How to make delicious tapioca flour in the right way – love to eat

cách chế biến bột sắn dây

Tapioca flour is a familiar flour, easy to buy and easy to find. People often use tapioca flour as a food to help purify and cool down effectively. However, not everyone knows how to make delicious flour. The following article, will tell you a few ways to make delicious tapioca flour in the right way, making the whole family love it.

Not only delicious, dishes from tapioca flour are also very good for health. To learn more about the effects of this powder, you can read more articles about 7 uses of tapioca flour that Dry Food has shared before.

Cake mold

bánh khuôn

Ingredients to be prepared

  • Tapioca flour, plain rice flour, tapioca flour 100g each.
  • Coconut milk 1 cup
  • 200g white sugar, 100ml coconut milk, 100ml strawberry juice. (If you need to create pink color, add strawberry juice, use more pandan juice to create green color)

Steps to make cakes from tapioca flour

– Add sugar to the coconut milk mixture, cook until the sugar dissolves.

– Mix tapioca flour, rice flour, tapioca flour together. Then divide the mixture into 2 parts.

– Put each bowl of warm coconut milk mixture into each bowl of flour, mix well until the powder is dissolved.

– Add a little salt to make the cake delicious and rich, just a small amount is enough.

– Put the cake mold in the water bath, wait for about 2-3 minutes for the mold to heat up, then add the first layer of cake.

– About 5 minutes for the first layer to cook, then pour the next layer on, and so on until the delicious cake is finished. When the cake is cooked, wait for the cake to cool, then take it out.

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Japanese Kuzumochi Cake

Japanese kuzumochi has a special soft, chewy taste, which is a favorite dessert in Japan. How to make Kuzumochi from tapioca flour as follows:

cách chế biến bột sắn dây

Ingredients for making Japanese Kuzumochi:

  • Cassava flour 
  • Flour 
  • Sugar, fresh milk without sugar 
  • Soybean meal, water
  • Square mold (or round mold) and food wrap.

How to make Japanese Kuzumochi from tapioca flour:

– Put the mixture of tapioca flour + tapioca flour + sugar into the pot, mix well, add a little milk and water, stir to dissolve.

– Put the pot on the stove, adjust the heat to low and stir with chopsticks until the dough thickens.

– Take the square (or round) prepared molds and rinse them with water. Note: put a little water in the mold to prevent sticking, it will be easier to remove the cake from the mold.

– Pour the mixture into the mold, wait for it to cool, cover with cling film and place in the refrigerator for 3 hours. (To avoid dry powder)

– Spread the soybean paste on a tray or plate first, then you take the cake out of the mold and cut it into small pieces. Roll over the soybean flour to coat evenly around the cake. Then remove to a plate, drizzle with syrup and enjoy.

Taro cake

bánh khoai môn

Baking material

  • 1 purple taro (about 500 grams)
  • 150 grams of green beans
  • 100 grams of granulated sugar
  • 200 grams of tapioca flour
  • Canned coconut milk
  • 3 tablespoons cooking oil

How to make steamed taro cake

– Wash green beans, remove flat seeds, damaged seeds. Soak green beans in warm water until soft.

– Then bring green beans to steam, puree.

Mix the green beans with 30 grams of sugar, then put the green beans in a non-stick pan and add 3 tablespoons of oil to the slugs to dry.

– Wait for the green beans to cool, then mold them into small balls of equal size.

– Peel the potatoes, wash them and cut them into small pieces.

– Put the taro in a steamer or boiled, depending on your preference. Use chopsticks to gently press the taro, when the potato is soft, take it out.

– You bring taro to puree.

– Dissolve the tapioca flour, the remaining sugar with 200ml of coconut milk.

– Put the mixture on the stove, stir well to warm the mixture (you just need to warm the mixture yourself).

– Then you pour the whole mixture just pressed into the pureed taro, mix well. Warm water will make the taro softer and more pliable.

– Take a part of the taro cake shell, mold it evenly, spread it thinly, put the green bean paste in the middle and then round it up so that the taro powder covers the bean paste.

– Put the cake into the steamer, steam the cake. You steam the cake for about 20-25 minutes.

– When you see the clear cake, it means that the cake is cooked, take it out on a plate to wait for it to cool and then enjoy the delicious taste of those steamed taro cakes with coconut milk.

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Corn sweet soup

chè ngô


Ingredients for making tea

  • 2-3 cobs of corn
  • Canned coconut milk
  • Street
  • Cassava flour

How to make corn tea

– Peel the corn off the cob, keep the cob. Pour into the pot about two bowls of filtered water, add the corn to boil. Once the water boils, remove the cobs and discard.

– Add the chopped corn to the boil. Then, you add sugar and bring to a boil over low heat so that the sugar penetrates the corn.

While waiting for the corn kernels to soften, dissolve the tapioca flour with cold water.

– After the corn boils, slowly pour the tapioca starch into the pot of boiling corn, stir well until the tapioca flour becomes transparent and the corn tea thickens slightly.

– Turn off the stove, scoop the corn tea into a bowl and garnish with coconut milk on top.

Fish soup

Fish soup cooked with cassava flour is an easy, simple, delicious, and cool dish to help cool down the body. Soups like chicken soup, crab soup are delicious but often take a long time. So, with this way of cooking snakehead fish soup, you and your family will quickly enjoy a delicious dish.

súp cá

Prepare the ingredients for the soup

  • 2 tablespoons tapioca flour
  • 400 gr mackerel
  • 200 gr sweet corn
  • 15 shiitake mushrooms
  • 1 egg
  • 200 gr pork bones

How to make cassava flour fish soup

Step 1: Boil the fish and remove all the bones and skin of the fish, keeping only the fish meat.

Step 2: Marinate fish with spices for 15 minutes. During this time soak the mushrooms and wash them, squeeze them dry and then chop them.

Step 3: Mix tapioca flour with filtered water to create a consistency.

At the same time, break the eggs into the bowl and beat until the eggs are evenly dissolved.

Step 4: Put the sweet corn in the pot to boil.

Step 5: Wait for the mixture to boil, then slowly add the eggs to the pot. Continue to pour in the tapioca flour, stirring while pouring so that there are no lumps.

Step 6: Add mushrooms and MSG, turn off the heat, scoop out into a bowl.

Note: Depending on the taste of each person to have the most suitable cooking method, if you like to eat thick, add tapioca flour and vice versa, you should add pepper powder to make the dish more attractive.

Deep fried corn kernels

Tapioca flour is an ingredient that makes a very delicious crispy dish, and can even replace the fried flour sold in the supermarket. The following article will introduce to you a super delicious dish from tapioca flour which is deep-fried corn kernels.

ngô chiên giòn

Prepare the ingredients

  • sweet corn 
  • Egg
  • Fine sifted tapioca flour.

Steps to take

First, you mix tapioca flour + eggs + corn kernels. Next, you put a lot of coconut oil in the pan and then add the corn, let it heat up, then quickly stir and take it out. Next eat with super delicious chili sauce.

Pumpkin tapioca with coconut milk

Ingredients for making tea

  • 500g pumpkin 
  • 200g sugar 
  • 1 bowl of coconut milk
  • 5 tablespoons tapioca flour

Steps to take

Step 1: Peel the pumpkin, remove the seeds and remove the fiber and cut into small pieces.

Step 2: Boiled pumpkin, then puree using a blender.

Add the pumpkin to the pot and continue to boil.

Step 3: Mix tapioca flour into the water and pour it slowly into the pot of boiling tea, stir well, then pour in the coconut milk, stir until it boils again, then turn off the heat and scoop out into a bowl.

It’s simple, you’ve got cassava flour soup cooked with pumpkin, coconut milk to help cool down the body in the summer!

Cooking lotus seed tea

cách chế biến bột sắn dây

Prepare ingredients for making tea

  • Half a bowl of tapioca flour
  • A cup of lotus seeds
  • 200g white sugar
  • 100g nuggets

Steps to take

– First, you wash the dried lotus seeds, if you use fresh lotus, wash the lotus heart, put it on the stove to boil water, drop the lotus into the pot, boil on high heat so that the nuggets are flexible.

– Mix tapioca flour in a bowl, stir well.

Cook the lotus seeds until the lotus seeds bloom, then put the sugar in the pot, lower the heat and simmer for about 5 to 10 minutes to let the sugar infuse into the lotus seeds.

– Then pour a cup of dissolved tapioca flour, just pour and stir, if the pot of tea is thin or thick, we can increase or decrease the tapioca flour accordingly.

– Turn off the stove, still stir evenly, sprinkle with nuggets, you can save a little sprinkle on the surface and you have finished cooking lotus seed tea.

– We can enjoy hot tea or add shaved ice to cool depending on each person’s preference.

Cooking green bean tea

cách chế biến bột sắn dây

Prepare the ingredients

  • A cup of green beans
  • 100g tapioca flour
  • 200g rock sugar
  • Coconut milk

Steps to take

– Wash green beans, soak in water to expand, then take out and wash.

– Clean green beans, put in the pot to cook for about 20 minutes and then add sugar.

Continue to cook for about 15 minutes until the sugar is completely absorbed into the beans.

– Stir the tapioca flour into a cup of cold water and then slowly add it to the pot, stirring while pouring so that the dough does not clump.

– In a bowl, add a few tablespoons of coconut milk and enjoy.

Cooking jasmine tea

cách chế biến bột sắn dây

Prepare the ingredients

  • 100g tapioca flour
  • 300g sugar
  • 20g jasmine flower
  • 1 liter of water
  • 150g black beans

Steps to take

– Black beans soaked in warm water to bloom and then steamed.

– Boil water, add sugar and mix tapioca flour with water. When the dough comes together, add the black beans, turn off the heat, and finally put the jasmine flowers on top. Use cold.

Note: You should not overheat, when you put the tea into the tea, it will be crushed. You can also replace jasmine with the scent of jasmine.

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Cook taro tea

chè khoai môn

Prepare the ingredients

  • Tapioca flour 100g
  • Taro 500g
  • Coconut milk 1/4 cup
  • Sugar 200g
  • 200g green beans (if available)
  • Sticky rice 100g
  • Pineapple leaves

Steps to take

– Wash taro, cut into small pieces.

– Cook sticky rice with 500ml of filtered water and pandan leaves to create aroma until sticky rice is cooked.

– Then we add taro, green beans to cook with glutinous rice until cooked, then take out the pandan leaves.

– When the potato is soft, we add sugar to taste.

– Then pour a cup of dissolved cassava flour into it, stirring while pouring, so that the tea does not clump.

Finally add in the coconut milk and stir well. Scoop out into a hot bowl or store in the fridge. If you eat with ice, you should add sugar to make the tea sweeter so that when the ice melts, the tea will not be pale.

Both delicious, easy to make and extremely delicious, dishes from tapioca flour will be a great choice for hot summer days. Hopefully with the above ways of making tapioca flour , you will choose the recipe that you love for yourself and your family. Don’t forget to update other delicious dishes in the News section .


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