Fall in love with 5 delicious dried fruits instead of snacks

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Today’s junk food is made from many different chemical ingredients. Excessive use can be harmful to health. Instead of junk food, we can use delicious and nutritious dried fruits. Let’s find out 5 delicious snacks from dried fruit below!

Dried fruit nutritious food

Dried fruits are fruits that have completely removed the water in the fruit. Dried fruit has a high content of nutrients. High nutritional content comparable to fresh fruit. By weight, dried fruit contains 3.5 times of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Therefore, just adding a small amount of dried fruit, you will also be provided with a large amount of energy needed for the day.

Dried fruit is rich in fiber and antioxidants. Antioxidants have been linked to health benefits. Helps improve blood volume, digestive health, reduce oxidative damage.

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Revealing delicious and nutritious dried fruits

Raisins – a type of dried fruit that helps reduce the risk of disease

Is one of the dried fruits that contain a lot of fiber, potassium and compounds that are beneficial to health. Using raisins does not affect or change blood sugar levels. Uses of dried grapes such as lowering blood pressure, increasing satiety. Improves blood sugar. Reduce markers of inflammation and blood cholesterol.

  • Indian Golden Raisins : Large, long, bright yellow Indian grapes. Taste naturally sweet and sour. Dried yellow grapes provide many nutrients and vitamins. They have the function of supporting the digestive system, increasing immunity, providing energy for the body. In addition, they also support vision, prevent blood pressure and eliminate toxins.

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  • Dried green children: grown and harvested completely naturally. They taste delicious, easy to eat, no bitterness. Dried green grapes contain many vitamins B1, B6, B12, A, K and other active ingredients. This type of dried fruit has the effect of brightening the skin, anti-aging. Prevents high blood pressure, supports mute and is especially good for the heart.
  • Raisins mix 3 flavors of Chile: Raisins with 3 flavors of Chile are a mix of dried grapes, the product has ingredients: black raisins, yellow dried grapes, green raisins, dried seedless grapes,… health, provide the body with many nutrients. In particular, the flavor blends from 3 types of grapes will help you not get bored when eating.

Beauty uses from vegetable powder

Dried kiwi – dried fruit helps to beautify the skin

In kiwi fruit contains many vitamins A, E, C, B1, B2, minerals, …. Besides, kiwi also contains phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iron, … With main uses such as: antioxidant, Anti-aging, make beauty skin. In particular, preventing cancer-causing agents, protecting cardiovascular health.

Dried kiwifruit is dried by cold drying technology. This is a modern technology, after the kiwi is dried, the nutrients in the fruit will be preserved. Guaranteed great health benefits.

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Hanging persimmons – the hottest dried fruit right now

Hanging persimmons are made from fresh persimmons. After being peeled and washed, they are hung up to dry by wind and light. Hanging persimmons have moderate moisture, still retain their inherent sweetness.

The effect of hanging persimmons – the hottest dried fruit today for health: Helps support vision because it contains a lot of Vitamina. Reduce the risk of anemia, support the digestive system, protect the heart, fight inflammation, help stabilize blood pressure. In particular, they also have a liver tonic effect.

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Dried custard-apple

Dried custard-apple is made from 100% fresh custard-apple, seeded and concentrated. This type of dried fruit does not add sugar or additives like custard apple jam, and has a very natural sweet and sour taste.

Custard apple is a fruit with high vitamin C content (up to 20mgr in 100g custard apple) and this number is 2 times higher than grapes, pineapples, pears and bananas, etc.

Contains very little fat and calories, does not contain cholesterol, so it is very good for the human body. In addition, it is also rich in Vitamins C, B1, B2 and minerals that support immunity, improve health and cleanse the system. Digest. Besides, minerals are very good for bones, preventing the risk of osteoporosis. 

In custard apple has a high content of natural sugars, fructose and carbohydrates, which add energy to the body, reduce stress, and increase concentration. It also contains many beneficial bacteria, fiber that is beneficial for the digestive system.

In short, dried fruit is a dish that helps you chew with friends, or snack every day. Not only does it taste naturally sweet, but it also has many health benefits.

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Where to buy cheap, delicious and nutritious dried fruit in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh

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