Customers, please contact Dung Ha Development Joint Stock Company immediately through the company’s hotline number: 1900 986865 (Support 24/24h).
Branches to buy delicious Tet candies here:
  1. National Tet confectionery wholesale and retail store at: No. 11 Kim Dong – Giap Bat Street – Hoang Mai District – Hanoi City
  2. Wholesale and retail branch of Tet confectionery in Hanoi: A10 – Alley 100 – Trung Kinh Street – Yen Hoa Ward – Cau Giay District – Hanoi City
  3. Wholesale and retail branch of Tet confectionery in Ho Chi Minh: No. 02/B Quarter 3 – Trung My Tay Street 13 – District 12 – Ho Chi Minh City

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